Day 6 – St. Jude Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 6 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you Lord, St Jude and all the Saints. I’m eternally grateful for all my blessings the big, small and the ones I’m to blind to see.
    I have been praying for my ex husband to find a job and to get back on his feet financially. After losing his job he became severely depressed and started drinking so I pray that he feels like he has a purpose to get up, take care of himself and feel good. Its been a long time so I will continue to pray for him to succeed and enjoy working again.

    Please pray for my daily intentions:
    World peace
    Those struggling with a physical or mental illness
    Those in places where there is war, disease, poverty and natural disaster
    Those who are weak, frail, young or old and can’t take care of themselves
    World leaders and those in places of power that they do the right thing for those who need them
    Family togetherness
    For family and friends to find jobs where we are happy, thriving, making more money, appreciated, treated fairly and room for growth
    My son is doing the right thing and making good decisions
    Ex husband gets his life together and is able to get On his feet
    Financial blessing that would help me meet my obligations and help others
    For my daughter to continue to excels in school and meet true sincere people
    Remove the anger in my heart and Open my heart to love
    For my significant other and I to continue to work on our relationship
    For those who have passed and for their family
    For my son and his girlfriend to be able to agree and give their child what is needed which is love and security
    For my son girlfriend to find happiness and allows my grandchild to be a part of our families life without the drama
    For my family members to get help for their substance abuse issues
    For the healing of my foot
    Help my memory to get better
    To remove the stress in my life so I can
    find happiness
    For my upcoming interviews that I find the words to speak to the knowledge skills and abilities that I have which makes me the best candidate and the Lord places me in job that is best suited for me
    That the Lord places me where I can better serve him and help others

    I will continue to pray for each and everyone one of my brothers and sisters.

    God Bless!!

  2. 2 years ago I cheated on my better half and sired a child outside our relationship. I didnt tell her about it until the baby was born. This brought tension to our relationship and she wanted out. I prayed to St Jude that she would forgive me and that her family would forgive too. Indeed she did and her family also eventually forgave me. This is not the only case of infedility there was though and when she found out she forgave me as well.
    However, things are not the same anymore. Even though she says she loves me and we are preparing for marriage, I fear that she will never quite forgive me fully. She still resents me for what happened and is no longerbas affectionate and loving as before.
    I pray to St Jude that her love for me may be reignited once again. That she will love me amd respect me as her future husband and father of our child. That she will be a wise and loving wife and honour me. That I may be patient as well as she tries to rebuild her trust in me again and that I may continue loving her.

  3. Thank You Saint Jude , for answering my prayers that my colon test came back perfect. Thank Saint Jude as always for ghelo granting my pleads. Now I am praying for good mammograms results, for me and the world along with my Regular Dr. testing be excellent too along with good pressure and sugar reading. My son good weight lost and good medical results. And extended medical insurance. Bless my dog . Jesse and his mother me and my daughter jobs good financial increase and sucess and promotion. Amen , Amen. Norman son more respectful to him

  4. St. Jude you are looking after me and I’m so blessed to have you working in my corner. Thank you a thousand times! Amen

  5. Dear St.Jude pray that my husband and I our health is getting better especially my hubby Alan spitting out blood since yesterday to improve…as he is now at the office working right now. Pray for my mom with high blood pressure, cholesteral & knee pains to improve & enable her to walk without pain…Pray for another sister Jacinta in her health problem and that her faith in Catholic religion to grow stronger….Pray for my blood sugar to improve everyday……Thank you St.Jude answering my special intentions in Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.

  6. I pray that my daughters come back to the Church, and to see and praise our Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, the Savior of or world.

  7. Please pray along with me…
    I pray dear Saint Jude, for God’s will to be done for Al and me. I want us us be together, but only if it is His will. If it is, I pray that Al will contact me. I pray that I may know God’s will, and have the strength to accept it and do what I must to fine peace, happiness and fulfillment in my life. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Thank you. Amen.

  8. In the name of Jesus, we pray for the physical healing of these little children: John Michael, Daniel Alberto, Maci Renee, Joseph Tyler and Justin David from all their medical conditions.

  9. Dear St Jude.
    I wish to ask for your prayer for my brother who is suffering from epilepsy and other sick members of the family who are sick. for over fifty years now. I want them to get normal and be able to return to the church and take up their prayer life. Oh saint of the impossible itust you can do it if only it is the will of our father.

  10. Please St. Jude intercede to bring miracles for those who suffer in mind and body for month after month, year after year, particularly Eileen and Annie B and Jimmy. Please bring the miracle of peace, in our hearts and in our world.

  11. Dearest St Jude kindly pray for the departed soul of my bro Zachary who went to be with the Lord on 25 Oct 2016 and my young bro Daniel who went to be with the Lord on 4 Oct 2017 pray for their souls that they may rest in eternal peace. Also St Jude pray for me to accept God’s will so that I will be able to release my brothers to rest in peace it’s not easy but I know your the martyr of the impossible. Amen

  12. Dear St.Jude, Thank you for taking all my prayers to our God Father and Jesus Christ. I pray for all those who do not know you. Especially for Sarah, that she spends time in knowing God and acknowledging Jesus Christ’s presence in our lives. That she reads Bible and is able to accept Jesus Christ as her savior. I continue to lift up my son to you for the same and continued prayer for favor for interviews from the medical schools and that he has God’s favor and that he is accepted in good medical school this year. For blessings of good health, bright and supernatural intelligence and memory power with his research and work and that he excels in all that he does with ease and this will happen only if God you place your nail pierced hands upon him always. Bless with continued blessings with no interruptions. Bless with this miracle of seat in a medical school for which we have been preparing, and waiting for a long time soon very soon and give us an opportunity to come back here to give our thanksgiving and testimony and make you known St Jude to my son and to the World. Amen.

  13. Dearest St. Jude,

    I pray for my son Sean to return to the church. I pray that he seeks God and Mother Mary in his time of need. I pray that he returns home to my house, Oh St. Jude, of the impossible make this possible for me! I miss his presence, He is the youngest of my 3 sons, find a way and Gods will. I pray too, for his father to encourage him the importance of his earthly Mother and Father. I also would like to spend time with him. Please hear these prays and the desires of my heart. Help me to Love God more, Help me to seek God more, Help me to pray more and the Rosary. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Amen

    Bless the souls of the departed, especially my Mother and Father. Help them to be at peace in the kingdom of God…Amen

  14. St.Jude pray that my brother health is getting better especially his skin problem to improve…as he is now in nursing home..Pray for my sister J in her painful vascular veins problems to improve & enable her to walk without pain…Pray for another sister G in her health problem and that her faith in Catholic religion to grow stronger….Pray for my constipation to improve……Thank you St.Jude

  15. Dear St .Jude please help me to have concentration and give more knowledge while. I’m reviewing in preparation of my board exam..St.Jude give me miracle to have a 88% in my Nle fulfilled my parents dream…Help me also St .Jude a that everything I study must retain in my memory so that I can exam correctly..I love u St .Jude …

  16. Praying for my grandson that he turns from his gay lifestyle he just came out to his family we are all praying for him to get closer to Jesus and pray for strength and courage,Please, help him Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary. Amen

  17. St Jude..please ask Jesus for healing.that I can give Jesus all my fears , anxieties and negative brain messages for Him to throw away. To replace them with healthy loving trusting Christian thoughts. For daughter Lisa ..God lead her to better job with less stress. Thank you St Jude.
    Praise God. Amen.

  18. Lord Jesus I place my financial needs into your hands. Lord I pray for financial deliverance.i pray f I pray that you open the doors of tnlcbtt for me. I pray that my children would be successful with their exams. I pray that my son become a medical doctor.

  19. St. Jude,

    Please pray for the conversion of my husband, that he may come to knows and love Jesus as I do and as our boys are learning to do. Please pray for the hearts of all those who surround my husband, may they find Jesus and where He once was, may He be again so that my husband is followed and surrounded by the love of Jesus.

    Only God’s grace and mercy will save our marriage. And what is impossible for me to see, I know it is not impossible for God. St. Jude please pray flee the impossible to become possible through Christ Jesus’ love.

    Pray for healing. Pray for spiritual growth. Pray that God’s plan for our lives will be revealed and that His love William make the fleshy impossibilities, possible.

    In Jesus’ name, I pray for your intercession St. Jude.


  20. O St.Jude Thaddeus , Patron Saint Of Impossible Causes and Cases ,
    I pray to You , O Saint of miraclous healing , in this hour of need . I truly regret my stupid , irrational , bad habits which have tainted my life . I have been so foolish and untrustworthy in my thoughts ,
    words and actions . Help me repair my terrible situation , by turning
    to Our Lord Jesus Christ for my Faith and Devotion . Yes , I have suffered 2 strokes since 2011 , which have severley impacted on myself in body , spirit and soul . Also I have incontinent issues which are annoying and embarrassing . Please by Your immense Power and Influence , intercede in my life to swiftly return me to better health soon , grant that I may WALK again and live a normal
    life after all this time . I desperately NEED YOUR HELP !
    Your Devoted , Humble Servant ,
    John Fielder ,
    Melbourne , Australia ,
    24th.October 2017
    Local Time : 9.22 p.m.

  21. May you pray for my Nephew s soul who committed suicide on the11-10-17 &is going to be buried on the 01-11-17 in the UK May we pray fo my Children Musa &lnnocent to be granted Visas by the British embassy’s to come for the burial in Jesus s name l pray to the Almighty God to send us the Holy Spirit ????????????????to all who are going through this especially the mother Angelina lord in your mercy here my prayers ????????????????????????I am not a Scam

  22. Only a miracle from God can save this marriage
    I pray especially for healing for our suicidal daughter deliver her please
    For my son Jesus draw near to him
    For all my children and husband that they may come to know the Lord as their only way in life pray for us ????

  23. Please, pray for my son who is in college that he succeeds & surrounds himself with good friends.
    For my finaces. So…that I can provide for my son & I.
    So…that I don’t get stressed & get anxiety over situations that I can’t control.
    For peace in my family.
    St. Jude the Impossible…I trust in you!