Day 4 – St. Therese Novena 2015

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Pray More Novenas PodcastHere’s Day 4 of the St. Therese Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Novena to Blessed Virgin

    (Never known to Fail)

    O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I Humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity (make request). There are none that can withstand your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (say three times).

    Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands (say three times).

    Say this prayer for three consecutive days and then publish and it will be granted to you.

    Thank you Mary.

  2. my prayer intention to St Theresa is for my son Timothy Mugabe,
    to successfully pass his interviews this month and always excel in all that he does.
    i also pray that he is a good boy with a loving and patient heart.
    and God should always have mercy and favor upon him and his sister.

  3. my prayer intention to St Theresa is for my husband. he’s hasn’t been feeling well for some time now. he has been on several different antibiotics and steroids and although he still isn’t sick he still doesn’t feel right. it is so frustrating not only to him but to me as well. please st Theresa help him to feel better. guide us to the physician who can help him with this situation.

  4. I pray for safety and good health to my daughter and grandson, as they will be traveling out of town. May they keep safe on the road through the intercession of St Therese and our Lord Jesus. Amen

  5. Please pray for my friend’s husband who has been diagnosed with AD and that they find a cure or maybe he has been misdiagnosed. Also that my children find faith in our LORD to help them in everthing they do.My husband with ms that he continues to love the even more.Jesus I Trust in You!

  6. Dear St.therese pray for my sister Brenda a once prayerful woman to go back to the ways of The Lord trust him and service entirely as she did in th past .Intercede for her to find her way back to The Lord. She undergoing a situation and is not in control of her facilities .I pray for her healing and patience. For her to see good in all the littl things she is missing . thank you Little flower for praying for us .amen

  7. for my son to forgive me

    for me to forgive myself

    for my dtr and son in law to be blessed w a baby

    for granddaughter and her mom and dad continue to be blessed

    love and guide me and my beloved children

  8. Please pray for my daughter to come back to the faith as well her boyfriend
    Job for me on weekdays and morning
    Healing fir my illness
    Complete recovery for my friends R and J
    Safe travel next week
    God be praised

  9. Prayers for all in our family suffering from depression and others with this illness. Prayers for a friends son who is mentally ill that he can be rescued from his bad choices .prayers for that family of a sick member who has heart disease in that family. Also prayers for a family that the mom has died and funeral today

  10. Dearest St Theresa please intercede on my behalf. I pray for myself, my family and friends please bless and protect us. Please assist with my financial situations. I pray for release from the physical pain that I have been experiencing please grant me health and strength. Please send a soulmate in my life I am lonely I would like to have someone to talk to, to spend time with, to just have fun with.
    Help all those that have stated their intentions. Amen

  11. Dearest Saint Therese
    Please intercede to our Lord for my son’s health and success in his examinations on Sunday morning. Please intercede for all our finances so that we may receive our accounts receivable now and that my job offer will materialize today.
    For good health and protection from danger for my family. Thank you for for daily miracles and providing shelter, food for my family. Thank you St Therese. I pray in Jesus name .

  12. I pray for my relationship with Corey that it continues to prosper and become a loving and faithful relationship.


  13. John-Pay & Annie!
    Plse. pray for me to have wisdom to do God’s work and his will be done in my life. Pray for me that my prayer request be answered through St. Therese, the little flower from the heavenly gardens.

    thank you.

  14. Dear Little Flower of Jesus I plead you tell Our Lord to have mercy on me as you present my petitions of ill health safe delivery of my grand child ,good love life of. N and r coming back to church.