Day 7 – Divine Mercy Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. lord jesus mount marry novena i humbly request you give my daughter good health she is not keeping well and monthly period comes regular her throat is paining please relief from pain dont give bad thoughts to her give smile on her face and good sleep at night i am her mother i want my child to be smart

  2. Lord please get me and my son out of this hellhole we are in….I am begging you Oh Lord!! I don’t know what else to do..both our physical and emotional pain are unbearable…Give us some sign that you are working in our lives…AMEN

  3. Lord, I pray for reconciliation and a change of heart within our family and families throughout the world. May we experience a renewed and deeper conversion and healing. This I pray through the intercession of our Mother Mary, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  4. Lord please heal my family, heal our broken relationship with each other and may you continue to guide and protect us from harms and dangers.Lord, with you nothing is impossible.

  5. I pray for a client that just purchase a house I ask the Lord to please resolve The issue with the insurance and may it no cancel.
    Thank you Dear Lord for your Mercy!

  6. For family friend that just found out aggressive lung cancer that he may find the Lord. Come Holy Spirit and fill him with your comfort and strength so he may know you.Give us the words to lead him to you. If it is your will heal him.

  7. I pray for a stop to my addiction to alcohol. I wish to stay in my faith and trust that God will take care of me. This is hard because I do feel so alone. I ask that I lean on my faith when times get hard and fully trust in the Lord … and not numb myself with alcohol. I hate alcohol …. I hate I am not strong enough to rest in my Lords peace. I pray for peace. I love you my Lord please help me.

  8. Most merciful Jesus I asked for prayer for my sister Sophia that she will change her mind and go to the 50th wedding anniversary in July I pray that she will be there and I also pray and ask for prayer for Donald Bedford that you Jesus we’ll give him a job and the desire of his heart merciful Jesus I also pray the Donald Bedford will become my husband and I pray for my finance and pray for my family and for my friends and I asked for all these prayers in Jesus name ame

  9. For my daughter that they may find a cure for her cancer and for her to be cured. For all my family and their intentions. Peace.

  10. This time I pray for my sister to find a better job and for all people who are dying/death. For the people who are persecuted because they believe on You almighty.

  11. Please pray for my husband, so that he frees himself from the evil of alcoholism and to be the husband and father God wants him to be. Thanks!

  12. Please pray for my husband to get a favorable decision about his case and able to sell our store in a reasonable prize and get out of the mess..

  13. I pray for all who have diddicult life issues to be relieved from pain and heartaches. Please help Paulina to resolve all her fights with her ex about her children. Please be by Terry s side today and help him to talk and discuss intelligently in his favour. Help him resolve all issues that has been hindering his life in the last few years. Free him of all responsibilities that he does not need now so he can move forward free and happy. Lead him to a better place and a more fulfilling life. Guide him step by step all the way open his mind and give him a clearer vision of his future though Divine Mercy.

  14. For my son Michael that through Divine Mercy he will be granted a place to study medicine at the university Humanitas in Rome. I surrender and immerse him into our lord”s care. In Jesus’ name l pray. Amen

  15. Lord I pray this prayer for my sister Susan. Who is battling a stomach blockage. Lord please heal her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet I pray this all in your name ! Amen !

  16. Dear Lord Jesus,
    I pray that you keep me in a positive mind set, a loving heart and a forgiving heart. I’ve been going through a lot with my son and a personal friend that’s left me heartbroken. I want to heal from the hurtful things that has been said and done to me. I’m a generous and loving person. I would like the same in return. I pray everyday about this situation. I need to be financially freed from all of my son’s debt/fines of incarceration. I’ve emptied my retirement to help my son and family. Now I’m broke, homeless. I’m in my 60s and cant retire. Please pray with me and for me for renewal and restoration for me and my family. Please have mercy on this broken family. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen!

  17. I pray that God almighty will bless my marriage with fruit of the womb this year 2017 through Jesus Christ our Lord I pray, Amen

  18. Most Merciful Jesus, please open Your merciful heart and grant Tony the blessings and grace of a cure of his cancer. Jesus we Trust In You.

  19. Please pray for all those who’ve no one to pray for them.
    Please pray for all the souls in purgatory, for all those who are battling addiction, for those who have taken their own lives.
    Finally, please pray for all unborn children, priests and religious, and all marriages and families. May Elsa and Antonio put God at the center of their marriage, seek purifying reconciliation and show mercy as Jesus has so graciously taught us.

  20. For all my family living (esp for my Dad) & deceased, all my friends and esp my enemies…for all those who asked me to pray for them.
    For *P, J,E * i pray for E espto lift out of darkness….and lastly for my poor soul, for love & willpower..and that i may be taken care of with love…

  21. Lord jesus I place my financial needs into your hands. Lord I pray for financial deliverance. I pray for financial blessings. I pray for money to finance my son through medical school. I pray that my son be successful with his exams

  22. Most Merciful Jesus, whose Heart is Love Itself, receive into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls of those who particularly extol and venerate the greatness of Your mercy

  23. Please pray for my sister to stop hating and being jealous of me. We are trying to give my mother her 90th birthday party but, my sister is being unreasonable and wants to dominate and control everything as usual. We had a big fight and now she won’t contact me, even though I already gave her $$$ towards the party. My sister is a very evil and devious person and its extremely difficult to deal with.
    Please pray for her and remove her ignorant ways. Please reveal to her how selfish she is and to stop hating me.
    In Jesus Name,