Day 4 – St. Jude Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dearest St. Jude , friend of Jesus .
    Thank you again for hearing our concerns. Help us with our children.
    They are lost with today’s world.
    They need your friend Jesus more than ever.
    Today they are lost with today’s electronic devices. Please St.Jude, we need help for our children.
    I call upon our Blessed Mother Mary to help our children.
    I pray the Rosary every night for our young children. They are lost and confused…
    Parents please,..
    Every night I say these word when doing the Rosary.
    “With this Rosary, I bind my children around the immaculate heart of Mary for her guidance and protection ,Amen
    PARENTS, this is POWERFUL !!
    we need to put our children back on course.
    St. Jude, please help also with my only Grandson.
    His name is Kagen.
    Those he goes to ccd, I ask you please to help him in his studies and understanding in our Catholic faith.
    ( He is 11 yrs old )
    Our Children need help too see , THEY NEED JESUS IN THERE HEARTS instead of electronic devices. Its destroying our youth. PLEASE !!
    Thank you St.Jude for listening to me..

  2. St. Jude, please pray for my my daughter and her boyfriend to heal their relationship. They are both in great need of healing in their relationship and families! I also pray for my husband to also humble his heart and love me for who I am his loving wife. Pray in Jesus holy name!

  3. Praying to you St Jude Patron of lost causes for help in my husband business and our lives in general. No matter how hard he has worked all his life the financial part of his business does not seem to advance. Losses seem to be the key in our lives. We know by now, we will not recover all our losses. Please help us not to be drowned in further debts. Please clear our pathways . Intercede for us to see clearly and find a solution on how to deal with our financial problems. thank you lord amen.

  4. St Jude, I pray my family is able to stay in our home. Please give my husband the strength he needs to overcome his addiction. I pray my children find happiness.

  5. Blessed St Jude bless David with a good outcome. Bless all my family and grant me patience to deal with Keith. In the name of the father . Amen .

  6. Please pray for my son that he is touched with God’s favor and doors will open that will advance him in his playing career that he works so hard each and every day

  7. Please St Jude Pray for my self and my husband good health,healing from all diseases,our love for each other.Pray for my son bring him peace ,love and happiness.Protect and guide him.Prayfor my daughter protect and guide her,help her with her studies.good health ,love and happiness.Pray for Mom and my sisters good health Pray for my friends good health.Amen

  8. For peace within families and in the World, especially in West Cameroon.
    For Success in her (Crysterbale) interview today.

    For me to study harder and smart and success in all my self exam and other exams I am going to write in 2019.
    For Me to get a CNA job 3rd shift at the university of Chicago

    • Diane, go to confession, pray your Rosary and also learn how to say the Devine Mercy chaplet prayer.
      I couldn’t live without it.
      Life is Good !
      Don’t be so hard on yourself !