Day 6 – The Divine Mercy Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 6 of The Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I am very happy today to share my testimony on how a herbal doctor cure my wife from FIBROID INFECTION. my wife was infected with FIBROID, we went to many hospitals for cure but there was no solution, so I was thinking on how to get a solution out so that we can have our own child. i found an article about one doctor who already help a lady with his herbal medicine. then i contacted him. He told me all the things I need to do, and he send the herbal medicine to me here in my country to take, my wife followed the instruction properly on how to take it. Before I knew what is happening after 0ne month the FIBROID that was in my wife body got vanished and she was cured totally .

  2. I pray that God’s will will be done for Glenn and me and that if we truly love each other and won’t hurt each other, then I hope God will allow us to remain together in love as the day we said our vows to one another. Please help us overcome our weaknesses and insecurities.

  3. Please pray for me that I stay close to the Lord. That I focus on continuing to build a true relationship with Him. I pray for healing of my mother to be free of pain from her feet, legs and hands. That my daughter do well in school and that her broken heart be mended. I pray that God help me to be diligent and owning home in the next 4 to 5 months be a reality through His help and guidance. I pray for love and reconciliation between Robert and I. At this point there is no reason we should be apart. I pray for my son, daughter in law and grandchildren as they settle into their nee home God continue to watch over them. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  4. I pray that my medical test comes back normal next week. I pray that my anxiety over all of this goes away so I can be present in my kids lives and not worry so much. I am so very blessed and thankful for everything God has given me in this life. I really just need my test results to come back benign. I pray that my sister in law heals from her treatments and all those suffering find a way to be at peace and free from suffering. I pray for Gods love to surround us in our daily lives and for us to spread his love and kindness to all those we meet.

  5. Please pray that my physical and future medical tests all turn out normal. I also pray that God’s will be done in my daughters life right now. She is waiting to find out if she is pregnant. They have two children. One chronically ill and one that is healthy. She also has a back problem and is overweight. She will accept God’s will if she is pregnant and loves being a mom. It would just be unexpected right now and not something she was prepared for. Also my grandson that is chronically ill always needs prayers….. my son Paul and God’s holy will to be done in his life. For my son Brian that is an atheist. I pray he finds God , turns his heart to Heavenly Father , and then can have a relationship with God.
    Thank You….

  6. I pray to make the right decisions regarding my marriage and the choices I should make.
    I pray that God’s will will be done for Alan and me and that if we truly love each other and won’t hurt each other, then I hope God will allow us to be together. Please help us overcome our weaknesses and insecurities.
    I pray for my own insecurities and jealousies. I pray that they will be taken away from me, and I will not allow them to interfere in my life. Please help me to know what I should deal with and what shouldn’t matter to me. PleSe help me to know how to deal with the situations I must face, and then release them and move on without dwelling on them. Please allow Alan and me to be together if there is nothing that has happened in our pasts or what will be in our future that would hurt us.
    I pray for mom and dad’s health. Please watch over them and help them to feel better. Please help them to live long, happy and healthy lives and die happy deaths at an old age. Please help mom to feel stronger and happier. I pray that her symptoms will decrease and not get any worse. I pray thT she will have days that she feels good.
    I pray for Emily’s anxieties and for her to make the right choices in her future so that she can be happy, fulfilled and secure.
    I pray that Anthony will make the right decision on where he should go to college, and I pray that he will be happy and safe there.
    I pray that my family and I will be protected and watched over always and that we may live long, happy and healthy lives. I pray for God to be with us always. Thank You. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  7. Please assist me in my journey of my life. You changed the path you gave me and I need the help of the angles, saints, family, and you my Lord! Please help

  8. For my niece Anna that she gets bastized soon!! And for Emma my other niece that she is a good sister to Anna!!

  9. For my sons and daughter to follow their Catholic faith and that their chosen spouses embrace the faith as well so they can raise strong Catholic children

  10. I praise you and love you Lord. Prayers for an end to my husbands infidelity, for the sake of our marriage and our little church.

  11. Most Merciful Jesus have mercy on me in all areas of my life I feel weak and the burden is heavy my soul is downcast have compassion on me I live it all in your hands

  12. Dear Divine Mercy. Pls deliver me from every spirit of retrogression, failure and near success syndrome. Help me to get a decent job in this new quarter of 2018. Also heal my daughter Chisom from seizures and all that ails her. Amen. I’ll surely return thanks to you and testify to the glory of my God the father.

  13. Comfort& healing of those who’ve lost loved ones in particular the following families, HFiser, KCasey, CHeaton, WOrr, CBailey,PLi, MWhiby,JGiles, BWebster, WTownsend & others in my family & community. Healing for JWilson, MOrr,SArmstrong, SBerryhill, MFRocconi & others suffering from different illnesses. For DHuggins, MAHumber & family, WHuggins & other lapsed Catholics to our faith. Conversion of sinners, atheist, doubters to Christianity. Return RBurkes to Christian faith.

  14. Pray for conversation all sinners, in my family , friends , and thoose who are disrespectful to the grave of my diseased husband.Amen .

  15. Dear Faustina,
    I am praying to as ask you to intercede for me and my entire family to Jesus so he can help us be more united and more loving.Jesus protect my daughter and help me bring her home, also bring in my life a God fearing man.
    In Jesus name, we pay

  16. Sybil name should never appear in the transfer list till February 28th 2022.

  17. Merciful Jesus,
    I am praying for financial breakthrough; blessings over my family and healing; pray for deliverance in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!!

  18. Dear Sweet Jesus,
    I pray for a good, holy Catholic spouse for my daughter and for the conversion of my son. Jesus, I trust in You.

  19. Praying for a smooth gestation and for the save delivery of my baby which presently I’m carrying with Multiple fibroids.

    Your Grace oh Lord I need to move on.

    Thank you Lord.

  20. Dear Divine Mercy.
    Please intervene for my son and family to start going to Catholic Church.
    Make all good decisions for ourselves and others.

  21. I pray for peace among people all over the world. Ipray that the Lord will interven especially in the homes of families. I make this pray in Jesus’s name Amen

  22. Lord have mercy on my finances.I pray for financial blessings. Lord i lift my son up in prayer. I pray that you would counsel him and guide him as he make life choices. Bless my daughter my family and my husband.

  23. Dear Divine Mercy I pray for healing of our 5 year old adopted daughter who lies all the times. Help her to heal and not to lie. Help her to accept us as her parents. Help her to know that she is really wanted and love and that she is home now.
    In Jesus Name. Amen

  24. Dear Divine Mercy please help me guide me send me your guardian angel to me especially now I’m preparing for my incoming nursing board exam on June 3and 4…Help me to be the topnochers with the average of 88%…I love you and I trust in you..Amen….