Day 3 – Pentecost Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 3 of The Pentecost Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Prayers for Marie as she battles with pancreatic cancer and liver failure…pray for her soul as she is leaving this world. Forgive her trespasses and May her love and blessings go to her dear daughter and grandchild she will not know..God decides for us. amen

  2. For the healing of my mother diagnosed with lung cancer not only physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. Also for the healing of mommy and nanay’ relationship, for the success of my family’s thanksgiving celebration and that I may finally find a job. Also for the success of our clearance on may 29. AMEN

  3. Praying to the Holy Spirit to descend on my family- my husband’s mind .Pls make him see clearly and think wisely before any project. Open his mind and intelligence to value and compare what he has to what he wants. Pls reduce his amount of debts and help him grow in his business. Give him good health and love and peace in his heart. Help him to get rid of vengeance, jealousy and hate accumulated over the years due to his upbringing. Provide him with good sense during his day journey. Pls cure our grandson Fab with his eye problem and Paula ‘s disease. Amen

  4. Holy Spirit my intentions is for my marriage. That the Holy Spirit strengthen my marriage…That the Holy Spirit opens my husband heart…

  5. Holy Spirit my special intention is for my husband, Frank ! First I ask you to protect him as he travels across the whole United States; to work for the next 10 days! Please give him your strength to sustain him; bring him back home safe to his children and myself; and Holy Spirit —you know he is in need of a different job! Please bring him news of a new job when he gets home! Of course- you may have a better opportunity different than what we ask you; so I humbly ask all this if it’s in your will! Amen and thank you in advance for whatever your going to do !

  6. Thank you Holy Spirit day three Peace. My brother in AZ passed peacefully into your arms this morning. our love carries him to You.

  7. Holy Spirit tonight I bring before you my mom Isabella, uncle Telmage,, sister Alvita and nephew Kendrick. I pray for a miracle upon them and whatever is going on in their bodies and mind be broken in the name of Jesus. No weapon formed against them will prosper. Thank you for your breakthrough. Amen.

  8. Please pray that my children will reconcile. Praying for my children to go back to church. Praying for my grandson that he will stop wetting at night. Praying that I will be able to retire. Praying for more priests.

  9. Holy Spirit
    Come into my family and open hearts to your love. Only then will my Husband see what is hurting me. May he learn to give of himself and realize how blessed our family really is.
    I pray for my son and nephew as they attend college in a new location. Bless and keep them safe. I pray for all intentions of this Novena. Have Faith everyone for God is with us.

  10. Dear fellow prayer warriors,
    I ask that you keep my brother and sister in your prayers. For our family, we should keep the peace within us and find what it is that keeps us from living peaceful lives. Also keep me in your prayer while I work on my calling to be an author. Pray for me while I walk this unknown road. May Mary the mother of Jesus teach me humility, surrender and trust to her son. May they keep me close and protect me from evil. Amen

  11. Come Holy Spirit and take charge of our parents lives, take charge of my son’s life. Rebuke and remove all hurdles in the path of getting accepted in medical school. Blessings of all that is needed for him to be accepted in medical school and start school from fall. Thank you Holy spirit for guiding and directing in this path to medical school for my son. Thank you for the healing of bleeding, it stopped , so thank you. Jesus heal his nagging cough. Bless Holy Spirit once for all the seat and admission in med school and stop this confusion and waiting for ever by fulfilling the promise of God for my son to do MD medicine and become medical doctor soon, amen.

  12. Oh come Holy Spirit and bring Peace to the hearts of my family and my husband’s family too. May we, with your grace be soon reunited and be the family that God wants ALL the world to be.

    And …
    for EVERYONE’S intentions and prayers during this Pentecost Novena to the Holy Spirit.

    Salaam, Shalom and Peace to All!

  13. Holy Spirit, I pray that you shine upon all mothers on this Mother’s Day.
    I also have special intentions for my brother, who believe that if you pray for him that his troubles become worse. Please send you comforting power to envelop him; and please that he know that the strength he obtains is from the Holy Spirit.
    ? Amen.

  14. For Joe and my faith journey.
    For my children and grandchildren’s faith—may it grow stronger throughout their lives.
    For Adam to get on with a Metropolitan Symphony.
    For Jenna to pass her state licensing and secure a good job using her education.
    For Sara and Ryan’s move…may it be all they hope for in this move.
    For all intentions that are offered during this novena!

  15. Please pray for Cade M. a young man in critical condition suffering from a blood illness. He is an upstanding Christian young man who is steadfast in Jesus. Please, please pray the doctors find out what it is.
    Glory be to God in the Highest!

  16. Thank you for the sale of our house.
    Come Holy Spirit and bring my nephew, LD and his soon to be wife, CA back into the Catholic.
    Come Holy Spirit and shine over LD and CA’s final plans for their wedding.
    Come Holy Spirit and cover over LD and CA’s wedding (May 26th) with peace, love, joy, and safety for all;

    Come Holy Spirit and bless LD and CA with a strong, holy, long and happy marriage.

  17. Holly spirit cure my grandson Jack from the luekimia the rest of his life ,help my son John to find the a good wife soon that make him happy and find a good job with no travel keep him healthy and safe ,give him the wisdom and self steam and confidence in him self ,holly spirit keep me healthy no cancer ,no autommune disease ,and protect my family

  18. Holy Spirit I pray for me,my children,grandchildren,brothers,sister and their families, for all my family and friends. That you may give them good health and peace in their hearts. May you bring peace to the world. I pray for our president that he makes the right choices for our country and all those other countries involved in his decision making..Thank you so much for praying for me. Prayers for John Paul and Annie for everything they do..Amen

  19. Dear Holy Spirit pray for my family health & friends intentions…..Pray for world peace….Pray for John Paul & Annie……Thank you

  20. Lord I place my financial needs. I pray for my children. I pray that my children would be successful with their studies. I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school and to meet his other needs.i pray for my marriage and my husband.

  21. Lord, I lift up the intention of Jesse, Megan, and their baby. That You may grant them the gift of this child’s life, and a safe birth for both the baby and Megan. I pray that they may raise this child to love, serve, and know you. That this child of theirs and Yours will become a saint.

    Thank you Lord.

  22. Come O Holy Spirit ,
    Rekindle my Faith in God . Show me the right way to Love and Serve
    The Holy Trinity .
    Praise The Lord Most High ,
    John Fielder ,
    East Bentleigh , 3165 , Victoria , Australia
    13th. May 2018
    Local Time : 9.35 p.m.

  23. I pray for the healing of my father and for my family to have the strength to concur anything and also for my daughter to be with me soon and my papers to come soon.

  24. Healing for: Marilyn, Calvin, Pat, Elaine, Mary Ann, Kennon , Tray, Nancy, Deanne, Alex, Janelle, Wayne, Ray, Andrew, Christy, Clayton, Bonnie, Pamela, Sarah, Phil, Kinslee’s great grandmother, Samantha, Janine, Dianne, Isabella, Hadley, Maddox, Kay, Buddy, Kristen, Bevo, Betty, Dane, Mrs Nancy’s husband.

  25. Healing for: Marilyn, Calvin, Pat, Elaine, Mary Ann, Kennon , Tray, Nancy, Deanne, Alex, Janelle, Wayne, Ray, Andrew, Christy, Clayton, Bonnie, Pamela, Sarah, Phil, Kinslee’s great grandmother, Samantha, Janine, Dianne, Isabella, Hadley, Maddox, Kay, Buddy, Kristen, Bevo, Betty, Dane, Mrs Nancy’s husband.

  26. Dear Holy Spirit please help me guide me in preparation of my nursing board exam ..I still continue praying for my june 3and 4nursing board examination..Give me more knowledge and retentive memory I can answer correctly my examination..Oh Holy Spirit please help me to be the topnochers with the average of 88 percent in my board examination..I trust in you..Amen…

  27. I’m in so much trouble there’s a whole bouquet of need. Health home family conversion marriage ( in need of 4 husbands ( myself and 3 daughters. Jobs Pets yard car rent. Friends. All is a flower of trouble. Tha k you for what you all do.