Day 5 – Divine Mercy Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 5 of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Brothers and Sisters,
    I ask for your prayers for Lukewarm Christians ever.
    I ask that your pray for the healing of all those who are negatively affected by abuse at the hands of family members — these particular people who are in need of our Lord’s healing. Please pray that their hearts be open to the healing that only God can give. Please pray for Elsa and all our brothers and sisters who walk through the world who are lost, without hope, bruised, traumatized, and hardened. Lord, fill their God-shaped hole with your merciful love. Amen. Alleluia.

    With respect and thanks.

  2. please watch over and keep close to you always my daughter. Guide her in her career and to make the right choices in life.
    Thank you Lord. Amen

  3. I am praying for conversion for my son, daughter, and her boyfriend, for the Consecration of Russia SOON! For the end of abortion, same-sex marriages, persecuted Christians and their families in Syria, Sudan, India, Egypt, and other countries, for all the sick and agonizing, and for those who will die today, for all our elected officials, President Trump, Vice-President Pence, ALL the souls in purgatory, especially my husband, relatives, and friends. May they rest in peace!

  4. My daughter has a very complicated surgery scheduled in about one month. The injury, for which she has already had a previous surgery, necessitated great changes for her and her life goals. Partly for that reason she is very depressed. Completely good health is necessary before any surgery, health of both body and mind, and severe (or any) depression can increase the likelihood of a problematic surgery and/or very difficult recovery.
    I am praying for all the supportive prayers for my daughter, that she return to the understanding and faith in God’s Love and His Ominous Power. And prayers for His hand in her surgery and His guidance for her recovery.

  5. I ask my Divine Mercy to save me from myself. Because i am my worst enemy. When it come to following my God. I ask my God to give me the wisdom and the strength to be able to hear what he wants out of me. Mercyfull God hear my prayers. I ask to help my son fine a job. My older, and middle son to learn to forgive there father. And for my husband to also learn to forgive his son’s. Allow them to see how much they need each other love. My Divine Mercy I ask with a humble heart.Aman,Aman,Aman

  6. Dear Jesus,
    Please help my beloved son Ty to remain encouraged and striving for a more hopeful experience of life.
    Thank you Jesus.

  7. Dear Jesus, in your devine mercy, I ask for healing of my foot surgery. More importantly I ask that you remove my husbands heart of stone and give him a loving heart of flesh. I ask that you help me to stay focused on my ministry to take care of your children’s feet. Please help me in everything I do to bring honor and glory to your name. Amen.

  8. In thanksgiving for God’s love and mercy, for the conversion of sinners, for the Church, for my family,especially my daughter pregnant with her second child, and for people who gave us this website and are uniting us in prayer.

  9. Please help,heal and protect my parents and my grandmothers in health, wrk, relationships, emotionally and every step of their lives. Please Lord, I also beg of your assistance with my financial situation. Please help me obtain employment and a means to provide for my baby girl, and our needs that have me worrying day & night. Please help me get through this battle and hard times her father is putting us through and be able to pay attorney to protect my baby. In Jesus name, I ask. And thank you. Amen

  10. For my parents as they are getting older. That they take care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle. That they remain active and healthy. Please keep their minds sharp and their bodies healthy. Don’t let them become sedentary but enjoy a full life!

  11. Most merciful father I’m lifting Neville before please bring him comfort and strength during his Chemo treatment. Help him to not fall into despair,but to face each day with love hope and humility; in Jesus name. Amen.

  12. I pray for my son Thomas to return to the Holy Catholic Church. He is marrying a beautiful young lady who unfortunately is not Catholic– she is non denominational…One of the mega church type people… She certainly believe in Christ and trusts in His ways…She just doesn’t care for the Catholic Church– I am praying for her conversion and Thomas’s return to the Catholic Church

  13. Praise you Merciful Lord. I pray constantly for my daughter who is going through a separation in spite of her desire to reconcile. Please show her your mercy and give her strength and peace in spite of the turmoil in her life. I lift up my granddaughter also who is being affected by this transition.

  14. Dear Jesus, please show me what to do regarding my ovarian cysts. You know, Lord, how afraid i am of undergoing an operation, but if it is Your way of healing me, please cast out all fears in my heart. This i ask in Your mighty Name, through Your Most Blessed Mother, my mother also. Amen.

  15. Most merciful Jesus, I’ve come to the foot of the cross many times before with many problems. I beg you to help me with my anger issues, my low self esteem and with my forgiveness issues. I hurt the ones I love with my words and deeds and I no longer can deal with them. I have recently contemplated suicide. My life feels worthless now and I am wallowing in my self pity. Please, I beg you take this anger from me. I am pleading with your most merciful heart. I cannot endure it anymore. I want to love my family not hurt them. You said seek and knock, I am seeking and knocking for your help. Blessed Mother and Saint Faustina please pray for me. In Jesus’s holy name I pray for healing this night. Amen.

  16. most merciful Jesus I come to asking for my sister Sophia asking for pray for her.Jesus my prayer intention that my sister would attend the 50th anniversary celebration please pray that’s she be there. Great merciful Jesus I asked for prayer for Donald Bedford I feel all to pray that he get a job and make the right decision and also that he asked me to become his wife and father I pray I asked for prayer for me that I can continue on doing your will and that you can help me with my finance in Jesus name I pray and in Jesus name I ask for these prayers for my intention and that Donald will go back to church in Jesus name amen

  17. Pray that my daughter has a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery and that the baby is healthy and does not have any birth defects or Down’s syndrome

  18. Pray for my daughter who deals with depression and anxiety related to ASD. Help her come back to You and her church. Have the Holy Spirit renew her faith. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

  19. Bring my children back to the Lord. Let family unforgiveness be gone. Let health flow to all. Cure this disease as well as physical disease.
    Thank you for my spiritual grow. Heal me
    I ask this in Jesus name.

  20. Lord Jesus Director of The Universe – Thank you for the mobile park approving Patty & David to buy our unit #11 in LV – words cannot express my appreciation. Please let us close on our unit #11 without delay – Amen

  21. For healing and alleviation of my lung disease and for the financial security to be able to retire from work so I may use my God-given gifts and talents for the glory of God. For my husband, my priests, my church, and my entire family. And especially for those family members who are removed from us because of our religion, bring them back to true faith in You, Lord Jesus. Amen.

  22. Oh merciful Father I am gratefully thankful for your many blessings in my life and pray for further blessings as I also pray for reconciliation of my marriage; the return of Megan to the Church; for patience as I await word on employment opportunities. Holy Spirit please continue to speak to my daughters words that will make them hunger for you and not this culture, not this world. Finally, Most Blessed Mother please lead my family to your Son, I also pray for all the requested intentions placed here before those of my own.

  23. Dear Lord,

    Please prosper my business so that I might have financial relief and end the anxiety I feel each day about money. Please heal Lindsay’s body completely, also her heart and mind from past hurts so she can fully participate in life.

    Bring her a Godly husband to share her life with and be a soulmates to ease her loneliness. Please cause my sons to turn to you and fall in love with you, that their lives might be full of joy.

  24. My Lord Jesus Christ please heal my body without any need for surgery & increase my finances to not only help myself & family but to also be able to help others in need.
    Thank you in Jesus’ name & the name if Your most Immaculate & Blessed Mother Mary, Amen.

  25. I pray for the conversion of Hyeoni and that her immigration to the USA be approved.
    I pray for Liz’s full return to communion with God.
    I pray for Johnny’s full recovery from his stroke.

  26. For Brendan, relief from pain and total healing from cancer of any kind.
    For Jonathan, employment and reconciliation.
    For me, peace of mind and hope.
    For my husband, full return to God and the Church.

    Thank you very much.

  27. Dear Lord of Mercy, please bless my children and grandchildren who have fallen away from your Holy Catholic Church. Gather them up and bring them back to your Church. Please Lord, take hold of our granddaughter who has fallen into the Wiccan cult, and bring her out of the darkness so that she can see that you ARE the One True God and return her to the Church. Asking this all in your Holy Name and through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary. Amen

  28. Dear God heal my dad from cancer. Please protect my family. May they be healthy and safe. Also have me find away to find love again with that certain someone who you brought into my life God bless

  29. Lord Jesus, I pray for these intentions: that my son Sean, returns to the church and his catholic faith! I pray that my relationship with all my 3 sons grows with the help of Your divine Love and Grace…Help me to speak the words as You would my God! Hear my prayers and the desires of my heart…Bless us all, have mercy on us for our sins. Grant us more humility in each blessed day You have given us.

    Lord, my heart aches with such pain with so much loss, help me through this time. Help guide me in my day to Love & Serve You more. I pray for peace between my siblings with the loss of our parents. Lord God, bring us together, help us all to love You more. Restore the faith in those who don’t have it! Hear my prayers…Blessed Mother Mary, bless me with Your strength and wisdom to give to my son’s the way You have Your son. Help me to not feel helpless, for this I pray with my whole heart…Hear my prayers, Amen

    I pray for the restoration of my friends home, which burnt to the
    ground, on this Holy Thursday!

  30. Today in the novena prayer they said to pray for our intentions. Please help me pray for my all my children’s marriage. Especially my daughter that we just found out two nights​ ago has been getting beat up by the husband all these years. May she and all my children’s marriages heal. May they be the happy, holy, healthy marriages. May our loving and good Father heal them spiritually, physically and emotionally. And make any abuse going on to stop. In Jesus Name through the Powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  31. I pray for my son, Edward, for his return to you, Lord, and your Church and for good Catholics to enter his life.
    I also pray for his fallen away cousins and for your guidance in responding to one nephew’s particular negative, sarcastic, and often cruel comments aimed at you dear Jesus, your Mother, and your Church. Please help me to defend you but also reveal your compassionate and loving mercy for him. Thank you ~ Molly

  32. Please pray for relief in my depression. When I get really down I isolate. I have battle this illness most of my life. I get better then it returns even with medication and talk therapy. Thank you and blessing to all.

    • Praying that you become closer to the great lord. He knows the desires of your heart. Keep praying and your depression with cease from gods grace.

  33. Glory to God in the highest
    > Pray that all the sick relatives and friends will be heal in Jesus name
    Josefina Quintarante, Virgilia Flora, Augusto Nicasio total healing brain tumor totally remove In Jesus name.
    MaryJane Tolentino, Florena and Felimon Mallari, Leonardo Mallari.
    > Pray all the Spiritual weaknesses, may God bring their heart to Jesus and be a good children of God. Marviniel n Vina Lauren Mallari, Ian Karlo Nicasio, Christine n Brian Rolfe, Imelda Garce, john Jay Nicasio, Salvador San Pablo,
    Thank u for hear our prayer, pls. Help, God bless us Lord, we love u so much.
    Pls pray for us,
    Vivian Mallari

  34. Prayers that my two daughters and their families will return to full faith and practice in their Catholic faith. I also ask for prayers to strengthen and bless their marriages and mine as well. I pray for Gods guidance as I care for aging and ailing family and friends, and all thatGod is calling me to do!

  35. Precious Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice for my sins. I ask that as a sign of your Divine Mercy, cancer will be separated from the body of our sister Judy and from all of your other faithful servants today.

  36. Pray for the following Yvonne .Christian, Casmir and Catherine.
    For God’s Peace Joy wisdom ,patience and understanding. In our relationship and family .Grant success to our work and other special intentions .Favor in our every day life. AMEN

  37. Pray for Ron, Josh, autumn, Dayla, Jake, Tyler, Dallas, Laura, Jack, Noah. May they all come to know the church. Love our Lady.

  38. Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the souls of those who have separated themselves from Your Son’s Church,

  39. Drear Lord, I ask for your mercy in resolving the business relationship between my son JJ and his cousin, David. Let this business relationship end in accordance to your will. I know you plan is perfect but we as human are inpatient, grant us faith to trust in you plan and patience to wait for you perfect timing when all will be resolved. This is causing a lot of stress on our family. Please guide JJ and David so that they will do what is right in accordance to your will. May we all accept your will, Amen

  40. Good morning brothers and sisters i would like prays for my 15 year old daugher tams so she may be come closers to our father and i no all hers hang ups will go away in jesus name i as this of you thank you. Amen

  41. I have been out of work for the past 6 months. Although I have been applying for jobs and going to interviews, nothing has materialised and there seems to be many obstacles even when the company highly values my experience. There were many opportunities that seemed promising but at the last minute something’s happen to terminate it.
    I pray God will help me find a good and suitable job soon. I trust that God will guide me.
    In Jesus’s name I ask for God’s grace. Amen

  42. I pray for Ncole my cousin to return to the church father. Touch her Lord and send her running back to Lord. Change hrt ways to tge people that reach out the her.

  43. My grandbaby is 7 and suffering with anxiety due to world issues. Please pray that God will give him peace, he’s such a sweet boy.
    In Jesus name Amen

  44. Heavenly and lovingly father,thank you for this wonderful day,thank you for you unending blessings you showered upon us.Lord God forgive us our sins and continue to guide us in the right path.Keep us in good health also and may our desires to have a peaceful and meaningful life be granted as we continue to serve you Oh Lord.We ask this thru Christ our Lord.Amen

  45. Pray for my family to help me go through the sickness I am dealing with right now, I am asking you for healing prayer Amen I Jesus name. Thank you.