Day 4 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. O Sacred Heart Of Jesus:
    Pray for my families, that of my children and of my sibling’s.

    Grant us Your peace and love, O Lord, in our work and in our play.
    Help us to sin no more, help us to be disciples of Your work O Lord. Bring our families together to love and to serve You and each other. For this I pray! Amen.

  2. That my son be freed from his addiction; I pray that he develops a positive and prayful attitude and that he repairs his relationships, his health and his business.

  3. I pray for my brother Stephen, that he may stop living in sin as soon as possible, convert, repent, & truly start to live as God wills him to. I also pray that he will allow God to heal him and strengthen him, esp. so that he can be Matthew’s sponsor. I pray for the conversion of Jennifer & her family, and for all sinners, that we may repent and turn back to God. Amen and thank you :)

  4. Today I pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for blessings upon my brother and my sister, that the magnificence of Your Sacred Heart may show, guide and lead them in Your Light.
    So also, that we pray for all brothers and sisters everywhere, recognizing them also as our brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Through the Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray, Amen.

  5. I want to thank You dear Jesus for allowing Saint Pio to intercede for me when I needed him most. Please continue to be there for me and protect my family and me. Thank You. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  6. Please let Your will be done for Alan and me and please give us the strength to accept it. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  7. I pray that God’s will can and will be done for Alan and me. Please dear Holy Spirit, let us know Your will and if you feel that we can and should let our past difficulties go, then please give us the strength to do what we have to so that we can be together. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. That I will not have a stroke and that my atrial fibrillation will be cured and that I will start to shed all the excess pounds off of me right away and that my spine injury will totally heal.

    Thank you Jesus.

  9. I prau for grace, peace, joy and intervention in my work and also as i wait for my prayers for my case be answered with an approval. I say thank you for my answered prayer. I pray for miracles and great result.

  10. Most sacred Heart of Jesus praying your grace and intervention in my current employment crisis with my employer. May the Lord guide and deliver my family at this hour of need. Amen.

  11. Am concerned all is well with yu guys, all of a sudden on Day 2 of current novena stopped receiving. Hope all is well

  12. Pray that my son feels good about himself and that has peace and comfort and confidence and encouraged to complete his mission , gets good grades in yesterday exams and a seat in good med school this year and that God heals his body totally amen

  13. MY intention during this novena is that our son is born spontaneously/naturally this coming week without a need for induction on Friday.

  14. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray for more graces and peace as I wait to enter my vocation of marriage. I pray for comfort in my lonliness and for all women who deeply desire marriage and children during their single season. I pray for my future husband to search for me and pursue me. I pray for for more holy men to seek the Lord and their vocation. Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in you!

    • I am praying with you. I met my husband later in life after praying for God to send me the right husband. Trust in God

  15. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Blessed Holy Mary, Please I ask that our marriage receives the graces of being restored, reconciled and healed. Please bring my husband and father of our children back to us. May he have the courage and strength to repent his sin and brought to salvation. I pray that light and joy will come back to our marriage and our family. Amen

  16. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, I have prayed yesterday for all the many blessings that received, and I ask for love and forgiveness within my family and healing and then I may have my grandchildren back in my life .

    I pray for justice in the actions of my husband and my sister. What she did was wrong, my mother didn’t want that. What my husband it was wrong, he was supposed to love honor and cherish me, but the devil took him over and it destroyed our marriage. I couldn’t help because I didn’t know you Lord and fell prey to false gods, and for that I am truly sorry. I pray that you bless my family and bring us back together again so that we can live as you intended us to live as a family. But, if it’s your intention that John be with Sharon, I pray that you will send me a husband who will live me and honor me, so we can live as God intended us to live and That we do His will all the days of our lives.

    I ask this in Jesus Holy name, amen.

  17. Please pray with me asking that my daughter, my grandson & my son always be healthy, safe no matter where they may be and always arrive home safely. I don’t know if I may pray for money but there is a judgement in my favor coming soon. I pray that I receive the entire judgement so that I may purchase a small home for my daughter & grandson to be safe. Thank you for praying with me.

  18. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please forgive me for being selfish at times and help me to spread your LOVE out into this world. I believe that this place is not my home. I’m placed in this world but not of this world. Help me through your GRACES to be LESS, so that YOU can become MORE in me JESUS TODAY AND ALWAYS.???? ???? ????
    Help me to LOVE MORE AND BE MORE, and may your BLESSED MOTHER MARY pray for all of her children here on EARTH. Please intercede for me & my family to become more spiritually grounded in this world from impurities in thoughts or in actions. Guard our souls in this WORLD most Holy Family of God.
    AMEN ???? ???? ????

  19. Lord jesus I pray for the grace of money to finance my son throughout medical school. Jesus I place my trust for financial deliverance into your hands. I pray that my children be successful with their exams.

  20. Please pray that I will meet someone and get married so I can be a mum. I pray for peace in my life and family. For the pain and ills that inflict my body to stop. Scared heart and immaculate heart of Jesus and Mary I place all my trust in you.

  21. Please Dear Lord,
    Bless our family that we will keep our home. Please send us
    Miracles for jobs too, so that we can pay all our bills when they’re due.
    Love You, Bless You and Thank
    You. Amen.

  22. prayers for my father – michael – who died so young – 41 – prayers for my mother – ann – a young widow at 36 with 2 children to raise as a waitress – lord i lift all this pain up to you – JOB 5:18 – your child – diane/nj/usa

  23. I pray that my worker and her clients Sacred Heart of Jesus have a different attitude towards me so I can feel better at work.

    • Please pray that I will meet someone and get married so I can be a mum. I pray for peace in my life and family. For the pain and ills that inflict my body to stop. Scared heart and immaculate heart of Jesus and Mary I place all my trust in you.

  24. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Please hear My Prayers for good test results for
    my upcoming prostate cancer biopsy I will be having next Friday.
    Thank You with All Of My Heart ????

  25. Heavenly Father I thank you for loving me enough to forgive my sins. I ask that my sins not affect my children and my grandchildren. Father give us peace within our hearts and in our lives. Let your love surpass all that may try to come against us. PLEASE give us the strength that we need to overcome all addictions in our lives. Give us a clean heart dear God. Bless everyone who is praying this novena. JESUS carried the cross so that we would have peace in our lives. BLESS our finances Lord. End our struggles so that we may focus more and be grateful for what we do have. I ask this in the name of JESUS who is Worthy of all our Love. Releade my son from incarceration Lord with a right heart , mind, and soul. In Jesus’s name! Amen