Day 5 – Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 5 of The Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Blessed Mother, please undo this knot that stands before me. Please give me the strength and knowledge I need to meet the padding of this test. It has been such a long and stressful road. Allow this knot to break to help me get passed it once and for all.

    In Jesus name. Amen

  2. Please Our Blessed Mother Undoer of Knots I ask for your intercession on behalf of my son who is facing an insurmountable amount of student loans and it would only take a miracle for him to pay back and is going to court tomorrow please mediate a reasonable solution Thank you in Jesus your son’s name I thank you!!

  3. Please Our Blessed Mother Undoer of Knots I ask for your intercession on #uld only take a miracle for him to pay back and is going to court tomorrow please mediate a reasonable solution Thank you in Jesus your son’s name I thank you!!

  4. Please Our Blessed Mother Undoer of Knots I ask for your intercession on behalf of my son who is facing insurmountable student loans that would only take a miracle for him to pay back and is going to court tomorrow please mediate a reasonable solution Thank you in Jesus your son’s name I thank you!!

  5. Mary Undoer of knots,
    I surrender these knots of my financial struggles and my living situation.

    Financially I have been struggling all my life because I never believed I deserved a better life. My living situation is dire. At the moment I have no where to live and not near enough money to afford an apartment.

    My low self esteem and low self worth has manifested these hardships

    I call upon my mother and father to take these knots and work with me on developing a better version of myself

  6. Fervent intercession of our blessed mother upon my children: That the knot of addiction to endless time spent on worthless tv shows, electronic games, to such extent that school assignments and study time is of less importance than time spent on tv and games. That my children will become inspired to focus as much quality as needed on what matters: education and related pursuits and their relationship with God

  7. Mary, Undoer of Knots, please take into your care my grandsons, Christian and Hunter, and undo the knots in their lives which have caused them to be isolated and alienated from their family. Please enlighten and fortify not only the children, but the adults in their lives who can help them escape the abusive environment they live in. Please restore peace and love into their lives Mother Mary. Amen.

  8. Holy Mother undoes my knots and help Geraldine find work and that their financial situation can be eased. Make Sarah money conscious. In the name of the father. Amen.

  9. Heal my marriage in communication, intimacy and finances. Return my children back to Christ and His church.

    Please heal Allie Evans.

  10. Dearest Mother, please undo the knot of indecision and lack of faith in my son. Undo the knots that stand in his way to the church for himself and his family. I ask this in Jesus name, amen.

  11. Holy Mary Mother, Please untie all the knots in my son’s applications to medical schools. Take my prayers to Father God and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ let the acceptance from CAUSM come soon, so that we can get prepared. Blessings for my son to start med school from fall this year and completes medical school on time and becomes medical doctor soon. Blessings of Godly people and Godly environment. Rebuke all hurdles and obstacles from the path of getting into medical school. Show us the sign of this miracle today. Holy Mother hear my prayers as you have in the past and fulfil this miracle for my son today by taking it to Jesus Christ as your personal prayer. Amen

  12. Dear Mary my mother, I am praying that you untie all my knots so I can meet a man and be able to settle down as husband and wife, praying that you provide me with financial means so I can pay tuition for my training, lastly help my daughter so she can come home soon,
    Dear Mary our mother and mother of Jesus, pray for me and help so I can overcome all the struggles I am facing during this novena

  13. Mother Mary,
    Thanks and praise forever for the miraculous healing you have already given us, and for protecting my children during and after their traumatic car accident. I am forever grateful and praise you. Please continue miraculous healing of their physical, emotional and spiritual wounds. Give them hope and strength. Please don’t allow felony charges to be filed. Please allow compassion and mercy to flow from the hearts of the police and states attorney. Please let us heal without further trauma to our family. Keep my family wrapped in the protection of your angels wings and healing love. Please wrap them in your love, comfort and healing protection. And please help me to be strong and support them in whatever they need. Amen

  14. Thank you for the answered prayer. Foor the healing of my mother daignosed with lung cancer and for the protection of my entire family.Amen

  15. Mother Mary, undoer of Knots hear my plea. You have already heard my plea of yesterdays Novena and been answered, such amazing Grace! My federal return was deposited in my account! Thank-You, Jesus!

    Financial Stress in relationship is Destructive, my former husband left me because he had gambled our money away and didn’t know how to tell me, so he took it upon himself and just left the household! He is still without a job, so today I pray he finds a job and gets his financial house together for himself. He owes me support, and undo the knot of having to go to court to fight this battle. I want peace in my life, and have worked so hard on myself the last 2 1/2 years without him. Undo the knot of him constantly contacting me and my children. Help him to focus on himself . Hear my prayers, Amen

  16. I need a job, am having financial problems. In my last job my business partner was fraudulent. CPA sk is investigating me for failure to report and possible association

  17. Mary the undoer of knots I lift my financial situation with you right now. The knot that is in the way preventing me from doing well please undo it. The knot that is in my business place that is preventing from getting the respect that I should get please undo. I asked you to intercede for me in Jesus’s name Amen.

  18. Please pray for my health, and finances. My health is failing, and my finances are horrible. I live on $ 964 monthly, I’m a retired senior who worked all of my life. I now have breast cancer, hepatitis c, and heart issues. Mary, please break these knots!

  19. Most gracious Mary Mother of Jesus please pray that I can get my Assistance renewed without problematic issues. My wife and I are desperate for this assistance. Oh, Holy Mother our financial position at this point in time is dire and we need your help and prayers to get us through these troubled times.

    Help me to change my attitude within our family so that we all move forward. Please help my wife and I mend the mistrust in our family, we need especially at this time of aging to live as a united family.

    Thank You Oh, Precious Mother of Jesus.

  20. Mary please remove the knot of financial knot in my life. Please allow my finances to flow freely. Lord I have financial knots that need to be u tried.pease bless my son , my family and my marriage.

  21. Dear Mary please undo the knot of not trusting in my life , the knot of insecurities about myself. The knot of control. Please heal all those with addictions of the flesh and any addictions , part for my children salvation and my grandsons.

  22. Mother Mary,I am praying for family’s health to improve…..Praying for friends intentions….Pray for John Paul & Annie in their health & work….Praying for world peace….
    Thank you