Day 6 – Novena for Marriage & Family 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 6 of the Novena for Marriage & Family!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I Pray Most Holy Mother for your intercession for
    the following:
    That my mouth/teeth are totally healed requiring
    no more meds, treatments or surgery.
    That my blood pressure/cholesterol concerns will
    not be an issue.
    That my anxieties will be alleviated, along with
    insomnia, by helping and guiding me to trust
    wholly in you and your Son to grant me a life of
    Peace, Love and Tranquility.
    That K,D. and his wife will be relieved by finding
    a job soon.
    For all my friends who are sick or suffering in any way.
    Lastly, for a peaceful solution to the U.S. N. Korea
    For all these intentions, I fervently Pray for your

  2. I have seen an improvement in the relationship with my son and his x wife and also in my daughter’s prayer life
    Thank you for praying with me

  3. My friend Melanie, for whom you have been praying, has learned that her third stage cancer of the thyroid gland has not metastasized following its surgical removal. As well. although she suffers from advanced MS, her left leg has begun to move spontaneously, which it could not previously. She notices too, that she can touch her nose and do other finger exercises which she could not do before. God is healing her slowly but surely. HE IS SUCH A GOOD GOD WHO GAVE US HIS SON, AND HIS SON’S BLESSED MOTHER, TO LEAD US INTO LIFE EVERLASTING. Pray for her marriage too, because her husband has to care for her when he is not at work, and this is difficult. He loves his wife, but sometimes he is tired and becomes a little impatient. I praise God for all of you, and pray that all of your marriages are blessed and happy, through Christ Jesus Our Lord Who died for us all. PRAISE HIM FOREVER!

  4. Dear Mary, please intercede for me that your son Jesus will guide and strengthen me to make the right choices regarding my marriage.
    Please give my family and me the strength to get through whatever we must. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  5. Holy Mother Mary, you commanded your son our Lord Jesus Christ to arrange for wine and Jesus turned water into wine. Thank you for this miracle! I believe that the same miracle is in store for my son with his applications. Jesus knows that he has met all the requirements and whether he has or not, I lift my son to you Jesus, asking for a miracle for my son today, that he will be blessed miraculously with scholarship to do medicine in a medical school which you have reserved for him to attend to and become a medical doctor. Holy Mother please request Jesus the same way as wine to provide a seat for my son today! Amen.

  6. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my family and especially for my grandson Jarrod. Please ask your son Jesus to help him now. He is in great need. Help me also to always try to bring the love, hope and mercy into my family, as we having been praying FOR in this Novena. Amen. JESUS AND MARY I LOVE YOU, PLEASE SAVE SOULS……….

  7. lord i place my marriage into your hands. I pray that a spirit of communication come over this marriage. I pray that my husband return to the church. I pray for my children that they be successful with their exams. Please Jesus guide them and keep them safe. I pray for financial deliverance today.

  8. I pray for a married couple that has left the church and attended BurningMan in Nevada and saw the man that ran into the fire and died. I pray that they will run back to Jesus and the Catholic Church, and all of her Sacraments, in Jesus Name. Amen

  9. Jesus, I trust in you
    Come into my Heart I’ll make YOU my LORD and savior!

    I pray for my Family of sons, that they will be more Holy and Trust in You… I am placing my trust in You that Sean will come to me with kindness and respect. I pray with my whole heart and soul for him to increase his faith in You and the importance of Me his earthly Mother.
    Heavenly Mother, Pray for me and my son Sean…I miss him and want to be part of his life! I pray that his father encourages him to do the same.

    Although this is a Novena on Marriages and Families, I’m no longer married but we are still ONE FAMILY TWO HOMES! Please hear my prayers and the desires of my heart. Maybe one day a Significant other will come into my life, however, my relationship with God and my sons come first. Jesus, I trust in YOU and YOUR WILL for me. AMEN

    I will continue to pray for the Families in Texas and all who have been misplaced due to Hurricane Harvey.