Day 5 – St. Maria Goretti Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 5 of The St. Maria Goretti Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St. Maria Goretti -I pray this novena for my niece who is having a difficult time finding her way. I pray that with guidance and love from above and support / love from her family that her eyes are opened . She has always been a very special gift from God to us, I just wish she could see what light she brings to her family and to all she encounters and the gifts she possesses . Please help her find what she has lost. Amen

  2. God,
    I have been dealing a problem with my family for many years. I have many situations where I have proven my feelings and wellbeing is not considered. It is easy for them to hurt me especially when they don’t need me financially.
    A home where I should find comfort and love is actually the worst place I can be.
    I develop depression, anxiety, ocd and suicidal thoughts because of the issue I have with my family.
    Last Friday. It is really enough.
    My mom whom supposed to be the person who would understand me, and I thought opening up to her about my feelings would change but NOT.
    My mom is narcissistic where there is the golden child who could never go wrong and the scapegoat which is me who is always at fault.
    Whenever I try to talk to my mom about my issue with the wrong doings of my brother and his fiance, she dismisses me, give me a bad look or totally ignore me.
    They kicked me out of the house when I was 24 years old because they rather have their friends come over til almost midnight gossiping and drinking alcohol at the kitchen. I sleep in the living room. 3 bedrooms. 1 for brother&fiance, 1 for brother/wife, 1 for mom/dad.
    I am the only girl with 3 brothers. Youngest brother lives at apartment close to his university/school.
    My mom told me, I ruined everything. My bf will not accept me because I have NF1. And so many hurtful words.
    I had to live with my bf’s family.
    I came back to my family after almost a year. We bought a house. I thought everything would be right.
    I was one of the reason why we were able to buy a house. I was the one they go to for financial problems. I should have my rights for that house.
    Last Friday was just too much for me.
    I told ny mom I never blame her for my NF1 so how could she says my bf will not accept me? She told me instead, “he only loves if he marries you, did he marry you yet?” (My bf knows my NF1 but has no problem with it).
    My mom also told me, “she wishes she could’ve killed me when I was in her womb. It is my fault of her suffering. She can’t make noise with her friends at home because of me(her friends are actually drinking alcohol and talking loud until 10pm in front of the house). She gave birth to me and my life is not enough to pay her off. I have not proven anything yet in my life”
    I don’t do drugs, smoke, drink alcohol, or any addictions. My bf is my only true friend and I introduced to my family. My responsible and don’t bother my parents financially. I graduated without their help.
    Most of the time I stay home and work.
    I am not perfect and I make mistakes.
    I don’t do troubles. I am even patience with people causing me troubles.
    I know I don’t deserve to be treated the way my mom talks to me. My oldest who doesn’t respect her, she defends him even with my dad.
    I need prayers and help.. Amen.

  3. St. Maria Goretti the most forgiving Saint. Please hear our prayers as we strive to do God’s will daily. Our present situation is in need of help as we have to work to pay our debts. Also, praying for Ed and Annie to be more forgiving and let go of the past and do God’s will in doing always what if right. Amen Thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen.

    • please pray for hubby Dan and for brother Dan and his wife Carmin to save their marriage . God bless. Thank you

  4. Pray for my nephew and his new wife, to have a long, strong and holy marriage, and for them to return to the Catholic Church/Faith.

  5. Please pray for my daughter who is considering divorce. May she receive a healing touch that will enable her to see and know the true will of God and be open to it.

  6. Sr maria goretti please intercede for to receive financial deliverance today and money to finance my son throughout medical school. Lord Jesus his tuition fees which is now due need to be paid.pleaae Jesus I pray for my children and my family. Please bless my marriage.

  7. Please help me and blessed me to be strong to accept I failed my nursing board exam last June …Give me strength and to be strong to faced again to take again my nursing board examination this coming November 17 and 18 to be the topnochers with the average of 88%…Give me more wisdom I can absorb all I’m reviewing and studying I can answers my examination correctly ..St Maria Goretti help me for this exam ..this is the last board exam ..Amen..