Day 4 – St. Jude Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St Jude, holy apostle and martyr, please pray for my daughter to have the spirit of wisdom and understanding at her work. Though how right, she think she is, she has to think of the other person as well and let others fight their own battle.

  2. I surrender my son into the hands of Jesus please have mercy on him as his residence is getting expired in November 2016 keep him in prayer for his renew of his residence please keep him prayer as he will be soon celebrating his Big Day of joining The Holy Matrimony have mercy on his Plans & Dreams Have mercy on him & his Job let your will be done in his life Bless His wife to be & have mercy on her Bless all the preparation to be done on this wedding day be with them now and forever Amen

  3. St Jude apostles martyr please prayed for myself I have struggled keeping my finances together please guide and protect my finances by showing me how to spend , also by the end of this novena I am praying for myself and John that you will continue to open better line of communication , open John heart to love me the way he loved me before, teach John to have trust and patience from within himself, reconcile back myself and John together and lead us into married each other in this I prayed amen

  4. Dear St. Jude, please pray my family for financial needs. My husband had 3 debts to the payday loans with big interest. I need to pay off these loans because evary 2 weeks we paid big interest. My husband is only working that’s why we are suffering for financial crisis. We have a problem for the payment of our mortgage this end of the month as well our bills and utilities. Please help us to solve our financial problems. Pray for my Disability Tax Credit will be approve and coming this month. Pray also my case for the victory of my medical condition and also for my husband case on his previous job for the victory of their unions. Pray my family back home to help them to pay whatever debts they have. Help them also in financial crisis. Bless my family love, unity, happiness and good health. St
    Jude please pray my husband and me, to cure/heal our cold,cough and fever. Help also my friend husband L tovfind a better job. Thank you very much.

  5. Please pray that God reveals the true love and partner for me to share my life and family with. That complete restoration of broken relationships happens tonight. Pray for an overwhelming financial miracle to fill my life and bank account, to be a lender and not a borrower. Pray for a job and career with doubled and tripled salaries and time off. Pray for peace for a specific person and God knows her pain. Pray for all who are underemployed, in debt, in bondage, wanting to change their lives. Thank you Lord! Amen

  6. Dearest my Lord, my God and St. Jude
    I pray I will be able to earn or have money to help myself and my family financially, and others who are in need. I want to finish my studies and have my own little place someday. I pray I will be able to find a better job. I pray I will overcome my ocd. I pray all my dreams will come true. I pray good health and long life for myself, family and love ones. I pray all the dreams of my family and love ones will come true.
    My God, my Lord, my Almighty Father, Mama Mary, St. Joseph, St. Jude and baby Jesus I pray for healing and good health. I have tb test and blood test on wed and thu I pray I come out clean, I don’t smoke, drink or anything, yet I still need your mercy and blessings. I pray my doctor will be able to find me a doctor for my eyes and nf1, so I get to know if I’m doing good and not getting worse. My nf1 has no cure yet, but I would love to get check up yearly for updates.. it’s been 6-8 years the last time i saw a doctor for nf1, so i’m kinda scared and worried. I lift up everything to you my Almighty God :) thanks for the love and blessings :) Amen.

  7. St. Jude – Please intercede for my nephew Justin. He had a farm accident last night and hurt his hand. It will definitely impact his farming for awhile. I pray for a fast and complete recovery.

    Also, I need prayers for my elderly parents as health issues and the ability to do the things they love become more of a concern. May I be more patient and loving as a daughter.

    I love the PrayForNovenas reminder email. It is a blessing to receive the daily emails.

    Thank you St. Jude, all the Saints, and Jesus for the blessings in my life.

  8. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I pray st Jude , to cast this disease away from my body , so I can testify that a miracle has taken place in my life . In Jesus name amen .

  9. St. Jude along with our loving God and his will for us. Please pray that I continue to be blessed with good health to work and make ends meet. I’m struggling to keep up and be healthy. I know with your holy grace you will stand beside me. I am looking to God to do the good, and improve on my relationships even with the ones who reject me. Pray that my former husband with your help to see the good I do. St. Jude I pray for the impossible, that he speaks only good about me to our son’s for this I pray with my whole heart on. Pray that you hear these words so desperately that their is good in all of us. Give him the grace of God and the will to speak only good.

    Pray that my sons see my hard work, that I afford and give what I have with a loving heart. St. Jude it is painful to hear not so nice words from my former husband of belittling my hard work and what I have provided thus far. Please Pray with our loving God that he stops that abusive behavior towards me the mother of his 3 son’s. St. Jude of the impossible, I pray that my intentions are heard. Fill me with your loving guidance and Gods will for all of us.

    St. Jude pray that the possibility of jobs come to all who seek work. Especially Bob, that he finds work. Pray for my friend that she makes her monthly quota for her work that she provides for her family. These are my intention, hear my prayers Loving God and St. Jude of the impossible pray on my intentions to be possible. Amen. Praise the Lord our God the Father the Son and the most Holy Spirit.

  10. I pray for my daughter that God open the right doors for her in this new phase in her life. She is going to Australia to study Dentistry. That with the intersection of Saint Jude, she can get all financial support that is required and she need during her studies, to obtain the scolarships she is applying for, that God put the right people around and in front of her, to help and support her, great friends that can maintain her, very close to God. I ask for protection over her and her husband because they will be separated for a while, until he can find a job over there. I ask that God gives the strength and protection needed for my daughter and her husband. I ask as well that God will give him the guidance, strength, wisdom, right path to prepare himself in Canada and get a job in Australia to support themselfs financially and not be in a deep debt. I ask for the protection of their mariage that get stronger and stronger and stable each day. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus and let be done according with God’s will. Amen.

  11. Please pray for my family to receive a financial breakthrough. Pray that my son JW will receive some financial aid to pay for college. My husband to learn to save and for my younger son to return to college next semester.

  12. Please St. Jude, ask your friend and mine, Jesus, to heal my son of all afflictions: spiritual, emotional, financial, physical. Pray with me that my son and I fully accept Jesus as our savior, releasing ourselves of our sufferings that He already endured for us. This is an emergency situation! My son is on the brink of despair and in serious crisis involving his wife and precious little daughter. Please pray for them! Thank you. Amen.

  13. lpray that l pass exams and get my diploma,a Good husband,my sons future and good health,my sister should find a job,my parents abundant life n a healthy life

  14. Dear St Jude
    Pray that Donald would be come my husband and that I could lose weight so that I could be able in my clothes

    In Jesus name

  15. St. Jude i trust you prayed for impossible and hopeless causes, help me to pray becouse i dont know how to pray .so that God can break all impossible mountains in my family and my kids and me too i pray for Nick who is in prison fpr things that he never done see him though dear loving God

  16. St. Jude …..
    I just had a MRI for my cancer follow up, I will
    get the results in several days ..
    I’m praying for good test results.
    Please hear My Prayers ????
    Thank You with all of My Heart ❤️

  17. St Jude, please heal me of my 33 year eating disorder and sugar addiction. Help me to lose weight by having better eating habits so my blood sugar will normalize and my arthritic knees will improve.
    Please help me St Jude, I need a miracle.

    • Pray and don’t stop beileving in you inevitable victory through your fairh and the help of the heavenly helpers, in Jesus we pray.

  18. My sister is physically challenged and my mother is getting old. My sister is well qualified bt nt getting alliance. Please support her through the intercession of St.jude