Day 5 – St. Monica Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 5 of the St. Monica Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Pray for my son to follow my hod career in rbe navy. Open jos eyes and see his figure in the navy. Pray dod my daughter to find another job. To get the drs job she had applied for. For them to comsider her for the position. I pray also that am consisered for the position at rhe school. For my husband as well to feel better every day. I ask this in the name of jesus. Amen also we need of financial help and hoping we can make it through rhese days. Amen

  2. Please help me pray the novenas to saint Monica to helped me make better decisions in choosing a good man family. A man who’s ready to settle down and be married. A man who doesn’t minded having a blended family. A man who’s willing to shares his world and most of all A man of God.

  3. Holy Saint Monica, Yes this is how I feel when none of my prayers get answered and feel like a fool for going on believing and trusting and praying to God Father- I feel abandoned by God, for just waiting for answers to my prayers, and for all the suffering we endure. I wonder why? So please come to my help for my son today. Bless with the sign of interview and seat in the same medical school, where he is doing his classes now. Blessings of healing of scalp and shoulder. Blessings of keeping away from Ungodly. For us to be surrounded by God fearing and loving people. Keep away all those who obstruct your mighty light dear God in our lives, near or far, dear or a friend. Let there be only Godly people in my son’s life. Amen

  4. Blessed St Monica thank you for the happiness today. Prayers for all suffering and in turmoil. In the name of the father. Amen

  5. In Loving memory…..
    Louise Pridgen
    Loving wife, and a loving mother to her 7 children.
    We miss you TERRIBLY !
    Today would of been her 91 rst birthday.
    Thank you St. Monica for your love.
    Yes, we especially pray for the ones whom have fallen away from the church.
    We pray for our little ones.
    We pray for world peace .
    For the poor, sick and the dying.
    Have Mercy on them, we pray.
    Our Father who art in heaven…..
    Hail Mary full of grace,….

  6. Dear St Monica, Please accept my prayers for my son and take it to Father, God and Jesus Christ. Blessings of good health, renewal and healing of scalp and left shoulder. Blessings of Godly people as friends in his life. Rebuke all those who are Ungodly. Blessings of Godly woman in marriage, who believes and accepts Jesus Christ. Blessings of good grades this semester and get an interview for med school and seat and admission in RFSM , which is the only hope for this year. I know and believe and trust that God will fulfil this desire for him and us. Please show a sign of this miracle today, Amen.

    • Dear St Monica,
      Pray for my son who wandered away from church and help him come in union with Christ’ love. Please ask God’s mercy for cleaning every bad habits he learned along way. Amen.

  7. Dear St. Monica I pray you pray for my nephew LD and his new wife, CD to return to the Catholic Faith/Catholic Church.

  8. Dear St Monica help me to be the topnochers of nurse licensure examination on November 17and 18 with the average of 88% ..Amen