Day 7 – Immaculate Conception Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the Immaculate Conception Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I have been praying Novenas since my husband was diagnosis with terminal Pancreatic cancer last April. They gave him six months to one year. I prayed that he would make it through Christmas. He is up, climbing ladders, stripping doors until midnight, painting bookcases, planning new businesses, picking out wall papers…………. God hears our prayers and they ARE answered………..

  2. Dear Mama Mary,
    Thank you very much for interceding for us.. My dad has been admitted to the hospital last November 22nd due to loss of appetite..everything was out of control including his bp and blood sugars, shortness of breath, temp elevations, otherwise severely ill with oxygen, urinary catheter and nasogastric tube inserted for feedings. I received a miracle today one day before my birthday…Now, he can sit up and eat without a tube…Thanks for this answered prayer. I want to share this to inspire others to believe in you as Our Mother…again, thank you!!!

  3. Dear Mother of Immaculate Conception, please pray my son and daughter to love and respect us. We didn’t see them their support, love and respect especially my son. Please help my son to heal his bad attitude/behavior because he didn’t respect us and shouted us with bad words. He also fights his Dad. Bless my son to be closer to God and remove his high temper and being stress in his self. Please help me to keep quarrels in our family. Always guide and protect my family from danger and always in good health. Thank you Mother for the blessings that my husband give them award for the fulltime position with benefits on his present job. Pray my case for victory regarding my medical condition as well my husband case. Please help me also in our financial struggles to solve my problems and to help our families back home. Pray for me to become firm and strong for the trials in my family. Thank you

  4. Queen of heaven,

    Please grant me that Miele is healthy and won’t need to return to her vet.

    As for me please grant me good health and my soul mate.

    Thank you

  5. Mary, Mother of Our Lord, please intercede and ask Jesus to grant forgiveness and reparation of relationships between KLK and her sister and her Godmother. Our lives on this earth are filled with many challenges. We do not always agree on many topics. Please bless KLK, her sister and her Godmother to forgive and understand the different lives and experiences each of them live on a daily basis. May this family be all forgiving, loving and accepting regardless of our beliefs and opinions. May we do as Jesus directed “to forgive” before coming to the altar. Mary, please interceded. Amen.

  6. Pray that now my pain has lessened thank God , Jesus and Blessed Virgin to whom l prayed that l can regain mental and physical strength

    t gth

  7. Hail Mary mother of God and my mother pray for me to get ajob and financial brake Mary here your son is suffering please alight me the burden which is on me.I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord,Amen

  8. Mother6Mary I pray for peace for myself and my family. We are in great need on so many levels. Continue to be with me Mary in these times of need.

  9. I pray that the blessed mother would intercede in prayers for my son Nigel,Adora ,my family and myself. Pray that my aches and pains will ease as I humbly kneel and bow for your healing power over the illnesses of all of us.
    I pray that all the hurts inflicted upon me by others be for forgiven as I am awaiting for your return in glory during this Advent season pray that these families the Mayers and the Alleyne be united more than ever during this Advent Season so that our New Year 2017 be prosperous, healthy, peaceful ,happy and fill with love.

  10. Loving God, Mother Mary, as a Single Mother, please pray that I increase my faith and look to God to do the Good in my relationships with my sons. I pray, that they seek to understand as to be understood the reason and the situation of our divorce. I pray that they will not blame me, and hold anger towards me. Please pray that they release the anger and blame, and come to me as the Mother that I am, I love them unconditionally, tenderly and give of myself of what I can. Pray that we ALL find peace in our relationships, and increase our faith in God, and Mother Mary. Amen

  11. Mary, chosen mother of Jesus, please help heal my son my son’s heart, mind, body, and soul. Please help heal his family. Please help heal my entire family, Please help me be a loving mother and grandmother. Thank you. Amen

  12. I pray that your prayers will bring me to imitate your holiness and submission to Jesus and the Divine Will.i pray to be a good mother to my kids ,I pray for wisdom

  13. Mama Mary, thank you for today. Thank you for enlightening my mind and forgive me for i have sinned. Please pray for my success espedially that i may pass all my subjects so that I can finally graduate this april 2017.

  14. Dear God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and Mama Mary
    You know all my struggles, pain and problems. You know all I’ve been through and what I’m going through. My heart is filled with anger and pain. I am always depress and unhappy. I love my family but it hurts so much to be around them. It hurts me so much to feel and see how I am being ignored and excluded. Please help me, my Lord and Mama Mary, you’re my only hope. I think my dad is the only one who cares about me. My mom doesn’t love me the way he loves my brothers especially the oldest brother. My mom may not admit it but I know, I feel and see, she has problem with me. My oldest brother obviously hates me. He excluded me and doesn’t want me to be around. He doesn’t care at all about me. My other 2 brothers are okay with me. I pray, my Lord and Mama Mary, one day I’ll be brave to move out on my own and afford it because it is only me and bf who help each other. For many years have passed, I realized I can’t do anything anymore how my family treat me. You know me being a daughter and sister to them but still they treat me the same. I feel like they only keep me because they need me fiancially. It is the reason why I can’t leave them because I know they need me financially or else we might lose our house. Moving out to start a new life and not being around them is the key for me to live a healthy and happy life. I am tired of being sad and depress around them. I don’t know anymore. Away from my family but happy and healthy, or staying with them to help them but unhappy, depress and health/life problems?? Help me Lord. Help me Mama Mary. Thank you for everything my Lord and Mama Mary. Amen.

    • Dear liin, Your biggest weapon is saying the Rosary daily this will give you the strength to do what is right and good. The enemy wants you to believe all those lies about yourself, being depressed, about your mother, loving one child over another and about your oldest brother or anything negative about your family. Pray for each family member & the hurts you’re experiencing to our beloved Blessed Mother Mary for guidance. Pray, pray always for peace in your soul. Get yourself a Graditude Journal & start counting your blessings this will help you to focus on what you already have, a family.
      You have a kind heart & you want the best for your family. Pray and ask Mother Mary for directions regarding your situation for you and BF. You must want a life for yourself and BF. I’ll pray for you, sister in Christ Jesus and our blessed Mother Mary. God bless you.

  15. Dear Brothers and Sisters

    Season greetings

    Please pray for me to get a new better paying Job, pray for my old car to get sold, I have been approved for new car finance but I need to sell my old car to get deposit money. Pray for me to also do good in sales at my current job, I still have to perform until I can get a new job.And please continue to pray for my sickness to get healed but I’m soo much better now having prayed a few novenas for this sickness.

    Thank you soo much and God bless


    • Consider praying to St. Cajetan patron for job seekers & and Saint Philomena ‘Great with God,’ for your health and finances. Praying for you!