Day 5 – St. Jude Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 5 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear St. Jude, Please intercede and pray that my husband Tom will be chosen to fill the position as the family advisor at the cemetary. We have encountered some challenges and need our Heavenly Father’s mercy and grace. Please pray that we can overcome these challenges. Thank you St. Jude for your prayers and intercession.

  2. Most holy St Jude apostles martyr and friend of Jesus today I asked that you pray for me. I Pray To St Jude and the almighty God to please by the end of this novena to reunite Martha and John back together we life together for 14yrs and last yr I Decided to moved out of our home I already found it in my heart to forgive John for the wrong that he did to Martha I love John with all my heart and really want to move back in our home I am asking for a special pray to reunite John and Precious as well I prayed for peace, joy better communication to be live , trust, compassion, be humble, I want to Marry John please St Jude I also pray for everyone struggling with there relationship as well Amen , in the name of the father son and holy spirit amen

  3. Dear St.Jude i would like to thank you for everyday guiding me and please pray for my intensions and also to my family keep safe my children always guide them in the right way..

  4. Dear St Jude a friend of our Lord Jesus Christ i remember people who are suffering because of war, i pray for a good job, pray for me to the Lord who makes the impossibles possible, glory to our Lord forever, Amen

  5. Dear St. Jude, please bless my family love, unity, happiness and always in good health. Pray my son that remove his hatred on his heart. I want him to love his dad and good reconciliation. Pray him also to stop looking different guy. Pray him to come babk to S.Pray also my family back home that my sister M to forgive all my sisters especially our eldest sister. Pray her to love and help my sisters on financial and have a reconciliation. Pray for the victory of my case on medical condition as well my husband previous job. Pray also my Disability Tax Credit will be approved and no problem. Pray my family for financial crisis. Pray my friend R to hire on the new company. Also my friend husband to gondola a job.

  6. St Jude friend of Jesus and Saint of the impossible, my son had a party this weekend without supervision of an adult. There was underage drinking and one of the young girls went to the hospital. Please pray whole hearted that she will be well. This was at my former husbands house while he was away. Hear my prayer, that my former husband starts to align with me for the hope, love & Grace of our son. Pray that he speaks words from a loving heart to align more with my parenting style. This I pray, with your help that he seeks a Godly, loving heart and find his way back to you Our Father.

    Pray for my separated family that we remain one family with Two homes. Loving God hear my prayers! St Jude pray over me for this to be possible!

    I’m alone and wish to find a Christian man to share my life with, when it’s Gods will. Amen!
    I feel your signs & so many blessings in my relationships with our 3 sons.
    Keep my son safe as he travel 4 1/2 hours back to college tonight. Please keep him close to you Lord God. I would give my own life for them, as you have given your! ????

  7. Fitting of teeth.
    Sale of house.
    M&K start coming back to the Catholic Church.
    All other intentions. Sleep better and able to be a relaxed person.

    Thanks for the great group at benefit.

  8. Dear St.Jude please help me to pray for the good result in labor for my employment visa i wish they will approved my application bcoz i really need this job right now for my two kids i want them to finish their studies thats why im here abroad to work for and sister please help me to pray for the good result..thank you and God Bless you all

  9. DEAR ST Jude pray that Donald and I will be come a couple. St Jude pray that I could lose weight so I can where the clothes I have in mind closet.They are too small now. Pray for my son and his family and his brother that’s have mental problems. Pray for my jobs and that I can be able to pay my rent and bills on time. And so pray for all the marriages, all over this land and country.
    In Jesus name

  10. Please pray for my son that he is making the right decision on his engagement. His future wife doesn’t really want much to do with his family.
    And, she has taken him away from the Catholic Church. I realize that he also may need help. I really don’t know what to do but I do pray about this a lot please help. Thank You

  11. Please pray for my son to follow Jesus. Pray for me and his dad to have patience. Pray for us all to grow closer to our faith and Jesus, and each other. I ask this through Jesus name, Amen.

  12. St. Jude ….
    Please hear my prayers for good
    test results from the MRI I had
    for my cancer follow up.
    Thank You with All of My Heart ????

  13. St Jude apostles martyr and friend of Jesus today thanks for all that you have blessed me with thanks for intercession in my life, today I prayed for reconciliation with my relationship that is broken at this time please St Jude apostles martyr reconcile myself and John back together, teach John to have trust in himself, I forgive John for what he done to me , at the end of this novena please have John communicated with me more teach john to have patience and understanding, but most of all mend our broken heart so I can go back in our home that we share for 14yrs St Jude open John path so John and myself will have better understanding and better communication please St Jude, we have been separated for almost a yr amen

  14. St. Jude thank you for a beautiful marriage of 40 years. Pray that we have many more years together. Pray for all happily married couples and all the couples that are reconciling. Thank you for the most wonderful husband one could ask for. I believe in miracles!

  15. St. Jude please pray on behalf for my great nephews tumor to heal and have no damage from the radiation and chemo treatments. St. Jude i pray that my daughter is healthy and safe always. Please allow school to continue to go well for her. Lastly st. Jude my marriage ended in divorce and i hurt badly. I pray for peace and to see God’s will. Help remove my will and want for my ex husband/marriage if it is not God’s will. Amen

  16. Jesus I place my marriage into your hands. I place my financial situation into your hands. I pray for money to pay my son’s tuition fees. I that my son be successful in his exams

  17. Please pray with me to have peace at work until the new offer is offerer. If it is Gods will shield a protective around me. Pray for reconnection with you .

  18. St. Jude, I pray that I may be cured of cancer to which the dr’s are unable to find the primary, but has spread to my lymph node. I am about to start chemo and radiation and I am praying that I have strength to endure these treatments and that they are successful in curing me of cancer. I pray to you, St. Jude to intercede through Jesus.

  19. St Jude,
    I continue to ask you to heal my 33 year eating disorder and addiction to sugar. I have blood sugar problems and arthritis, so losing some weight would be a big blessing as well.

    I have joined with a yearly donation last nite to help with your costs.