Day 7 – Pentecost Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 7 of The Pentecost Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Prayed for my son that he may be able to get the letters he needs for his application for residency in medicine and the Lord has guided us giving us answers to our prayers. Thanks ?

  2. Dear Joly Spirit,
    Please grant goodness to everyone participating in this novena and to my family and myself. Please let my body be completely healed on my next checkup so that my bill will be small and manageable from now on.
    Please solve my financial situation so that I have no problems whatsoever in that regard. Thank you.


  3. My disabled husband was able to give the commencement address at his 57 college 1 week ago which he so greatly wanted to do. He was hospitalized last year when he was to give it. My starting meeting to a presidential year of an Auxiliary which gives scholarships for art students went well. Previously there was some very unkind behavior and at the last minute I was inspired by the Holy Spirit as to how to present being charitable without hurting more feelings. This group of older women can be tough.
    Thank you for prayers!

  4. I pray for my husband to have gentleness in his approach to people. To treat everybody with respect and love. To understand and learn that his forceful character and harsh words destroy friendship . Help him to be wise behave with gentleness towards others. Praying for the Holy Spirit to descend on my grandson Fabian and cure him from his eye disease. Help his parents and doctor to find a cure so he doesn’t lose his eyesight. Bless My sons and their family.

    • Hi I am not sending a reply just a question. Did we have a day 9 novena? I can’t find it and I’m worried I erased it by accident. Can you tell me if we had one and how can I get it. Thank you so much..

    • I pray the first part of your prayer with you (about your husband) but instead, I apply it to my mom. I pray that the Holy Spirit softens both their hearts with love and gentleness. Many people have shyed away from her aggressive, bold, feisty, thoughts. May God bestow understanding to all of us! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Please Holy Spirit help me to deal with feelings about my sister. She says demeaning and derogatory things to me and to my children. She believes that I am mentally unstable because I had a car accident more than 30 years ago and has told me and my children that if she is nice to me it is only because of my “problem”. Yet she says completely the opposite to our parents, saying great things about me literally seconds after putting me down.
    I seriously need Your help, Holy Spirit, as I have prayed insistently about this problem. I have tried with her over and over and over again, giving her “another chance”, yet she still treats me horribly.
    In order for the “gentleness” to occur I need to stay away from her, but being as we share parents that can sometimes be impossible.
    I’m not asking You Lord, to change her. I honestly believe that would be an extreme miracle. Instead, I am asking for my own calmness, that the strength of the Holy Spirit envelop me that her mean attitude not affect me. Actually maybe that is an extreme miracle also, but I am more asking You to help me somehow understand or accept her mean attitude toward me, that that is just the way she is.
    Truthfully, maybe I’m praying for all people affected by family members or others who lie to others about their attitudes and feelings while treating other people despicably.
    Please help me Father, let Your Son take my hand, and envelop me Holy Spirit. Amen

    • Such a beautiful, heartfelt prayer! You are completely NOT alone as I share the same sentiments. God has taught me forgiveness, and with that I am slowly healing from my hurts. You are loved, and hopefully you try to see yourself through Gods eyes. That’s what I started doing and no matter how hurtful words and negative emotions try to brake me, I draw strength from the Lord and learn to let go. Thank you for sharing, your prayer also brings comfort to me as it reminds me that I, too, am NOT alone. God bless!

  6. Come Holy Spirit bring my nephew and his soon-to-be wife to our Catholic Faith.
    Come Holy Spirit hover over LD and CD Wedding Day (May26) and let their special day be more perfect than they could ever imagine. Let May 26 be the beginning of a long, healthy, strong and holy marriage.
    Send Your Spirit over Gee (104) and protect her from those who seem to be taking advantage of her age and vulnerability.

  7. Dear Lord Jesus,please can you intercede in my life and help me overcome all the challenges I am facing daily,please protect me, guide and bless me with God fearing man so I can settle down with, I dont have any power but I have been persecuted all this time, Holy spirit please protect me and be my advocate in my fight
    In Jesus name

  8. Lord Jesus, I give thanks to you and your Mother and mine. Mother Mary for my daughter in law to conceive. On Mother’s Day my son and his wife told us she was pregnant. Please continue to Bless and keep her safe . We pray for her to carry her baby full term and have a safe delivery. Thank you Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.

  9. Dearest God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
    Please have mercy on my cousin. He was just born and now have health problems which causes him to live but suffering. Have mercy my Lord on him. Please show them your miracles and that nothing is impossible with your love and mercy. Please Lord, help your child in need. An innocent child who was just born. Guide and protect him Lord, he needs you. Help them financially too for the hospital and medications. Thank you, my Lord and my God. ???

  10. Holy Spirit, I give all glory to You for your intervention along with Father God and Jesus Christ. I plead and ask you to take charge of our lives, especially my son’s life. With your holy fire rebuke all the hurdles, mishaps, obstacles and all that comes in his way to success in education. Come against the path to medical school admission. Take hold of the acceptances and make them come his way. Make way for him to complete MD education, become medical doctor and fulfill God’s promise for him today. Open up the door of the medical school, where he can walk in and accept and complete medical education. Jesus heal his cough and bless with good health. Amen

  11. Lord please give us strength to overcome the daily challenges in life eapecially with the sickness of my mother and may you guide me to finally be able to find an employment. Amen.

  12. Holy Spirit I come to you for help at work. Please I asking for peach with Albina at work. Showe her I am not against her. I will be having a talk with her. I would be happy to know who is talking to her about. Help me that the talk will be successful.

  13. Holy Spirit I am praying for J in her vascular veins problems to improved…..Praying for G vertigo to improve……Thank you

  14. Lord Jesus I place my financial needs into your hands I pray that the holy spirit would send fort the miracle to bless me with financial deliverance. I pray that my daughter would be successful with her exams. I pray for my son and my daughter in law. I pray for my marriage. Please bless my husband and my family I place my needs into your hands Amen

  15. Lord Jesus I place my financial needs into your hands I pray that the holy spirit would send fort the miracle to bless me with financial deliverance. I pray that my daughter would be successful with her exams. I pray for my son and my daughter in law. I pray for my marriage. Please bless my husband and my family I place my needs into your hands

  16. Please help me to become a better caring person. Let me be dignified today and quick in dispatching what l have to say. Thank you for me being able to talk to Alison. In the name of the father. Amen.

  17. I used to know what I wanted, what to ask for in prayer. Now along with pray more novenas I regularly turn to the St. Jude novena for I often feel so helpless and alone. A financial blessing as funds are always tight but more importantly to overcome this difficult season, divorce, anger at times, inner demons, depression. The only constant is prayer, hope faith… the belief however shaky it may be at times that I won’t be given more than I can handle. So I pray for strength to follow prayer with action and hope that action is from prayer and not me just trying to force His hand. Amen.

  18. Dear God
    I pray baby is healthy from the top of its head to the bottone of its feet and that i have a good pregnany and the baby continues to grow, healthy and thrive and I am safe and healthy and this baby stays inside until it’s due date. I pray that Every negative medical report concerning this pregnancy be converted to a positive result in Jesus name and that any drug or injection I will be given during this pregnancy I cover you with the blood of Jesus. I also pray that The spirit of pregnancy failure i cast you out of this pregnancy in Jesus name. I pray that The wisdom to be a mother fall upon me mightily in Jesus name. Let Every evil threat against my pregnancy be nullified by the blood of Jesus. By the power of God I shall not cast out my pregnancy before delivery in Jesus name. Holy Spirit envelope me and overshadow me throughout this period of pregnany. Please keep me and my husband happy and together and More in love with each other everyday as we anxiously await our babies arrival. Please I pray he gets a better full time job so we can move into a bigger place to live. Bless us in Jesus name amen.

  19. Dear Holy Spirit please help me guide me and still continue praying for my incoming nursing board examination..16days left and I’m feel so nervous and severe anxiety..Help me to calm down focused and have concentration while still reviewing for the remaining days..Oh Holy Spirit this the last chance to take my nursing board examination I begged you to be the topnochers and with the average of 88%on it…Holy spirit everything I trust in you ..I love you. amen…