Day 5 – Pentecost Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 5 of The Pentecost Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. For the healing of my mother diagnosed with lung cancer not only physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. Also for the healing of mommy and nanay’ relationship, for the success of my family’s thanksgiving celebration and that I may finally find a job. Also for the success of our clearance on may 29. AMEN

  2. O Holy Spirit!
    I pray healing for D. Wiseborn, J.Manuel.I pray for emotional healing and consolation for family suffered painful loss of loved one. Pray for more vocations n Church and continued support for all clergy and religious.

  3. Holy spirit I pray for family’s & friends intentions……Praying for John Paul & Annie in their health & work…..Praying for world peace….Thank you

  4. Pray that my daughter be careful with her new car. May she be wise. My son to go forward with his plans. I ask this in jesua name. Thank u jesos dor everythinh u have done.

  5. Pray that my daughter be careful with her new car. May she be wise. My son to go forward with his plans. I ask this in jesua name.

  6. Holy Spirit take charge of our lives with direction and guidance. Especially with my son. Bless with guidance, direction, motivation and all that is needed for him to get acceptance in medical school, today, start from fall. Shake the hearts and minds of the people who check his applications and fill their hearts with Your fire of favor for my son. Let the Pentecost day be the day of good news for my son with admission and acceptance from medical school. Heal his cough Jesus and bless with good health. Amen

  7. Come Holy Spirit, enkindle my heart with kindness, charity and give me a chaste spirit. free me from the chains of pornography and masturbation.
    come Holy Spirit

  8. Thank you for the Novenas.May the lord bless me with enough resources so that i can also touch other peoples lives especially those who are in need

  9. oh holy spirit im here again to continously praying to you to send forth your holy spirit to my husband touch his heart for him to awaken the reality on our marriage give us more strenght to face all the problems emotional,physical and finances help us oh holy spirit to overcome all of this, and praying also for my parents and family to be blessed and always in goodhealth, and also to those who are in need of your help and guidance too in jesus name and in your holy spirit amen….

  10. Come Holy Spirit and bring my nephew LD and his soon to be wife, CA to return to the Catholic Faith.
    Hover Oh Holy Spirit over LD and CA’s wedding on May 26, let it be more perfect than they can imagine where everyone will be safe, healthy and happy. (no rain) and a beginning to a strong and holy marriage.
    Send Your Spirit Oh Lord over Gee who is 104 protect her and keep her safe from ones who may be taking advantage of her age and vulnerability.
    Come Holy Spirit!

  11. Holy spirit sent fort your spirit over my financed, so I would get some financial deliverance I pray for money to meet the financial needs of my son.Holy spirit please intercede for my children that my children would be successful with their studies.

  12. Come Holy Spirit,
    In kindle in all your people the gifts of kindness and love. Guide us to share these gifts and the gifts of prayer, voice, wisdom and compassion to touch the hearts of all so that they too can feel and hear God’s intense love.
    In Jesus name we pray. Amen. ♡

  13. Dear Holy Spirit please blessed me and help me especially today I’m preparing for my nursing board examination on june3 and 4…Help me send me your angel to guide me and give me retentive memory and more knowledge I can answer my examination correctly and to be the topnochers with average of 88%….Dear Holy Spirit Help me focused and have concentration while now reviewing…I trust in you..I love you..Amen …

    • Dear Holy Spirit ,
      I pray for this person to pass their boards, I know how stressful this is because I am also a nurse. Know that the Holy Spirit is with you and will strengthen you ???Remember, the words , ‘Jesus I trust in you,’ may the Holy Spirit guide you in your vocation.
      God bless you