Day 6 – Saint Therese of Lisieux Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 6 of the Saint Therese of Lisieux Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I do not know if my prayers will be answered ,but as I looked out of my window on a stormy autumn day in England a white rose has appeared on my rose bush. I hope this is a sign from St Theresa

  2. I prayed that my family would receive what the Lord knew they most needed – and my son signed himself into a detoxification treatment!

  3. On the 9th Day of this Novena, St. Theresa of Lisieux, is granting me
    (1 ) of my petitions. I prayed that I would have a smooth Relocation Out of State, affordable lifestyle and lovely home setting. With Family and friends helplng me, it is in excellent progress. Thank you. St. Theresa. I am spreading Your Devotion. Thank you Holy Family. May all these Novena folks be blessed with prayers answered God’s Holy Will Be Done. Amen.

  4. Dear St. Therese
    THANK YOU!! For answering my prays for my daughter. I prayed that if it was God’s will to bless her with a child, it would happen. Yesterday she called me to let me know that I was going to be a grandmother.
    Thank you St. Therese for your loving intersession ????????????????????????

  5. St Theresa I ask for the conversion of my husband & children. I pray God will bring my family back together & they might forgive each other.
    I pray thid in GODS NAME

  6. Dear St Therese,
    I pray for other people’s intentions most often but this time, I want to pray for myself because I’m in too stressed out at work and at home both happening simultaneously. Please pray for me since I am a victim of false accusation at work and I’m worried that I might be terminated anytime. At the same time, we are refinancing our home and I hope we’ll pass through it successfully. My husband and I are really grateful that we are still up and about dealing with all these trials. When it rains it pours and we are really needing prayers to have these current situations dealt with in our favor. Also I pray that I can forgive my detractors 70×7 times, that God will strengthen us and provides us for our needs.
    To God be the glory. Amen

  7. Please pray for me…
    That I may know God’s will for me regarding my marriage and my relationship with Alan. I pray for direction and strength to know and accept God’s will. Please pray that I will make the right choices in my life so that I can find peace and happiness.
    I pray that dear Saint Therese will intercede for me and hear and answer my prayers. Thank you. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Please help me to be loving and understanding with my mother in-law as we discuss her future living situation. Please don’t let this come between my husband and his brother….for they are finally talking again. Please bring my son home to his family and God. I pray that he will find forgiveness for whatever he feels I did wrong raising him. I pray for John as he morns the lost of a best friend. I pray that my daughter will continue to be confident in grad school. Please continue to bless my marriage. Please pray for me that I find a new purpose in life since raising my children. Thank you for all my blessings. I pray for all the people suffering from the hurricanes and earthquakes. I pray that our country will find peace with one another.

  9. Dearest St Therese please pray and intercede for me that my husband will be healed from depression and be able to go back to work. We also pray for financial health . We have complete trust in Jesus to show us the way out of this time of darkness. Amen

  10. Dearest St Therese please pray for all prodigal spouses to go home to their wives and husbands. Please pray for those prodigal spouses to see that God wants them to stay with their covenant spouse that they married and to end all adulterous relationships for adultery not only destroys marriages but families as well. Pray that all prodigal spouses end their adulterous affairs, repent and ask God’s forgiveness and they go home to restore their marriage and their families. Please pray for all marriages that are being restored, that each spouse be given the grace and strength to persevere to a more loving relationship. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  11. I pray for a cure a healing for me . Let me serve You with a healthy body. Let me take care of my family. Whatever my plan is in life. Let my son pass his exam. Peace in our family. Show me the way.

  12. Please pray for Marie Theresa..for a healing.
    Guy, Scott, cousin Prudy’s friends,
    3 distant cousins for healing. Leonard for peace.
    Annette and Anna for health.
    Carole for a good report.
    All peace and happiness.

  13. I pray for my children who suffer varying forms of depression and anxiety. I pray for those I know as friends and family also that they may seek God and find peace to be free from all stress and anxiety. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen. St Therese pray for us.

  14. I offer my petition about the leadership team in the office to accept their own accountabilities for the unfavorable outcome of operations, instead of blaming it on me. I hope that the person helping us now would be objective in reporting the real reasons or factors that brought about the low productivity. I hope that my name be cleared off from their vicious attacks and that they apologize.
    Help me St Therese to forgive them 70 times 7 times. It’s difficult but with God’s grace, I will submit to His will and trust more.
    I love you St Therese

  15. I offer my prayers for my daughter and son -in-law and their family courage to face the hurt and pain they are facing with their youngest son he now confess to the family he’s gay . They are so angry and distraught over this that its turning love they had for him to resentment and denial they need strength to get them through this cross . Please Jesus ant St Therese give them hope and strength to face this .

  16. St. Therese,

    Pray for me that God may reach down and touch me with his healing hands. May cancer be no more and never touch this body again. That only good health shall follow me the rest of my days of my life.

    May he touch me and help me rise above the noise and confusion to see the true path of righteousness. May my actions and words be pleasing to Him.

    Glory be to God for nothing is impossible to Him. He surrounds us and is in us. He hears all prayers.

    Saint Therese pray for me.

  17. St Theresa please intercede;
    Carol has a nice trip, no back pain and good health.
    Doris to sell her house.
    That we make good decisions about our house etc.
    Kelly has a easier time with teaching. Students that need extra help will receive it.
    Happiness for all family and friends. (Kyle)
    Good turn out for our Church get together this week end.
    Our children get involved with the Catholic Church.

  18. I pray for my cousin Nicole who is going through depression. I pray that that she will accept that and visit the doctor for help.

  19. Please pray for me and my sister,to find a job and to help my niece who is in depression bring healing in my family. Thank you God bless you all

  20. Pray for my nephew, LD and his soon to be wife, CA to return to our Catholic Faith/Church.

    Pray we sell our house quickly and smoothly.

    Pray for LD and CA soon to be wedding will be a perfect beginning to a strong and holy marriage putting God first and each other before the other.

  21. Please St. Therese, I pray for my children to return to church and my son-in-law. For complete inner healing for myself and my children. For future security and finances. For a good Catholic man to come into my life for friendship and more. For those I promised to pray for. For souls and sinners. For physical, psychological, mental and spiritual healing, and especially for healing of my legs.

  22. St Therese today we pray for those suffering from depression. I pray that my daughter will be healed from depression and that may be filled again with Gods love I pray for all my children to have a closer encounter with the Lord I pray for Gods will in my marriage I pray for me to be closer to God pray read my bible more and be more faithful Amen in Jesus precious name

  23. Dearest God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Mama Mary, St. Joseph, St. Therese, and all angels and saints
    I am suffering with anxiety and depression for many years. I don’t have a good relationship with my mom. I love her and I have dreams for her. But I feel my mom has something againts me. It shows in her actions and words. It hurts me so much. I was picked on at school, at work and at home. I was diagnosed with latent tb. I finished my 9 months medication last sept. 16, 2017. I pray my tb won’t get worse. I always struggle with same problem over and over. I became a very sensitive person. My problems in life makes me despair and seperate me from God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. I pray for trust and strength through my hard times.
    St. Therese, I pray for your help. I pray for strength and patience through my hard times. My Lord and my God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit, I pray for your mercy. I pray for your guidance in everyday and everything I do. I pray and I believe you will grant my dreams at your perfect time. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.

  24. Dearest St.Therese,pray for my family’s health & financial problems….Pray for my sister,J in her painful legs….Pray for my constipation problem too.Pray for world peace & natural disasters too….Thank you

  25. I ask that my granddaughter is safe from her abusers and that full custody is awarded to my son, her father soon. Protect her. Amen