Day 4 – Christ the King Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the Christ the King Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Christ the King, please help and pray me my problem regarding my husband. Heal him on his gambling addiction and always lying with me. Give me a sign if I will divorce him because he doesn’t listen to me about his gambling. I enrolled him in gambling seminar but he doesn’t always attend in the seminar and he has no intention to change his life. Please pray for him to heal his gambling addiction. Pray for me also to approved my Disability Tax Credit for the second chance so that we will pay the debts of my husband, loans, utilities and our mortgage and to help my family in back home. Pray also my case for victory about my medical condition as well my husband case gor victory of their unions. Pray my family for love, unity, respect, peace and happiness. Pray my son and daughter to become helpful, financially supportive and kind. Thank you

  2. Dear God ,
    Please heal my intense migraines, cluster, frontal , sinus, and lately especially on the left side of my head! I have had this suffering and pain most all of my life. I turned 70 years old this month.
    If there is a structural problem please help my PT and therapeutic massage therapist to restore healing to the area that has been obstructed from possible head and neck damages done to me in my youth…
    my prayers for all petitions during this Novena.

  3. I pray for accepting the reality of my broken relationship, there is no future in it. I pray that I may know how to answer to the email concerning that relationship. I have lost peace of mind and heart, may I find it again.

  4. Thank you lord for stopping the bleeding in his brain. May he continue to heal and get back to his normal self. Continue to heal my great great nephew tumor. Thank you for allowing the virus he was hospitalized for to quickly leave his body. Finally please help me with my divorce and the constant hurt i have from his sins and abandonment. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all.

  5. for my daughter : she have to wake up and see the light she’s a lot in depth with the gouvernement because all about him ( boyfriend)… she have to let go …

  6. Lord God please keep my family healthy and safe. Pray that my new medication works. Please heal my friend Santiago. Thank you Lord for always being in my heart.❤️????????

  7. Jesus I place my children into your hands and I ask for your device protection on them. Please protect them from evil people with evil intentions. I pray for their success in their exams. I pray that my son would get his hearts desire and become a MD. LOrd I pray for money to pay my debts and my son’s tuition fees.

  8. Dear All

    Can you kindly join me in prayer to get a new job I went for an interview on Friday the 11 November 16 with the recruiting agent, can you please pray that I get called back for an interview with the Company and that I pass the interview. I will be soo delighted to start the new year with a new job.

    God bless you all.