Day 3 – St. Jude Novena 2015

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 3 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. October 23, 2015
    Dear St. Jude,
    O St. Jude, holy Apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, Holy Patron Saint, thanks so much for all blessings that you always shower me and my whole family….Please forgive me for all my sins known and unknown to me, you are honored and petitioned by the universal Church, as the patron of desperate, hopeless and impossible cases. Please ,pray for me. I am so helpless for all things that are faced to me now and my whole family especially the cases in the court and my debts in Eastwest bank..and some people whom I have owed money…but most especially:
    1) I pray that MR. KELVIN CHOW will be approved of his bank loan in BDO to pay the 2BR Gramercy Residences 1801.
    2) Secondly, I pray that Mr. Ben , the employer of Maite, will like the KB 5812 and buy it from the owner Rica Huang in cash.
    3) Third, I pray that my son ENRICO will have big increase in his salary ..and that he will be approved of his salary loan in the bank in Kuwait..AND WILL ALWAYS be loved and respected by his wife Mariane and son Marky..
    4) Fourth, I pray that there is a big opportunity for me waiting in a new company with new people around..and that my husband and me will always be perfectly healthy..
    5) Fifth, I pray that my husband Uldarico Jr. will always be safe everyday sa work nya, especially sa pag da drive nya..
    6) Sixth, I pray that my son Jose Erwin will always be safe in going to and from the office everyday.
    7) Seventh, dear St. Jude, I always pray that my daughter Gereene will always be fine and in good health and his whole family always.
    8) Eight, but most especially, I pray, my dear St. Jude , that my son Ahdel, will be perfectly healthy, with a perfect job and a perfect high pay that he loves most!
    Oh my dear St. Jude, intercede for me that God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit may bring swift aid in here that is needed most. Come to my assistance in this great time of my need!
    Pray for me that I may be given the comfort and help of Jesus. Most importantly, I ask that you pray that I may one day join you and all of the saints in heaven to praise God in consolation, rest and joy for all eternity.

  2. Dear St. Jude, pray ???? that my daughter’s traditional marriage ???? will be successful and that the marriage will be blessed with children. That the couple and their children will be guided the word of our Lord as they sojourn on earth so that on the last day they will join in inheriting the heavenly kingdom.

  3. Dear St. Jude, pray ???? that my daughter’s traditional marriage ???? will be successful and that the marriage will be blessed with children. That the couple and their children children will be guided the word of our Lord as they sojourn on earth so that on the last day they will join in inheriting the heavenly kingdom.

  4. St Jude, I pray that my older son finds a job that will suit him and that he will be happy with it. He has bills to pay and a daughter who may need his help from time to time.
    St Jude, I pray for my other three sons who are currently working that it continues to be steady work.
    St Jude, I pray that my sister finds a part time job and her husband a full time job so they can provide for their young child. I pray that my older sister is given a raise since she works so hard, goes the extra mile!
    St Jude, I pray for everyone who is unemployed and needs to work. Amen!

  5. Pray for my family to love & respect each other. Pray for the bullying to stop. Pray for my optimum health – it’s been too many years living with these health challenges. I need happiness in my life. Pray for our debts to disappear & be replaced with financial abundance. Pray that we r successful in our careers & studies. Pray for our optimum spirituality. Pray for our everlasting love & respect. Thank u & God Bless You.

  6. Dear St Jude, please pray for me. I am going through so many challenges which I have been praying for for a long time but I am still in the storm. My marriage is deteriorating, I believe in a God who is my rock & foundation, please restore my marriage. May you cast the enemy & all temptation our, render them powerless over my marriage. I pray. Please take away the strain & help us to love each other more than everything else. May your will prevail in our lives always.

  7. st jude please pray for my son rocky he get a new job offer inhis field please let his past be forgotten help him get a new job please help him stay patient healthy safe and happy thank you

  8. Please send employment to my husband. Let it be secure for him and our family. Please keep me worry and anxiety free. Heal me physically, emotionally and spiritually . Heal my hives and rash and put me at peace. Hold our family together with your peace and love. Oh please intercede St Jude.

  9. Dear St Jude, please pray For employment For my two sons. They need help, because they seem lost. Jesus Christ can change their lives. I pray For ALL their addictions. Please help. Let a miricale happen For them. I thank you Because I know something good will happen soon.I pray For ALL others who are praying this Novena and For those who are not.Hear our prayers please!!!

    • Im going through the same exact situation with my sons st jude pray for my two sons .i promised to my your name know and love by all Faith

  10. Dear Saint Jude,
    Please help my daughter to grow. She is very small for her age. I have prayed so many times for this but this time you maybe your blessing will be granted. I also pray that my business becomes busier at the moment it is very quiet. Much appreciated.

  11. Heavenly Father thank u for this day and thank you for the many blessings u bestow upon us. Father, I come before u this morning asking you to bless me, Brigitte and others who are unemployed and need work. I ask that you direct me to financial assistance so that I can pay Norman. I am asking for a blessing in my home today with getting my sink fixed. Bless my family and friends, near and far. These and other blessings I ask in Jesus’s nwme, Amen

  12. I’m praying for a financial blessing to pay my bills and also for my sister Sharlene to pay me the money she owns me. Thank you Jesus!

  13. I pray for promotion for myself and my husband, for better jobs with better salaries. May God make it possible through the intercession of St Jude, I pray for all those who have applied to several jobs or positions to receive that phone call they have been waiting for.

  14. Pray for my father who was told he has initial stages of congestive heart failure on Monday.

    Pray for reconciliation with my siblings.

    Pray for my boys and their wives and my granddaughter to fully engage and embrace the faith.

    Pray for my friend Elizabeth who yesterday asked for prayer.

  15. Dear St. Jude!
    I pray that you guide me in my decisions about my job. I know dear St Jude that I should be ever grateful because there are others who do not have what I have and yet I am unhappy. Pray for me who is so miserable, guide me to the light and help me understand what my purpose is as I work through this difficult time. I pray for those who are in having a hard timehappiness as they search for their

  16. My Saint Jude,
    I lift up all of the people that are searching, in need of a job to provide for themselves and their families. There are so many in need. I pray that my daughter will begin to find a career and not just a job. She is a very bright child but immature and lost in this generation. Be with all that trust and have all the faith and especially the ones who don’t. I pray for my situation to turn around and I can move forward. Let the non belivers see that there are miracles still. In Jesus name I pray and thank you Saint Jude. Amen

  17. Glory be to God now and forever!

    Father Lord in the name of Jesus Christ your son and through the help of St. Jude saint of the impossible, I pray and beg you to make me a regular staff at my place of work. Miraculously, gloriously true and fast! By Your divine intercession.

    Thank you Father, Jehovah Jireh

  18. I pray for the intercession of St jude.i pray that I would win some money. I pray that I would get an increase in salary.i pray that I would get money so my son could complete medical school.

  19. I’m grateful to you for helping me with doing novena payers. I pray to join you more often to bring my family into more dependence on God and knowing God. I pray for help for focus for my son Togo back to uni and complete his course with very good grades and my husband to give his life to Christ and be the father and husband in my home. I pray that we are loosened from the great burden of debt and all the areas where we are loosing money be recovered and closed especially our Malta investment.

  20. I pray this novena for guidance as I wait for that special someone to enter in my life to be that “husband” for me. I pray that Corey and I continue our growing relationship and if he is sent to me to be in my life that we continue to love and respect each other.


  21. I pray I am able to conceive and deliver healthy children and that my fallopian tubes (right) is unblocked and my eggs are viable. I am a certain age and I am getting married and pray St jude will pray and protect me from all anxieties and worries. I pray steve gets a job this week and we move forward with our proposed wedding date and he is excited and shows excitement on planning our wedding and is more kinder and gentler and kind spirited with me as I know he is stressed out with worries of unemployment and all and pleasing his parents. I pray the love and respect us and don’t cause us anxiety or to fight because as much as they mean well are intrusive and demanding. I pray that Steven will also see the light on his true best man and that decision on his own. It doesn’t always have to be blood but someone who has and will be there for you not someone who you once we’re close to but rather someone who loves and wants the best for you and your life. This part is stressing me out because I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings but also want to be left to decide on our own without outside influences. Such sill things but I pray for assistance st. Jude. Please protect us from evil and keep us close to God. Protect me from disease especially protect my body from breast cancer and any disease. Amen

  22. St Jude intercede for me in my intentions here:- Intercede for me and I get healed quickly of my eyes, ears, voice, lungs, lower back and my knees. Heal my parents in all what they are suffering, and also heal my brother, sister and niece to get healed from what they are suffering from. Heal Winifred also from what she is suffering from which has caused her not to be able to bear children.Strengthen her marriage and it becomes firm. Also intercede for these children;- Steven to pass in his final exams, Emmanuel to work hard and also be promoted to the next class, Mary Anthony to work hard and she also completes her course. Francis to graduate the coming graduation time and not miss out again..
    Intercede for me and I get financial breakthrough for I am tired of renting now. I need to buy my own house and also buy land and I build my house. Pray that all those who have my money may refund back with kind hearts as I gave them kindly
    I also pray for all my friends not to desert me but come closer to me and our friendship grows more stronger than before and most especially Geofrey, Julius, Joseph and Moses. With the help of your intercession St. Jude I pray that by the end of this novena, I will get what am praying for. St. Jude, intercede for me Amen.

  23. I would like employment for my husband who has been trying for two years.
    I would like to be able to secure a situation for myself to enable others dear to me

  24. For the oilfield to boom again with jobs for all the oilfield workers in West Texas for it is our bread and butter

  25. Please pray for the successful recovery of Mr. Gladwin who is on Life Support in UK. Please pray for the healing of my brother Barnabas Barretto spiritually and physically. Please pray for the successful completion of our financial job for which we are struggling for its completion since 4 and half years.
    St. Jude Pray for us, and bless us with the grace we need.