Day 4 – Divine Mercy Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Heavenly Father, please grant me the gift of the relief of the things that hold me back from feeling the relief of the pain that my physical and mental injuries have left me with. Please restore my strength and stamina, my ability to let go of fear and doubt and allow me to feel the anger that I have for so long suppressed, followed by the forgiveness that you taught us all. In Jesus nameI ask these things, Amen.

  2. Most Blessed Lord and Savior, please hear my pleats and prayers for those individuals who’ve left the one true Catholic Church. Increase the faith of your people who have been away from your church for many years. May they take it slow and begin to grow stronger than ever before Catholics. My sweet Jesus you are the Savior of the world. Your heavenly father sent you to grant everyone salvation and your love is greater than one can imagine. ???? Help us to understand your Holy words through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Amen

  3. Please pray for peace in my family and in all families. My daughter is being attracted by the material things of this world and I am struggling to encourage her spiritual growth in a joyful way. My husband is afflicted by edginess and needs confession.

  4. Dear JESUS

  5. Oh, gracious Mercy, bring my children and other family members who have abandoned the faith back to the Church. I ask this through Your Holy Name. Amen.

  6. Dear fount of mercy, I praise you for my blessings and gifts you have so generously bestowed. I continue to pray for healing of all members of my family, esp my daughter and granddaughter. All glory to you Lord.

  7. Greetings,
    My fellow brothers and sisters help me beg the Divine Mercy of our Lord upon my business which is dry as of now. Financial debts are overwhelming. Providing for my 4yr old girl and my three employees. Kindly commit me during this divine mercy novena to Our merciful Lord.
    I need financial breakthrough.
    Yours in Christ

  8. st faustian thank you for the divine mercy novena – prayers for the return of stolen item from my gym locker – i lift carol b. and naiomi s. up to the lord – what they did to me they did to the lord – why lord have you allowed covetness – your child – diane/nj/usa

    • Keep praying for these individuals but distance yourself from them. Keeping you in pray so you are given the strength you need to leave them and continue to forgive them by praying for them.

  9. Most compassionate Jesus, You are the Light of the whole world. Receive into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls of those who do not believe in God and those do not know you yet

  10. To lead my dad on a journey to the Catholic faith, for an increase in those participating in perpetual adoration at my parish and to lead me to the man I will marry.

  11. Today I ask for prayer for myself. That I may continue to grow my relationship with my God and that he bring a good partner for me to share and love the passion for my God. Let it be someone who has lots of the same likes that I have and same live of God and family.

  12. Father I’m asking for pray for my sister Sophia that she go to the 50th anniversary celebration in July and also I ask for prayer for Donald Bedford that you we’ll give him a job and help him to trust you more and lean not to his own understanding and to always acknowledge you Jesus I asked you to help both of them they need you Donald need a job and plus go back to church and have a relationship with you that’s my prayer for him and my prayer for my sister Sophia is that she come to the 50th anniversary celebration you don’t only one Lord that can open up these people minds and heart and so I asked you for all them her pray for me that I can continue on in my weight loss Journey thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and then the god and the father that you are I also pray and ask you that you will let Donald Bedford become my husband that’s my prayer and that’s what I’m asking for pray for as for all these prayers in Jesus name amen

  13. Heavenly Father, my son has not only left the Church, he now has no faith at all. Please give me patience as I wait for you to bring him back. I am asking for signs of encouragement please.

  14. Merciful father I come asking for your help in my employment situation and to bless me for my exams on Wednesday. I pray for my family and friends who have less opportunity than me and to give you thanks. Bless my daughter too.

  15. Merciful Lord Jesus, have mercy on my daughter and help her open her heart to you, send the Holy Spirit upon her so that she believes in you. Dear Jesus, let her have the desire to know you and love you above anything else. Don’t let her fall in to temptation and the ways of this world. Lord have mercy on us!

  16. Merciful Lord Jesus, I come to you asking for your Divine intervention with my financial needs, I need to be able to support my daughter;s medical expenses which are sometime beyond my reach, I need to be able to provide for my own needs as i am no longer employed and do not receive a salary. Gracious Lord fill me abundantly, press down, overflowing with resources. Give me good health so that I can assist J my daughter as she recovers from her second back surgery and give her the grace to walk again, release the nerves in her feet help her to balance normally so that she would walk again. I thank you my Lord and my God and i trust in Thee. LB

  17. Mercy Jesus l need you to forgive me my sins and heal me of my sickness and grant me my heart desires in Jesus Name.

  18. Merciful Lord hear my prayers, please grant my niece(EDL) and nephew(FDL) the joy of conceiving a child. (They have lost their first baby.) Please give them the chance to become parents for they are loving and caring people and will raise the child to know you and love you. And please help my husband continue to have good health. Please relieve him of the pain he is going through and make him feel better. In Jesus name I ask thee. Thank you.

  19. How can I re-subscribe? I used to get the novenas and now I do not but am not able to subscribe again. Please send me details on how I can re-subscribe.

    Thank you!

  20. Prayers for me and my health journey… I have health issues and need to be better at eating right and sticking to the plan! I am more of a sprinter then a long distance person. so my stamina is in need of improvement to keep going on my road to a healthier life style and healing. Thank you for praying for me!

  21. Dearest Holy Father, I have been without a job for six months now. I am no longer young but still need to work. Please hear my prayers and guide me to a job where I can be happy. Help me to discover a place where I can help others while making a decent living. I thank you dear father and I place my trust in you.

  22. Lord, through the intecession of Mary, please send healings, reconversions, jobs, and good weather with no flooding; and other
    special intentions. Thank you

  23. Merciful and loving father i am here again to praise and give thanks and ask forgiveness of all the sins we’ve done.
    Send to us your holy spirit oh Lord as we are in financially constrained and hope Lord God you continue to blessed us everyday with healthy mind,body and soul.We ask this thru Christ our Lord.Amen

  24. Merciful Lord, Hear these prayers of mine! I’m struggling with the proper words to speak to my son’s as you would have it. Please help me be more like You in speaking the words You would say. It is not always what I want to say comes across so well. You know the desires of my heart and my love for my 3 sons. They keep distanced, thinking every time we get together there is yelling and nobody is heard. Risen Lord, Hear my prayers so deep within my heart! Have Mercy on us all…Help us to better serve You and each other as You would. Mother Mary, Mother of the most Highest Jesus Christ, help me to be a Mother like You, I pray to have wisdom and strength with Your intercession.

    I have Faithful son’s, my youngest I pray that he returns to the church and see that God comes first before all else. I pray to that he honors both his parents and the importance of both rolls as Mother & Father. I’m divorced from his dad, I pray that he returns to my home and he’s humbled to do so. I pray also for his Dad to see the importance of a Mother’s roll in a son’s life, I pray that his Dad promotes that roll in our son’s life. Hear these prayers of mine Mother Mary.
    I too suffer with depression over my family. I loss my Mom in June last year, My dad in February this year and my current husband walked out on me in March of 2016. So as You know I have had a lot of loss in my life in the last year.

    I’m keeping my faith, praying for Your intercession through this time!
    Lord hear my prayers. I have so much to be grateful for, thank-you for all the blessings in my life. You know the desires of my heart for myself and for my family! Amen

  25. I pray for a blessing of my finances. I pray for money to finance my son through medical school. I pray that my son and daughter be successful with their exams.

  26. Can you please pray for me Veronica and my family. My prayer intentions earlier on in this Novena was tl save my marriage. But the more I deal with my husband Carlos who left us over a month ago the more I realize he’s a selfish bully who only cares about himself. Right now he’s going through a mid-life crisis, he’s doing outrageous things to hurt our marriage with no regrets about his actions. The more I pray for him the worse he gets. I am at my wits end. I have had enough of his abuse. It’s not physical abuse, it is mental, emotional comma and psychological abuse . I need your prayers to properly deal with him and his craziness. GOD help me with him because it’s too hard and draining to deal with someone who has turned away from God his faith. Please pray for me because I just can’t live like this its too hard and overwhelming for me deal with him craziness, run a household, take care of our 3 girls and grandson, as well as working 2 jobs just to make it. Meanwhile I just found out yesterday got promoted to a Transportation supervisor position. He drove up in a new BMW as he dropped off our youngest daughter. At that moment I noticed I was done! I just can’t take it anymore. If he is not trying to save our marriage and to do the right thing for the benefit of the family I just can’t do it alone. My new prayers for this novena is that I want a new life, a new beginning. I want a divorce. I want to be able to financially make it in life. I want to be surrounded by good blessed happy people with good Christian hearts and intentions. I want a good, strong Catholic- Christian man who Loves the Lord our God. A man who is loving, caring, kind, gentle, sweet, with a good heart, and good intentions. A man who will want to do fun things with me. A man who will Like to converse with me about everything and value me and my option. Someone successful and hard working who’s got it together. A man who will accept me for who I am but most of all who will be kind and respectful to all my girls and grandson. I really want to meet him at this time so he can help me go through these hard times that I am going through with my family. Carlos doesn’t want to change and I can’t change him only God can. It hurts me to see him give up on us but I just can’t do this anymore. Please pray for me, my family, and my novena intentions. Thank you

  27. Merciful Lord, hear my prayers to be steadfast in your love and compassion. May my husband and I have a strong commitment in sharing the gospel. Live as devoted Christians and may we lead by example. Praying for those members of our family to return to the faith. We ask this in Jesus Holy name. Pray for my father. May his soul rest in peace..Amen ???? ???? ????

  28. I pray for unity in my family at Tapion. Keep them safe and help b them that tgey will be there for each other.

  29. There has been a lot of restructuring going on at work at different levels. I implore Jesus’ mercy and humbly ask for Mother Mary’s intercession to help my colleagues and myself keep our jobs. I would be so obliged if this community would keep my intention in their prayers too.

  30. Please lift my depression so that l can get on with my life. Blessed Mother hear my prayer. In the name of the father.