Day 6 – Christ the King Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 6 of the Christ the King Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Lord of Christmas the King, please hear my prayers to solve my financial problem. Pray for the approval and consideration for the appeal of my Disability Tax Credit by Revenue Tax. Pray my family with harmony, love, peace, unity, respect and always in good health. Pray my husband on his new job more blessing as well as his regular work. Continous healing his gambling addiction. Pray and bless for the victory of my case due to my medical condition as well my husband case for the victory of their unions. Always guide and protect my family and relatives from danger as well my friends. Thank you Lord please hear my prayers.

  2. Lord, help me get a high grade for my succession exam tomorrow..i deperately need it to pass, i really need to graduate Lord. Help me focus and please bless my family always.

  3. Thank you for the novena though late. Could all the novenas be posted on my email for continuity thanks. Thank you Lord for all the gifts you give us let your light shine in us as a family and we pray for peace in our hearts and peace to the whole world.We praise you Christ The King continue to intercede for my family and everyone praying the novena

  4. Today I ask the Lord to be with me as we make decision concerning my mom well being. that we all come into this meeting with open hearts, and find a solution that works. Heal our heart from all this fighting and provide each of us with some peace.

  5. Loving God, Christ the King here are my prays for today:
    I pray for world peace, to feel more safe in our Country. To be disciples, that You reign in our leaders minds, hearts and souls.

    I pray for the safety of my children traveling on the roads coming home for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I pray for all families traveling to their destinations.

    I pray for better communication with my son’s, that You reign in their minds, hearts and souls. I pray that they join me on Dec 19th for paying it forward to the less fortunate during the Christmas Season. I pray You become their center.

    I pray that Bob finds sobriety, I pray You reign within his mind to make good choices on our relationship. This I pray for the God’s will. I believe You know what is for the good of us both.

    I pray with my whole heart and soul, that I continue to receive work that I may pay my bills with less of a struggle. Loving God continue to bless me with good health that I may do the jobs. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, Reign in me. Amen!

    • Dear Loving God, I pray that you send me a loving, Christian man, partner to share my life and love with… Hear my prayers Lord, for this I pray to You…My heart is full of love to share if it is Your will and when the time is right!

  6. Lord jesus I pray for money to fininace my son throughout medical school.I pray that my son would be successful with his exams. I pray for my daughter please bless her and keep her safe.

    • My song for you, Dear Jesus…
      Teach Me My Lord

      Teach me to love as you love, my Lord
      Teach me to pray as you pray
      Teach me to live as you live, my Lord
      Teach me in all of your ways…

      I surrender, I surrender, I surrender
      My soul to your care
      I surrender, I surrender
      I’ll follow you, Lord, anywhere – so

      Teach me to love as you love, my Lord
      Teach me to pray as you pray
      Teach me to live as you live, my Lord
      Teach me in all of your ways today–
      Please teach me in all of your ways
      –Gladys Brayer