Day 7 – St. Jude Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I was losing my mind trying to quit cigarettes. This feat was seriously impossible!! Today is the third day of my novena. Please brothers and sisters if you read this pray for me. I promised st Jude I would tell the whole world when I am delivered from this addiction. I slipped up a couple times but reminded myself the novena isn’t finished. I believe in prayer and fully believe that I will be delivered from this horrific addiction in the name of Jesus.

  2. I glorify my glorious and living God. I thank St. Jude for his intercession. My child has been locked up for almost 5 months in the system. The judge refused to hear the case-all she says is that our child will go to prison. During the novena, our lawyer Called saying that the judge will speak with our child. On the court day, instead of speaking with our child, she made a decision to send him to rehabilitation treatment facility which is what I have been praying for. I was able to put a smile on my face for so long. I know that the case is not over, but I believe that my God will see us through and this shall pass in Jesus’ name. Amen

  3. I praise and glorify our Awesome and living LORD for prayers answered! The day before the st. Jude novena started, I managed and sent little some money home to my brother and his kids in my country because things are so hard there that they could barely eat three meals a day. The next day, I prayed to St. Jude asking him for the possibility of getting money so I can help more, and later that day I got a message that I had a refund from a school I went to nine years ago and today, the ninth day I got a check of reasonable amount from the mail! I thank God because my brother and his kids will celebrate this Christmas with some good meals! Thank you St. Jude and Blessed Mother Mary for your intercessions!!! May they continue to pray for all the families who are experiencing poverty!

  4. Dear St. Jude, please pray all people in the earth who are experiencing in poverty. Pray my family, relatives and friends who are in poverty. St. Jude help and pray for the victory of my case about my medical condition and will be solve this year. So that I will move on and will have a peace of mind. Pray also my husband case for victory of their unions for the defend of my husband. Pray my Disability Tax Credit will be approve and coming this month so that we can pay our mortgages, debts, loans, utilities and bills. Pray my daughter hospital presentation tomorrow will be succesfull. Pray my daughter to help us more in financially support and help their aunties and relatives in back home. I want my daughter for being kind hearted and helpful and most especially loving parents and brother. Pray my son to love and respect his father and forgive him what ever mistakes before. Please help us for financial crisis and pray my family always in love, unity, happiness and always in good health. Pray my husband, daughter and son more blessing on their careers and always guide them. Thank you very much St. Jude.

  5. Most holy St Jude apostles martyr and friend of Jesus, today I asked that you pray for me . I Pray for everyone that are struggling, please blessed them abundantly including myself and please guide and show me how to control my finances. St Jude with the help of our father please guide and protect me and my family everyday please continue to pray for me Martha and John that we may rekindle our love relationship, that John may please reach out to me and have patience, understanding compassion, love , humble and patience, amen. In the name of the father son and holy spirit amen

  6. Please, please, please cure me St Jude. Hopefully the new medication I’m on will work. Pray for my friend Santiago to be cured also. Help my son find work. Keep my family healthy and safe.

  7. Dear St. Jude, please hear my prayers as I’m praying for healing for my husband, family members & friends. My husband is very anxious person and to the point where he doesn’t hear me. I’m praying for peace of mind for Frank and increase his faith. May Frank’s heart be open & that he will listen with his heart and not his head..
    I’m praying also for patients and to always have the strength to do God’s will…Be a good role model in practicing my Catholic Christian faith. Help me to overcome anger with understanding when I am treated disrespectful because of my beliefs. Instead help me in offering up prayers for those individuals in my family who think that they don’t need the Catholic Church teachings. Especially my God-daughter, and my nieces. who left the Catholic Church. Pray especially for Jim, my brother in law who has stopped going to church and to increase Jim’s faith. I pray for my sister, to find peace again in her marriage and that Jim shows respect towards his spouse in front of the children. Please heal my brother Grant as he struggling with trying to stop smoking. Also all persons who are struggling with addictions. That Veronica finds peace in her life and starts attending church will her son. Thank Saint Jude for your intercessions. Amen ????

  8. That by God’s grace Jessica gets a job. That her life turns around for the best and she can be happy. In Jesus’s name I pray.

  9. St. Jude pray for the impossible to be possible for all in poverty that the hungry are fed, and the homeless are housed. Loving God hear these prayers for all those who suffer. I too will pray with the help of your grace and will.

    Loving God, please hear my prayer: That Bob finds a home for himself a job to provide for him and his family. For this I pray, along with St. Jude to make things possible.

    Loving God and your will for us, pray over our family to align in a healthy, peaceful and with loving hearts parenting our sons. That they seek your guidance in their choices to live the most peaceful and loving life with you beside them. I pray they look to St. Jude to know that things are possible through prayer. Hear my prayers, some of the responses I receive in return from family are painful and difficult, please give me the words to respond with respect and love in return and not with anger. Oh St. Jude of the impossible make all prayers for today possible for all those who seek through prayer. May we see the blessings and signs that come from above. In the name of the Father, son and the most Holy Spirit! AMEN

  10. Brett part time job.
    Kelly classroom better students.
    Sale of Henry’s house.
    Sleep better
    No problems with teeth.
    Ben for a donor kidney transplant.
    All family and friends for health & happiness.

  11. Please pray for my husband, son and myself to be patient with each orher. To follow God’s commandments always . To be disciples. Pray for us to put God first, to trust in Jesus. Pray for my son to be healed of bad behavior and replace with good choices. We ask this all in Jesus name, Amen.

  12. Lord jesus I place my financial needs into your hands. Please give me money to finance my son through medical school.I pray for my son that he would be successful with his exams

  13. Lord God…I fervently pray that You guide my son to freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol…open his eyes to the need for complete and total abstinence…heal his marriage and his relationships with his wife, children and family…help him to rebuild his business so that he can support his family and home…guide him to successfully right his wrongs so that he may remain free, making clear and righteous choices…protect him and help him to stay away from unsavory people and places…in Jesus’ name…Amen

  14. A few days I ago I donated $ 84 for the year for the special membership, and while I did receive a receipt, I wondered how it was that I access the special benefits that were mentioned ? Will you send me links later on ? Send me an email to help chose a new novena to pray ?? Let me know how you work things please.
    Many kind thanks and blessings to you both,
    Elizabeth-Anne ​

  15. St Jude,
    I continue to offer you the same prayer daily as it is a miracle I require. I have suffered from my eating disorder and sugar addiction for 33 years which has wrecked my health, wallet, peace of mind and now I have blood sugar issues from eating so much sugar and cheap white carbs over the decades and arthritic knees which hurt while going down the stairs.

    Please grant the miracle I seek in healing and wholeness.
    Thank you St Jude.

  16. St. Jude ….
    Please hear my prayers for good test results on
    the MRI I had for my cancer follow up last week
    Please let me hear good results from the Doctor
    Thank You with all of My Heart ????