Day 8 – Immaculate Conception Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 8 of the Immaculate Conception Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you Blessed Mother for reducing my pain and being able to restore my life. God bless my husband who is a good man but needs to become more sociable. Holy Mother help me with this task.

  2. for financial help abused daughter using credit card maxing it out raising children not divorced custody of children,for son retutn to church,lose weight,for catholic girlfriend new job help with depression for sister in law health peace in family in thanksgiving

  3. Dear mother of Mary Immaculate Conception, please pray and heal my son to have faith and closer to God. Heal him his bad attitude /behavior and remove his anger with his parents and also pray him to love and respect. Always guide him on his wrong doings and help him in his school. Please protect and bless me, my and all those who dear to me. Please answers my prayer for the victory of my case regarding my medical condition and to settle my case as well my husband case. Please give me enough patience to wait for your answers to my prayers. And if what I’m asking is not aligned according to your will, please have your way. I know that you have better plans for me, much better than what I could even pray. I need to send money to our families back home this coming Christmas please pray for us for financial so that both our families are happy. Pray my daugther to help more and support us in financial always guide her in his work. Thank you very much again for the full time position of my husband work with benefits. We’re very happy and early Christmas gift given to us Lord and Mother Mary.

  4. For my niece and her husband to find financial reprieve through the fair settlement of their property and for financial help for my sister and her husband…that all can continue to pay their bills and keep their homes. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

  5. Dear most blessed Mother Mary please hear my pleats for your intercessions. My husband is very nervous about money & worries about not having enough to pay the bills…. I pray that you most blessed Mother Mary strengthen my husband’s faith. Also, to be more mindful in what he says & does. We pray for PM for mismanagement our property & avoiding our phone calls.
    May the Holy Spirit give this person a clean heart. & that he has renewed his ways for the better… All is possible with God and give my husband and I mor patience during these times.

    Please blessed Mother Mary intercede for my sister Mary, & her daughter Holly for a healthy delivery any day now….
    Praying for a healing for my sister to be strong for her family…. I’m praying that my brother in law & the children return to the Catholic Church… Amen.

  6. Annie, in a dream (vision) I saw a sonogram of a baby and a voice said “This is your Annie”….
    I stand firm on the belief that my daughter, who has been married for 7 yrs. and desperately prays for a child is going to get her Annie.
    I ask you to thank with me, the Lord of Hosts, for this child that I believe He has/is creating.

  7. Lord I pray for the healing of my daughter. I pray for healing of her mind and soul. I pray for my son success with his exams and he would get high grades. I pray for money to pay his tuition fees

  8. Mama Mary, thank you for the good grades of my sister. May you pray also for my success in my studies especially in civil procedure, criminal law, legal medicine and political law. Please pray for us Mama Mary, to never give up and continue our faith in God. Amen

  9. Dear Risen Jesus, & Your Blessed Mother Mary,

    Please pray for my son Sean to return to Your Holy Church.

    Please pray for my health, that I may continue the work in which You Blessed me with, that I’m very Grateful for my Loving God! My friends have said, I’m doubly blessed! My white cells came back the highest they have ever been. Alleluia, Alleluia,Alleluia…

    Pray for my relationships with my sons, that they shine through with the Holy Spirit and seek Your Will for a loving relationship with me as their Mother. I pray that You Increase their faith, hope and love for one another. I pray that they turn to You and Your Blessed Mother in their time of need. Amen

    Thanks be to God, for these Novenas have been a Blessing to me!