Day 7 – Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 7 of The Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Goid day to all…I am praying with you for a long time now.But right now,i really need your prayer for me,i am suffering from anxiety and i can’t function normally and i can not work.I worked before but they fired me for my problem and i understand.So pls.I need your help to pray for me.I have thyroid problem(Hyperthyroidism) and Adrenal fatigues and menopause,all from my weak immune system.I know God is a live and hes in Us.So badly i need your prayer.My name Is Daisy????God Bless Us all

  2. During the Novena to Mary Undoer of Knots I prayed that my daughter would attempt to contact her dad & I. She did contact us Sunday. Thank you Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.

    I was also praying that my husband’s brother would try in someway to contact my husband (his brother). There is very much discourse in their relationship. He did mail some papers my husband had asked for several months ago concerning family matters. No attempt on the brother’s part to try to heal any wounds. But thank you Jesus, Mary, & Joseph for this step in healing for my husband.

  3. Peace and Love to my Lotd Jesus Christ
    Thank you Mary for helping me and my family by untieing our financial knots. My faith has gone stronger. Bless my brothers and sisters by untieing the sorrowful knots in their hearts

    Thank you God for our greatest gift, Jesus Christ

  4. Please undo the knot of loneliness that I may meet a man to share my life with who has faith and is supportive and loving.

  5. Addiction is so harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual heath of all those who are addicted, and the families and friends of the addicted.
    Blessed Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, please hear our prayers for those addicted and all those around the addicted. I know how difficult it is to overcome that need for an excess of something, many times something very harmful. Mother Mary, please help the addicted to see and understand the power of God Our Father, of Jesus our brother and Savior, of the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Please untie the knots that tie them up. Let one of your blessed children near to them help them to see the Way.

  6. Holy Mother please pray for Brian as he struggles with his addiction. May he come to know Jesus, his truth. And not blame me. I pray he is strengthened in Christ Jesus and if there is hope for our relationship, please merciful Mother, undo this knot for us. Amen

  7. Please undo the knots that are blocking my family and me from accomplishing the will of God for our lives in ALL areas.

  8. Dear mother of Mary please untie the knot of my marriage for my husband so that I can find a man to be with me in my rest of my life …Lord God please help me also for my incoming nursing board examination on June 3and 4 to have a 88% …give me more retentive memory and more knowledge concentration and focus while I’m reviewing..I trust in you Amen

  9. O Mary, my mother and undoer of knots, please unsnarl the knot of anger, bitterness and despair in my wife’s heart, and have her be filled with the Holy Spirit who will fill her with joy and peace. Amen.

  10. Dear Mary Undoer of knots,

    I pray for a miracle. To be saved from my self destructive behaviors and the consequences I am faced with at the moment.

    I pray for financial abundance and prosperity and a safe, comfortable, quiet, peaceful space of my own to call home

  11. I was wondering if you can send me a reminder when there is a novena and you are not doing that Novena on your web. Thank you Advance Joe

  12. Dear Mary, mother of God, please untie all the knots that are blocking me to get married so I can meet a man who fears God and settle down,please intercede for all my applications for a better outcome
    please guide my daughter so she can return home
    in Jesus name

  13. Holy Mary please undo the knots in the application process for my son especially with CAUSM , release the secondary application for him today and acceptance and to start from July this year.amen

  14. Mary lady of knots untie all knots that are blocking my relation untie them and let your will be done in my life today and forever you know my problems now and my needs I offer them to you today.

  15. For Mark’s Healing. Please let the stem cell treatment become available for his sickness. Linda, Linda Jr. and my very special need. Thank you Dear Mother in Jesus’s Name.

  16. untie the knots in my whole family , bless me with financial security. and bring peace love & joy back to this family.


  17. Mary undoer of knots please untie all the knots that are blocking my finances from flowing.Please bless my children.bless my family. Bless my marriage

  18. Dearest Mother undoer of knots pray for my family’s health problems…..Praying for friends intentions….Pray for baby Alfie…..Pray for John Paul & Annie in their health & work…..Pray for world ‘s peace……..Thank you