Day 6 – St. Jude Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 6 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please St Jude hear my prayers for my two daughters, their husbands and my grand children. I entrust the safety of my handicapped brother to you O St Jude. Take away the nastiness of my ex sister in law and protect my three nephews. I also pray for their conversion to the Catholic Faith and the reigniting of faith in my daughters, sons-in law and grand children. Please help them in their trials according to God’s will. I thank you and will praise you always.

  2. St Jude will you please pray that me and Donald become a couple and that he become my husband.St Jude please pray that could have my weight loss surgery so that my body wouldn’t hurt anymore.St Jude please pray that my son and his wife and family go back to church and began to love go to church.St Jude would you please pray for my jobs and my coworkers.And also pray for families to please pray that I will be able to pay my rent and all my bills.

    In Jesus Name

  3. Dear St. Jude please pray my son E who left in your home and I want him to return again in the church and have faith. Pray also those people who left in your home to come back. Please always guide my daughter on her work in NICU and pray for her presentation this coming October 26 must be successful. Pray for the victory of my case on my medical condition and I want to solve my case. Pray also the case of my husband for victory of their unions on his case. Help me to solve my problem for the payment of our mortgage this end of October. Thank you

  4. Please St Jude I prayed for everyone that left the church including John may you forgive them, I pray for John that you may guide John so that he may decide to enter back into your house. Please pray for Martha and John for a blessed and happy reunion back together, reunite back with peace joy everlasting happiness, love , respect, to be humble and kind to be trust worthy, better communication Amen. IN the name of the father son and holy spirit

  5. St Jude please pray for me and Donald become a couple I love him and one day pray he be my husband.I been pray for a husband for a long time.Me and Donald been friends for a long time,he is a good man any lady would love him to be there friend or there husband.St Jude pray for my son and his wife that they go back to church.St Jude please pray that I could have the surgery to lose weight.

    In Jesus name

  6. Most holy St Jude apostles martyr and friend of Jesus today I asked that you pray for me and my intention! Please St Jude I pray for everyone that left the church including John may you forgive them I pray for John that you may guide John so that he may decide to enter back into your home. Please pray for myself and John for a blessed and happy reunion back together by the end of this novena, reunite us back with peace joy and happiness better communication, please open John heart for a better relationship Amen . IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN

  7. Oh Holy St Jude
    I pray that may all those Christians that have left our church be touched and filled with the Holy spirit to realized them selves and come back. Also praying to St Jude to lead me in a peaceful way as i am planning to leave this family house to go and fight for my future and that of my immediate family in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Thank St. Jude for Answering my prayer request. Amen.

  8. Please pray for devine protection and intervention for Rylee and Rob,to keep them safe and keep court ordered custody for dad always,the mother is so cruel to her and abusive. Please St Jude help us ! We are so afraid for Rylee.

  9. St. Jude

    I pray for those that need to return to the church find the way..

    I pray for my son to excel in all areas needed. I pray for my daughters to remain safe and focused.
    Lord I ask you to keep me on track and help me with my finances.


  10. Ooh! Holy St Jude

    Please intercede for my husband’s salvation, may he return to Church. I pray for God’s order in my house.

    I pray that I may be free from debts and that my husband gets a job.

  11. O St Jude patron of the impossible please pray to God that He will send a buyer to our house now.We desperately needed the money.Please.In Jesus name.Amen.

  12. St. Jude ….
    Please hear my prayers for I had a MRI
    last week for my cancer follow up, and I hope
    and pray for good test results this week ….
    Please hear My Prayers ….. ????
    Thank You with All Of My Heart ❤️

  13. Dear St Jude,
    Please heal and cure me of my 33 year eating disorder and sugar addiction which has wrecked my life, body, wallet and health.

    I pray that I will be healed of my addiction to sugar, be healed of my binge eating, remain vegan so that my arthritic knees will be less inflamed and my blood sugar will go down and diabetes won’t set in.

    Thank you St Jude.