Day 4 – Immaculate Conception Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the Immaculate Conception Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. My immaculate conception Prayers for me amen my friend didn’t answer the phone today my heart is almost broken please my mother make the doors open.

  2. Mother Mary,I plead u for the cause of a poor family who has a disabled kid and is being rejected by many hospitals and due to the mistakes from hospital doctors the poor lady is suffering.She had to separate from her husband and went through tough time.Pray she may have the strength to bear her hardships. I do believe a lot going through will bring great glory.May she have a fearless heart and be able to support her family in the midst of her debts.May the govt.stop hurting this poor family and realise their crimes and end everything and bless them with full support and be blessed in return with abundance.I pray their children can support their mother well in raising their family. May they be able to get back on their feet soon and can have a miraculous debt recovery.

  3. Today we pray for the purity of our bodies, hearts and minds. I am struggling with the purity in my life. I have a friend who does not see anything wrong to have sex outside of marriage. I do not agree with him, it is painful for me because I would love to be united on that issue. I ask and pray for this problem in this Novena.

  4. Mama Mary, pls pray for my success in passing all my subjects.. i have done everything i can..i lay everything to God now. Pls pray for me

  5. Dear Blessed Mother Mary, thank you for saying Yes to God and becoming the mother of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Please help my son find work, a good job, a job where he feels valued, accepted and included. Please give him good health, peace, and joy. Ask your son Jesus, to help my son, and to help him find his way back to God. Thank you Jesus for all your Many Blessings and for dying on the Cross for me personally. Thank you Lord and protect us with your precious blood.

  6. Mother Mary, pray for me to have holiness in my relationship with my sons, that the words come from a loving heart, full of Gods Grace. Please forgive us of our sins, help us to sin no more. Pray that we increase our faith for our relationships with Your Holy Will.

    Pray for peace amongst us, especially during this Advent season. Adoration, Divine Word, Virgin Mary, Examination of our conscience, Neighborly Love, & Traditions…Loving God, Mother Mary pray for all of my sons to look to You to do the good. Amen

  7. Praying our blessed Mother will intercede toward peace in our world and in my family. Also for my grandson who struggles daily in college that he will accept aids offered to him to succeed.

  8. Blessed Virgin Mary I am praying this Novena for my son who is going thru a separation that our lady may bring peace in his life give him the strength and courage to bring up the two children and also to bring him closer to Jesus. Also praying for the healing of my knee and for peace in the world and my family especially for my mum.

  9. Lord I pray that my son would be successful with his exams and he would get high scores. Lord jesus place him in your sacred heart and guide him lord. Lord jesus I pray for a financial miracle so I could pay my son’s tuition fees Lord. Blessed mother I place my daughter into your loving arms and I pray for healing of her heart and mind.Please heal her dear Lord.

  10. Blessed Virgin Mary please take away my pain so that l can continue my life in my efforts to be of some use to my family and others. Also allay my husband’s fears that he has alziemers.

  11. Dear All

    Please pray for my son Joshua and Daughter Michelle in their studies especially my son Joshua
    also pray for good health, prosperity, finances, success, Faith mercy and love and forgiveness in our love for Lord Jesus Christ

    Please also pray for the Catholics and christians who are persecuted raped and murdered and killed is Syria , Iraq, Yemen Africa and other parts of the world to be saved and protected

    Thanking you all lovely and mercifull people for praying for me and my family Amen

  12. I pray for the purity of my bodies, that i may treat me as temples of the Holy Spirit.
    I pray for the purity of my minds, that i may have holy thoughts.

    I pray for the purity of my hearts, that i may see God.

    Pray that God will grant me, and the world, greater purity in all respects.
    I pray for my kids too Amen