Day 4 – St. Anne Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. todays novena = saint anne please free me from debts.
    waiting for a miracle from S AND N may my prayers be heard please.

  2. Pray St. Anne for me and forgive me of my sins. I have had 2 failed marriages. I’m a loving caring women and my hearts desire is to have a loving caring Christian man in my life, not as a husband, but a significant other.

    Pray St. Anne also for my former husband, who is the father of our sons, that he finds ways to support and promote me to our boys. Two of my 3 sons seems to stay more with him. It breaks my heart that they don’t come by as much as I’d like. My former husband doesn’t share with them the importance of their mother in their life. I love them unconditionally and would give my life for them. Pray for them to hear my prayers an come around to be with me. Help them to see the importance of a mother. My heart is broken. Hear my prayers and the desires of my heart. Amen

  3. Dear St. Ann,
    You know that my requests for the last 58 years have been granted.
    Thank You. Continue my basic requests for health, good marriage and healthy children. This day we are preparing to take a short three day
    Vacation after eight years, Wednesday, my cat bit me , I’m on antibiotics,
    She has bitten me before. I know the danger. Ask our Blessed Mother to
    Heal my hand and may the antibiotics be good to my body so we can enjoy out much needed vacation.

  4. Please dear Saint Anne, help me to be a more secure person who isn’t always so jealous and unhappy. Help me to find my true self and be happier with who I am and with my life. I also hope this security and confidence will help me with my relationships and friendships. Hopefully, if it is God’s will, He will want Alan and me to be together. I hope that if this is God’s will, then Alan will contact me, so we can build a strong, secure and happy life together. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  5. I pray that every prayer request is granted. Nothing is stronger than the power of prayer.
    The anti-God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ,God the Holy Spirit, movement is growing globally at a rather fast pace. We must overcome these horrific slaughter of all Christians & Jews from the Radical Islamic Terrorists.

    i ask all of you to please pray for me that my prayer request be granted ! It would be the first time of the hundreds of novenas I have prayed. Thank you all, for your help ,praying for me. God Bless You all. I really need help.

  6. I pray for my own marriage with my husband, my sons and their wives. I pray for Marks’ miracle for he has such a good marriage, and he is such a fine man in Christ. Amen

  7. St jude please hear my prayers for strength for faith and forgiving others that do wrong i pray for help for my brother MG and his lawyer JG to fight for him in court and for them to set him free i pray in Jesus name

  8. St Anne , my mother please intercede for me and my boyfriend gregory pongnon . We are having relationships difficult that need some praying . We have lack of communication and trust problem please st Anne help me because my heart is broken and I need your assistance. I cannot do this by myself anymore. I need guidance please assist me with it .

  9. Most Blessed Saint Anne, St. Joachim all the angles and Saints please intercede for me. I pray for peace and love from my partner. My ability to create a positive way in forgiveness towards F. C. for past negative encounter. Please bless our relationship in all matters, especially our fiancial situation. Our housing as well, where we need to get all aspects of our home repaired in a timely fashion. To be updated and improvements for selling. St. Anne, I believe in your guardianship in these matters. Thank you for the response as you are available in our situations.
    Amen.???? ????????

  10. prayer for father god to place favor in the resp position turn resume into hired, prayer for god to help me financial, need income for bills, his favor to restored career employment, standing in agreement with E, in Jesus name,amen.

  11. Thank you for this Novena to St. Anne & St. Joachim. Today’s prayer intention is so close to my heart, it’s ironic. I am so thankful that I am part of “Pray more Novenas”.

  12. Please somebody tell me is Saint EXPEDITE recognised in the catholic church. And is it wrong to pray his prayers

    • Although I may have read quite a bit about many saints, I am certainly no expert in the Catholic faith nor the Catholic Church. However, it is most likely the St Expeditus is a confusion of words and/or name, a copyist blunder, kind if a “typo”, from centuries ago. A confusion of a word changed to a name perhaps, that has been unfortunately carried and expounded through the centuries. Similar mistakes or blunders having occured multiple time throughout time.
      I of course could be wrong, but I have not seen anything where which St Expeditus was a recognizd saint in the Catholic Church.

  13. I pray that my husband and myself will live a happy marriage in all the time that we are on this earth together.

  14. Please pray forme. I pray for forgiveness ofsins and the removal of the effects of personal son amd ancestral sin. Please let DR DT MM AMD and anybody else stop harassig me amd persecutingnme. Let their plans be foiled. Pray for peace and joy. Pray for my fertility to b restored that I would get married within the next year and give birth to children who I will dedicate to the Lord. Pray that CW will speak to me again and that our friendship and relationship will be restored. Remove the hold DR has on him. Dont let me be hurt I have been tbrough so much. Bless me and my work. Help me to do it perfectly. Bring me peace and the renewal of my faith. Bless me. Give me discerning spirit and wisdom and financial stability . Amen.

  15. Please grant my request for a baby dear St. Anne. You have suffered enormously and faced humiliation, you can understand my pain. Please please accept my prayer and place it before Mary and Jesus and the Holy Father. Look on me with mercy and tenderness. Please grant my prayer for the glory of God, the Most High and Creator of everything in Heaven and on Earth. Amen.