Day 4 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 4 of The Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. prayer request
    asking my lord Jesus to intervene in my life and also for a breakthrough in everything concerning my life.

  2. Please continue to pray for Baby Tommy, Luke, Kathy, Anne, Janet, John, Dan, MaryJane, Jennifer, Jon, Megan, Kevin, Ellie
    Thank you for joining me in prayer.

  3. I am praying for Edgar and myself to be granted more time together without people interfering. Please strengthen his love,passion for me his comfort and joy of being with me grant us time Lord to be together in each others arms.I pray Thank You.

  4. Sunday, June 23rd, Praise Report and Persistent, Persevering Daily Prayer Request to Almighty Heavenly Father, My Lord JESUS CHRIST THE RISEN GOD, HOLY SPIRIT, THE PARACLETE, ST. PEREGRINE, OUR LADY OF LOURDES, HOLY MOTHER MARY UNDOER OF KNOTS, St. Jude, SACRED HEART OF JESUS and All Ye Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints, l implore Your intercession with all my prayer requests.
    Please Lord accept my conversation with You. Please God hear my cries, have mercy and pity on me and let the silent meditation of my heart and the words of my mouth be Pleasing to You O Lord Jesus. I am knocking please open me, l am seeking please let me find You. I am asking please Lord answer me. I Trust in You Jesus. I Thank You Lord.

    Dear God Almighty, HOLY SPIRIT, The Paraclete, my Advocate , ST. PEREGRINE, OUR LADY OF LOURDES, St Jude, HOLY MOTHER MARY UNDOER OF KNOTS, please undo the snarls of knots in my life. Please God heal all my stomach ailments, the belching, the pains, the hernias and the discomforts for Your Glory. I beg You Lord Jesus my God. Please do not forsake or abandon me. l Thank You Lord for all Your Healing Mercies. ALL YE HOLY ANGELS AND SAINTS I implore your aid, intercession, grace, discernment, and providence into my soul and for my intentions listed here in my petitions for myself, Son Christopher, mother Margaret , siblings, Paa, all my relatives, loved ones and the sick who this Daily Novena is intended for and for the whole world. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for hearing me in Your mercy and answering me for Your Glory. Thank and Praise God with me all Ye Holy Angels and Saints.
    Blessed Holy Mother Mary with your intercession and that of All Your Holy Angels and Saints The Merciful God answers all my prayer requests. He delivers my soul from death and honors me with all my needs. Thank You Lord. Praise the Lord O My Soul and all that is within me, Praise Your Holy Name Jesus.
    Praise Your Glorious Name. Thank You Lord God Almighty. Amen
    HOLY SPIRIT, my Advocate please descend upon me and endow my Heart with the power of God, so Your Spirit will flame the fire 🔥 in me and The Almighty God will hear my cries and render me His Salvation and Healing mercies. I need Your Healing Hands on me right now Jesus. I Thank You HOLY SPIRIT. 🙏
    Dear Lord God Almighty; Holy Mother Mary, OUR LADY OF LOURDES, Blessed St. Joseph, Blessed St Michael the Archangel, ST. PEREGRINE, St. Jude, ST. ANNE, Blessed ST. PADRE PIO, All Ye Holy Angels and Saints. l invoke your names to please Entreat God, our Lord on my behalf to forgive my sins, to have mercy and pity on me and to please accept my constant, unceasingly Thanks and Praises, Entreat God to please hear my constant prayers and continue coming to my aid. I need you desperately God. I Knocked, l asked and sought your HELP Jesus. I trusted and believed in Your WORD that by your Stripes l am healed and You O God HEALED me. YOU CURED ME with the surgery. Almighty God You had pity and mercy on me just like You did for Hezekiah. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing and answering my cries and wiping away my tears inspite of all my wretchedness. I adore Thee my Lord. l love Thee my God. l Praise, Glorify and Magnify Your Name Jesus my Savior.
    All I want to say to You God every moment and every second of my life is THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, LORD JESUS CHRIST for bringing me through the surgery and CURING ME. For giving me another 2 years to live for Your Glory; My birthday on May 3rd. For healing my mother from all her illnesses and delivering her from death. For giving her eyesight back after her eye surgery. Praise God. Thank You God. Please Lord Jesus, continue to heal her with your Precious Blood from your wound and water from your side for by your Stripes we are healed. Please God heal the high pressure in her eyes so she will be able to see again. Please God do not fail her. Please God forgive her sins and deliver her soul from the devil’s grip, satan the enemy, the evil spirit and from death of her soul. Please God, in your mercy grant her your healing mercies, strength and good health for unto You she daily lament. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my cries and healing her eyes again. Amen. Alleluia
    Thank You God for heeding my sighs and moaning. For listening to my supplications and driving away all my fears and anxieties. For answering all my Prayers and delivering me from the snares of the devil, my enemies, for fighting my spiritual battles and allowing me to defeat my enemies and delivering me from death. Create in me a Clean Heart O God and renew a steadfast Spirit within me. Please do not take Your HOLY SPIRIT away from me Lord..
    Glory and Praises be unto Thee Lord God Almighty. How can l thank Thee Lord Jesus. I will call upon Thy Holy Name to Glorify Thee. I will exalt Thy Blessed Holy Name, I will testify to All Nations for what you have done for me. You made me an instrument of Your Devine Healing Mercy. I am striving to do your Holy Will in your glory. I extol You and testify Your wonderful deeds to ALL. l shout Your Mighty Name to the world and testify to them how Good You have been to me. Thank You SACRED HEART OF JESUS. Praise the Lord O my soul. Thank You Holy Mother Mary, Thank You Blessed’s St. Joseph, ST. PEREGRINE, St Anthony, St Jude, St Anne, St Bernadette, St Benedict, St Faustina, St Teressa, St Maria Goretti, St. Margaret, St Thomas, St. Francis, ST. PADRE PIO, St Michael the Archangel, St Gabriel, St Raphael, St Rita, St. Agatha, St. Lucy, St. Catherine Laboure, St. Monica, St. Gerald and All Ye Holy Angels and Saints for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God. Please continue to pray and Entreat God’s strength, God’s corporal and spiritual healing mercies and blessings for me, son, mother and family. Please do not leave God’s side until He has heard Your prayers on my behalf. Please God help me to retain my nutrition so l can gain some weight. I have lost so much weight after the surgery. I beg You Lord Jesus. I am pleading with You. l thank You Lord Jesus for gaining some weight back. I also thank You for allowing me to receive all benefits to me. Glory be Thine. Praises be unto Thee. Please God grant me Your protection from the devil and please pour Your amazing Grace upon me, on my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters, all my loved ones, all those who have ask for my prayers and on all Your people on this earth. Thank You Lord God Almighty.
    Blessed Angels and Saints please do not leave God’s side until He hears Your prayers on my behalf. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.
    Please God forgive the sins of my son Christopher and in Your mercy, please Bless Him. Thank You for his birthday on April 6th. Thank You for his life and all Your benefits and Blessings to Him. Thank You Lord for Guiding, guarding and protecting him on his birthday trip and bringing him back home safely under Your protective care. Please God continue to guard him with all his travels and in everything he does. Bless him with a God fearing spouse of Your choice, a virtuous, Christian woman of Your choosing. Please God continue to help, protect, defend, guide and guard him in all his ways. HOLY MOTHER MARY, OUR LADY OF LOURDES, ST. JUDE, ST MONICA, ST ANNE, ST JOACHIM please Entreat the Almighty God with all my petitions. I thank You Lord Jesus CHRIST THE KING for Your protection every day of his life. Please God deliver him from the devil, and protect and guide him with his job, finances and in all his endeavors. Please God make him wise and to grow in grace, age and wisdom.
    Please God keep his heart close to Yours and keep him safe under Your loving wings. Please Jesus direct his ways and lead him to the path that You have laid down for him to do Your work for Your Glory and Salvation. Make him obedient to Your Precepts. Please God protect him from diseases, sickness, anxieties, fears, woes, death, spiritual warfares, disasters and calamities. Please God bless him with good health, longevity and Your Graces. I Thank You, l praise You Lord Jesus Christ for his life and all that You have done and still doing for him. Praise Your Holy Name.🙏
    Lord Jesus please forgive all our sins, cleanse our hearts and fill us with Your HOLY SPIRIT, encircle us with Your Holy Ghost Fire, wash us with Your Precious Blood from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet. Heal us with Your Stripes, safeguard, strengthen, guide and protect me, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters and all close to my Heart from all evil and satan, the devil, the enemy who is prowling around us to ruin our souls. Please God keep us all safe from diseases, sickness, illnesses, calamities, disasters, fears, anxieties, woes, death, our enemies, satan attack and spiritual battles. Fill us with Your Love, Mercy, forgiveness, perseverance, kindness, humility, patience, endurance and compassion for others. Please God bring my estranged, divided family together, closer to each other and bind us with Forgiveness, humility, Love, Peace and Unity.
    Let Your Superhuman St. Michael the Archangel and all Your Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints safeguard, protect and defend us from the enemy the devil, satan the evil spirit. Let the devil and his followers dinah, fall into the bottom of the infernal abysses, of their own fiery, miry pit trap that they have dug for us whiles we escape unharmed and please God let them RISE NO MORE. Please Lord return all their evil deeds and intentions back to them.
    Please God Bless me, Thy poor servant, my son Christopher, mother Margaret, brothers and sisters; PM, D, F, M, JB, E,YO, N,E,J, all my loved ones, family and friends with good health and longevity. Please God grant us a piece of Your Kingdom. St Peregrine please Entreat Your God on my behalf and my brother Paa. Whatever is going on with our health, whatever ails us, please take control. Please Ask Your God to Forgive and heal us. Thank You Lord Jesus.
    Lord Almighty, Eternal Father l entrust into Your loving care all the clergys, Pope; Francis and Benedict Emeritus, all the Cardinals, Bishops, Fathers, Deacons, priests, nuns, friars, the Franciscan, Marian, Claretian brothers, monks, Seminarians, all Your Holy Catholic and Apostolic churches, EWTN and all church members, all prayer warriors, the sick, my mother Margaret, the dying, the forgotten, the marginalized, the destitute, the barren, expectant mothers, unborn babies, children, parents, the old and elderly, the young, the poor, the orphan, the widow and the widower, vulnerable, the prisoners, the innocent, the persecuted ones for Your sake, aethiest, agnostics, all hardened souls, those that blasphemes against You, the lonely, blind, mute, deaf, crippled and the maimed, the homeless, addicted, abused, the refugees and the migrants, unemployed, the weary travelers, those in mourning and everything under the Sun, all this earth’s exiles who are calling on You with our Daily Novena needs and worries that we place into Your loving hands and care,
    Please Lord have pity and mercy on us and please love us and grant our needs according to Your Will. Please God grant us Peace in our Hearts and in our Days. Thank You Lord God Almighty.
    Lord please be in our midst on this earth and where there is war, disaster and calamities, grant us your Peace, protection, grace, deliverance and mercy. Have pity on me please Father Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ my Savior. Sanctify my Soul for in You do l take refuge and wait. In Your WORD l trust, believe, depend and watch. Your WORD that shall never pass. Please Lord, Fortify my Charity and increase my Faith and Hope in You. Please God, do not allow my enemies the devil, satan to defeat, shame, gloat and laugh at me. Please God put satan under my feet. Jesus defend me from the malicious enemy. O Good Jesus please hear me, within Your Sacred Wounds, hide me. Lord please listen to the prayers and the needs of all those who are calling upon Your Holy Name, including this Your poor servant; me Edith and in Your mercy, please Lord God hear and answer our prayers according to Thy Will. Please do not look upon my sins or the sins of my parents, child, Siblings, family, loved ones or forefathers but in Your mercy please Lord forgive us our faults and hear my cries. Thank You Lord Jesus.
    Please Lord Bless and guide me at all times and please do not leave my side as l strive to do Your Holy Will. Please God direct my paths to Your Ways so as to Serve You. Please God the World needs You. Your children are pinning for You.
    Lord Almighty God, Eternal Father, in Your mercy, please bestow Your perfect peace, light and eternal rest upon all Your faithfully departed souls including my father Joseph-Benjamin, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, all my loved ones, all clergies. Please Lord grant them a piece of Your Kingdom with Your Holy Angels and Saints in Heaven.
    Thank You Lord Jesus for listening to me, a poor sinner. Praises be unto Thee. Thy Will be done PRAISE THE LORD O MY SOUL AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN ME. PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME JESUS. Amen
    Thank You Lord Jesus Christ. My Sovereign God. I give You the Glory and Praises. I will exalt and magnify Your name forever.
    Please God forgive my sins and hear my cries. Please have pity and mercy on me and grant my heart desires according to Your Holy Will. All my Hope and Trust is in You my Sovereign God.
    Please heal my belching, stomach pains, the hernias and discomforts. Please God Guide, guard, defend and protect me. You are a Good God that never fails on Your Word and Promise. A God that cannot be deceived nor deceive. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for answering all my prayers and rendering me normal results on all my lab and scan reports. Please Jesus make my liver tests normal again. I beg You
    Praise the Lord O My Soul and all that is within me. Praise Your Holy Name. Let the whole world Adore, Exult, Magnify and Worship Lord God Almighty with me for His Infinite Love and Devine Mercy endures Forever and Ever. Amen.

  5. O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please watch over my family…Remove and free us from all the darkness and evil…Please heal us physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially…Please grant us all our wishes…Please break my cycle of obesity, celibacy, infertility, lack of money and work…help me take care of my father JF and that we can safely go back to our country in a few months… help me manage our lives when home and take care of his businesses so he can see them flourish…Watch over all the people I love besides my family, even our enemies…Thank you for all your blessings

  6. Dear God,
    I have waited so long lord.
    Trying my best to be faithful, patient, & trusting.
    Please let today be the day.
    Answer my prayers, all glory & honor to you.

  7. Dear Sacred heart of Jesus i come to you today a humble sinner asking you to help me get my life in order, make the right decisions and also for your GRACE…for i am lost.

  8. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you. Please heal and protect my family and I. Please Bless us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please help my husband with his job, and please help our son as he seeks employment, to find a position with God loving people.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  9. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you!
    Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, please do not let my house go to foreclosure; help me find the money to pay for the mortgage; please help Cedric find a job; please fill Paul and Gabe with your Holy Spirit, and please unite my family so that we may be bound by the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

  10. Sacred Heart of Jesus, hear my prayer for my family that they be bind together in love,peace and understanding. Grant also wisdom and knowledge for me to teach the 5th and 6th grades religion. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  11. O Sacred Heart of Jesus:

    A peaceful death for Mom who is ready for the next chapter in her life
    That I will be able and learn how to relax and be happy and enjoy life. Also to sleep better at night.

  12. For my daughter Erin and her beautiful family- for many blessings, safe travel and for a return to church. For a closer relationship. For my son Ryan and his fiancée for many blessings, help with work and a return to church.
    For my struggle with loneliness and regrets, for healing from depression and sadness, for closer relationships, for help with finances, for improved attitude and some joy, for healing in all wounded areas of my life. Especially for stronger spiritual life with commitment to prayer.

  13. I ask the grace of wisdom and understanding for my son. That he grows to Know Love and Serve God
    For my family and friends financial needs ate met and we can share and give to others. To grow more in appreciation and knowledge of God’s word. Being a doer and not just a hearer of his word I ask this is and all in Jesus name Amen

  14. Praying for more self-confidence in learning my new role in starting this new job. Please give me more faith and less anxiety.

  15. Oh sacred heart of Jesus, i pray for internal peace and favour in all my operations, i trust and believe for a new job that i have applied for. I pray for Gods grace, love and mercy as i raise my daughter according to His will. Above all, despite my low earnings, am trusting God for a car.
    Holy Mary,mother of God, despise not my petition but in your mercy, hear and answer me.

  16. Holy Jesus I come to you though I am not worthy and a sinner. Accept my prayer for my son. Show out your miracle by sending out the acceptance for MD from RF med Schl today to start from fall and become an MD. I give all glory to you and thanks and praises for healing his knee, heal his scalp and provide with salvation and word for him and a generational Christian girl as his wife. Amen

  17. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    Please take away all addictions in our family. Bring each member back to the Catholic Church with full participation. We pray for the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellness of each member of our family.
    We pray that all marriages will thrive and their love for each other will grow. We pray for the poor souls in purgatory. We pray for all our siblings and their family members.

  18. Lord God I continue to pray for Mike that he regain his self worth and prevail – the selling of our home and discernment of where we are to be – for my children to go to church – my Mom to be happy and adjust to living in a nursing home. For my nephew to have a desire to change his life and turn away from addictions. I pray for a deeper relationship with you – for all the people who suffer with anxiety, depression and loneliness that you may give they comfort and calmness. For our Catholic Church and it’s leaders and for our country. And for the people praying for me that you bless them. Asking all this in your name Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  19. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus make my nephew and his wife (me too) strong in your Spirit. Bring them to the Catholic Faith/Church with full participation and a deep faith in Our God. Bless Cassie with an uncomplicated pregnancy and a safe delivery bringing forth a beautiful perfectly developed, strong, healthy, normal baby who will grow up to honor his/her parents and serve our God and others. Come Holy Spirit touch the mind, body and soul of their unborn baby, now, after his/her birth and forever.

  20. lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner (Jesus Prayer) lord you know all about me and what I have done for you – lord have mercy –
    your child

  21. I pray for God’s abundant Graces for better health…spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial for everyone in the world. I pray for all souls in Purgatory, all of the aborted children, all of the lost and the found. Thank you. May God bless you! Amen!

  22. My intentions are the same: to find a home, to keep my kids safe from harm spiritually, mentally, and physically. I pray for their father. Safe travels for my kids who are going to travel today and tomorrow. May God hear my prayers and Most Blessed Mother please bring these intentions to your son who honors and loves you the most. Amen

  23. Sacred heart of Jesus, I pray for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in my life. To always abandon myself to the Lord and remembering that in my weakness and shortcomings, the Lord is strong and has promised to take care of all my troubles provided I surrender them to Him. Help me to focus on praising the Lord instead of dwelling on my problems; to pray for others and mostly to put God first in everything. In your mercy, hear and answer me. Amen

  24. Please pray with me for my two children.
    For them to have a fresh encounter with Gods Holy Spirit For them to make wise choices . For the three of us to set free from a spirit of fear . For God to undertake for us where we are afraid and weak.