Day 5 – St. Therese of Lisieux Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 5 of the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. May all God’s children receive him into their hearts. Please help my son overcome his drug addiction. He is a miserable man in mental pain all the time please help him. He loves the Lord but will not see help.
    My marriage is not good. My husband is not the person I thought he would be and I am trying to accept but very difficult. Please ask the Lord to help me. Bless all the world which is in such trauma. Praise the Lord!

  2. Dear St Therese
    St Therese my prayer request is for me to find husband and help me to lose some weight so my lower part of my back will stop being in so much pain when I walk, standing and working. I need your help with this only Jesus and you can do for me please pray for me and my son and his wife.

    In Jesus name amen

  3. Dear St Therese pray that God will hear and answer my prayers soon, that my role model as a mother would make a great example to my adult children and grandchildren and that we be obedient to God’s word. In Jesus name, Amen!

  4. -Dubai trip to be cancelled
    -Lord, work in my husband’s heart so that he will think less about the pleasure he is experiencing and more about the pain he is causing.
    I commit my broken marriage and family to you, renovate, restore, re-arrange, re-model, re-furnish, re-design, re-new, re-build my family and marriage.

  5. My little grandchild will be helped with ADHD. That God will give the doctor today with wisdom and knowledge in treating him and that St Therese will pray for him and to intercede for all the children who suffer like him. I ask all this through Jesus Christ My Lord, Amen, Amen.

  6. St Therese please pray for my sons Arthur and Angel that they are freed from all addictions. That they are healed, saved and converted. Let them open up their hearts completely to Jesus.
    Pray for my daughter Liz that her financial issues get better. Pour your Holy Spirit upon them.
    Pray for Karla that she finds her way to God completely. Let her find a job at a good hospital.
    Thank you Lord for all your blessings even in the midst of everything that’s going on. I love you Jesus. Amen

  7. St Theresa,I pray for my education,relationship,parents,all unwell and helpless people that you may heel and restore their hope.

  8. I just returned from a short vacation & would like to share that my son is in a better place, positive, willing to change & live a sober life he relocated to a new place away from bad company & temptation may St Anne & Joachim, St Monica, St Joseph , St Michael The Archangel & St Therese of Lisieux continue to pray & protect him from evil, harm & ailments in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  9. St Therese please pray for Lisa that her health will be perfect and the surgery goes well. Please pray that the breast cancer go way after this surgery! Please send the prayers to Jesus our lord!

  10. St. Theresa I pray for God’s gift to me, my three son’s that he chose me as their Mother…I pray that we have a loving open heart in communication. I pray that Bob finds love for himself as he seeks sobriety. For this I pray. Amen

  11. Join me to cry to the Lord through the intercession of St Therese for these intentions.
    My son Kenneth for his conversion and to go closer to God
    My sister Angeline who is sick and admitted in the hospital. She has cancer of the breast about 4 years back but now is in the hospital with problems with white blood cells. May the will of the lord be done.

  12. St. Therese, I ask you to pray with me for a strong faith and trust in God’s love and to open my heart to receive his blessings. I also pray that through you God showers down miracles for my son and his wife and little daughter, and that they are open to receiving his blessings. I pray that I may share blessings in big and little ways. And I join all here in their prayers. Thank you.

  13. Blessed mother, jesus ,St there’s. I place my finances into your precious hands. I pray today for financial deliverance. I pray for my son,that he would be successful with his exams. Please guide him and be at his side as he continue his studies on his way to become a medical doctor. Lord let the money flow so we can pay his tuition fees. Thank you lord.