Day 6 – Pentecost Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 6 of The Pentecost Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Holy Spirit I lift up to you my husband j pls protect his accounts at work allow John to retain and to grow his book of business, please protect him from all evil. I pray for all the people in his office, I pray for their protection and their conversion and especially their boss please Holy Spirit guide him to you allow him to se the wrongs and we pray for his conversion. Holy Spirit I pray for my brother S give him hope he is strugling with finances and his wife and family please protect him and his family. Also help me to complete my resume and get a job with benefits
    Holy Spirit wherever their is a Holy Mass being said or offered all over the world, I place all I have requested above on your Alter Lord as the priest performs consecration and Lifts up the Bread and Wine to become your and Blood Lord.

  2. For Ireland, as voters go to the polls next Friday to decide if unborn human lives will continue to protected under their laws.

  3. “In fact, it is impossible on our own! But, with God all things are possible”! I still believe this for my son, that he is accepted in a medical school to do medical education, complete and become a medical doctor. Father God, how long ? how long? Thank you for providing all that is needed for him. I believe that after bringing him to this stage with all the needed grades, requirements, you will not leave him or desert him even though the admission officers have n number of reasons to back out. I know with You Jesus, all things are possible and you will make way even in the most impossible situations and that you are working and making way and clearing up the path to the right medical school for my son. Come Holy Spirit, take charge of this situation, breathe on his applications, breathe on the admission officers, breathe on the schools and open up the doors for him to walk in and complete the MD education and serve people who need help with health with your healing hands work and power, Amen

  4. Holy Spirit please keep my children safe while my husband and I will be traveling. I know they will be well cared for, but please being patience to those who will be watching over them. Please Holy Spirit fill my youngest daughters heart with your love and peace. Thank you oh Holy Spirit as you have blessed my family in finding a new home. We are so grateful to have this new phase in our lives and that we continue to grow in love and faith as a family.

  5. oh holy spirit i am here again to pray and asking your guidance, blessings and help, for what my husband and i were facing right now im.praying to you oh god to touch his heart send your holy spirit unto him save him and show him the right path, and oh god im praying also for your continously giving my parents and family good health and be blessed and to those who are in need you help in jesus name and your holy spirit amen…

  6. Pray for those persons out there çhvthat don’ t know where they are going to get some to eat. Lord bless them and put something on the table for them to eat please. In your name I pray

  7. Dear Holy Spitit, thank you for everything. As always, I pray for the peace, love and joy for you son and daughter, that you heal them body, mind and spirit, that you take away their pain and make them whole! I pray and ask also for your love and healing for all my brothers and sisters and our whole family, I pray also for those suffering , sick and dying and for those who need work and financial assistance. O Holy Spirit come renew the face of the earth and renew me too! I love you and the Holy Trinity.

  8. Pray my nephew and his soon to be wife will return to the Catholic Faith,
    Come Holy Spirit.
    Shine your Spirit Oh Lord over CA and LD’s final wedding plans and let their wedding be more perfect than they can imagine and have a long, healthy, happy, strong and holy marriage.
    Come Holy Spirit and hover over my 104 year friend Gee, protect here and keep her safe.

  9. For the healing of my mother diagnosed with lung cancer not only physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. Also for the healing of mommy and nanay’ relationship, for the success of my family’s thanksgiving celebration and that I may finally find a job. Also for the success of our clearance on may 29. AMEN

  10. Holy spirit I pray today for financial renewal. I pray that you would send for the money that is needed to pay for my son’s tuition fees and his other financial commitments. I pray that my daughter would be successful with her exams today. I pray that I would get money to purchase a new car. Please bless and keep my family safe.

  11. Dear Holy Spirit please help me guide me for my incoming nursing board examinations on June 3 and 4Give me retentive memory and knowledge to answer my examinations correctly to be the topnochers with the average of 88 percent .I surrender myself with holy spirit this tis the last chance to take my board examinations..I trust in you..I love you..Amen …

    • Wish you much success on your upcoming boards. Praying that this time will be THE time you ace the tests.