Day 3 – Christ the King Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 3 of the Christ the King Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Prayers for…
    * Dad Ross Had a mild stroke, Prayers for full recovery. Had mild stroke
    * Shirleyann F. Surgery today: removing ovary with cyst. May God guide the surgeon’s hands and provide Shirleyann with a full and speedy recovery.

  2. That all the anger be removed and my son’s hurt be healed from his heart. Miracle for nieces husband falsely accused being charged with abuse. Charges be dropped and that they may adopt the children.

  3. I Pray for peace in my family, and throughout the world.

    I Pray for comfort from God, to increase my Faith and those of my family. Especially during the dark moments, of feeling alone or Lonely. Comfort me Christ my King , on my weakest moments so I feel your love surround me. I pray for all relationship in my life, that they become stronger in communication & come from a lovely heart. I pray for the wisdom to seek Your way God. I pray for Your grace and mercy to sin no more. Hear my prayers.

    I pray that my family is safe in their travels as well as myself during all days of our lives, especially during this holiday season. Loving God, I pray my Mother has joined You in Your Kingdom where You live and Reign forever and ever. Amen ????❤️

  4. Dear Christ of the King, please heal my husband continously about his gambling addiction. He always lying with me and every month he always go to casino. Pray my case for victory over my medical condition and I want to solve my problem as well the case of my husband gor victory. Thank you

  5. Lord, please help me pass all my subjects for the first semsester. I desperately need you help, I’m failing. I need your guidance. Strengthen my faith in you. Also, bless and heal the relationship of mommy and nanay. Bless also my sisters and brother, keep them safe. Heal also daddy from his sickness Lord.

  6. During this novena prayer of Christ the King, I pray and ask God Almighty that through His Son, I shall receive His Mercy and Forgiveness of My sins. I pray also for His Grace to be bestowed upon me and family, that prosperity, blessings and success should reign throughout my life and my family for the great Glory and Honour of His Mighty Name.
    Lord, through the Blessed Virgin Mary my mother and mediator, I come with an open heart to present the women of my life Waindim Mbu Cloudia, that Mercy Father may You through Your Son grant me this special favour of bring us together in Your Love.
    I make all these prayers through Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen

  7. Lord Jesus Christ, I put into your loving hands the future of my children, Free them from bad influence and draw them forever into your loving arms,

  8. Dear Jesus, please help my son find his way back to you. Help him to find meaningful employment that allows him to feel valued and included. Help him to find a good Christian wife to share his life and give him children and to give his life meaning and purpose.
    Forgive me lord, for my faith is weak. I know you have a plan. Please give me the patience and wisdom to wait on your Word and stand on your word that all that is asked of the Father in Your Name will be Granted. Thank you Jesus for all your many Blessings. Thank you for dying on the Cross for me personally and thank you for my wonderful life.

  9. Christ, Our King, I pray for my sister’s reversion to the Catholic faith. Take away all anger and hostility towards the Catholic church and bring her back to you. In your most Holy name I pray.

  10. St Anthony pls pray for me tat i may find my missing love, my spouse with whom i will share my life n love as how God wants me to as a true love. I pray tat my loneliness is replaced with true love. Sweet St Anthony help me not to loose my hope to meet my true love. St Anthony pls pray for my intension. Amen.

  11. Christ our king and savior I pray for you to remain in us and your words to remain in us. Blessings for guidance and assistance and needed requirements to apply to med schools for my son. Blessings of Holy Spirit as his guide. Blessings for all of us to be in your path and cover us with your holy fire and blood so that no Ungodly will ever cross our paths or come near us. Blessings of finances. Blessings of employment and jobs. Please take charge of my job situation and resolve it according to my needs and benefits today. Blessings and guidance in all we do. Amen

  12. Christ the king I pray for your mercy. I pray for a blessing on my financial needs. I pray for money to finance my son through medical school. I pray for your blessings on my children that they would be successful in their exams. Lord I place my needs and my wants into your hands.