Day 7 – The Christmas Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 7 of The Christmas Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. For myself that i may become a good godmother to my niece Emma Grace Smith!! For my mom and dad that they may be a good grandpa and grandma to her and see her more because they are in Iowa.

  2. God answers all my prayers, but never when I want Him to or in the way I want Him too. He is teaching me patience whereby my faith will be built up, and there is no greater answer to prayer than that. Do I have health needs? Yes. Are they serious? Yes! Do many of my friends and family have health needs? Yes! But God knows what all these needs are, and He IS DEALING WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ACCORDING TO HIS GREAT LOVE AND MERCY AND TRUTH. Praise be to The Infant King of Nazareth––and the whole world! Merry Christmas to everyone involved in this beautiful Novena!

  3. PLease pray for my family especially my three young children. For traveling blessings and mercies as well as for the gift of divine grace and infinite mercy for all members in my family

  4. Please pray that the lord will provide me strength, wisdom & knowledge & resources to defeat & resolve all issues with the IRS. I feel overwhelmed & fearful & I need an angel to go before me. Thank you!

  5. Dear Lord Jesus Christ:
    I Pray for the following intentions:
    That I will be totally relaxed when I go for my
    ultrasound today, and that results will all be good.
    That everything in my mouth is healing well, with
    no further treatment, meds or surgery required .
    That my anxieties and insomnia will be alleviated
    with your guidance and help, replacing them with
    Peace, Love and Tranquility, especially granting
    me a Most Meaningful Christmas Season.
    That my Marriage may be strengthened in every way.
    That my Daughter returns to The Church, bringing
    our Granddaughters for Baptism.
    That my Son’s stressful life may be alleviated.
    That we, along with my family and friends have a safe travelling journey with good road conditions .
    That KD finds a job soon, and C. Is relieved of her
    stress and worry.
    That all my family and friends who are sick or suffering
    in any way, may be comforted.
    Finally, that the US and North Korea conflict will come to a peaceful solution without bombs or war.
    For all these intentions I fervently Pray, Lord Jesus

  6. Please pray for my daughter’s god father (my cousin) especially today. I recently found out that he no longer believes in God and has cut all ties with the Catholic Church. I pray that God will help him come back to the faith and convert his heart with a profound love of Him!

  7. Most Holy & Mighty One, thank You for Jesus, sent to show us the way. Forgive us for our trespasses! Help all couples to work out relationships through the healing process. May couples be more other centered to protect the children from separate. Heal and protect the Family. Praying for all persons suffering physically, financially, & emotionally pain this Christmas. Please guide leaders & politicians to do what is RIGHT & PROPER. The protection of Holy Priest in the front lines from persecution, & Holy men receive a calling to the priesthood.
    Family members who’ve lost the Faith & receive a healing this Christmas. Praying for the people suffering from natural disasters from Flooding, Fires & Earthquakes throughout the world. Praying for my Presidium for the protection of each member until we join again in the New Year.
    Jesus I trust in you.

  8. Lord Jesus,I pray for world’s peace & harmony……Pray for countries suffering from disasters……Pray for my family’s health & fianancial intentions….Pray for my friends intentions….Pray for my sore,painful throat………Thank you

  9. I pray that my daughters will be able to work before having children and when they do have, they will bring them up in the right way.

  10. Pray to end abortion!
    Thank you for my daughter’s new pregnancy. Please bless this little baby.
    Please bring a new pregnancy for my other daughter.
    Please bring someone special to take care of my son’s heart.
    Thank you for my blessings.
    Take care of those that need healing, especially JE.
    Glory to the Father.