Day 2 – St. Jude Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 2 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for my husband, our 3 daughters, their families, all our relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbours all those who’ve ever been in our lives, their relatives etc etc for – Conversion, Healing- Spitityually, mental, physical.
    All those in Purgatory, especially those in need of Gods Mercy! Amen

  2. I have prayed the St. Jude novena for the nine days prior to joining the this group. I have been unemployed and have my son’s college tuition to pay and back rent. I know I have to be patient and pray for patience and forgiveness if it is not time for me to have steady employment. I am just afraid to have my son miss out on registering for the next semester and me becoming homeless

  3. I was so pleased that the special intentions for today were fit those suffering. Thank you.
    Over 30 years ago I was in a very traumatic car accudent, hit by a truck. When this occurred God was with me in such a great and personal way; a time and a relationship virtual inseparable.
    The moment of impact He was sitting at that side if me, holding me, and told me “It’s alright, ‘we’ will be okay.” During my recovery hospitalization He never left my right side. It was an indescribable time, it was like He was my best friend, He helped me is much (my recovery was miraculously quick), we talked a lot. That doesn’t and can’t really describe it all.
    It has been more than 30 years and more than 30 surgeries later. With His help I’ve recovered and done so well.
    But now my body is older. The effect if all the injuries has finally caught up with me. I pray for relief but the pain now has become constant chronic. For every Novena (I think I started them about a year or so ago) I request petitions to the Lord for the relief or at least some help from this suffering. I have not had a pain free day now for almost 3 months. I have always had pain for almost 35 years, but now it is all the time.
    Thank you, today, for those who prayed for those if us that suffer this constant pain.
    God is so awesome, He’s my best friend. And I offer my suffering for Him daily. Sometimes I feel it is the least that I could do for all He has done and it doing for me. I am alive, and that is a miracle. But I am human, and I wish I could have a pain free day, or even an hour.
    I talk too much.
    I just want to ask for prayers, as often as you can, for myself and others like me. Please (and thank you).
    May God bless you all, and someday may we all experience for eternity how great it is to see Him everyday, as our Best Friend

  4. Please pray this novena with me for health and peace, prosperity in all I do, I am still seeking s job I am asking for prayer for a job I have heard about in AZ praying. I can move there by March of 2017 and start working on this new job or even sooner.If it is God’s will for me This will be a less stressful job for me.

  5. I pray for peace and happiness in my home. I pray for abundance and faith all will great by the will of God. God is great and he will not forsake us. Amen amen

  6. In The name of Jesus I ask of you, Dear St Jude to please intercede on my behalf to our father in Heaven, my prayers for my son and grandson to be answered. Prayer that my son will home for the Holidays. In Jesus name. Amen.

  7. Please pray for my son. He has been struggling in several ways. He is a year old and has been crying alot, very clingy and seems to be very unhappy at times and gets very upset physically. I pray he grows to be more peaceful and joyful. Also safe in his playtime. Thank you.

  8. Saint Jude. Help our Country and world from all the bad and evil.

    I ask for our healt in mind and body.

    I pray that I can find good honest contractors in special a grading company to start the construction of my house inPB.

    I love you saint Jude and Love you Jesus.

  9. DEAR ST.Jude please pray that Jesus could help me lose weight to be healthy,please pray that Donald Bedford would let me how he feel about me because St.Jude I would like for him to be my husband we been friends for a long time and I care about him. St. Jude God said man should not live along and woman too. St Jude I ask to pray for me and him. St. Jude please pray for my son and his family and his brother that’s is sick mentally ill. St Jude pray that me and my son and his wife could have a better relationship with each other and get a long. ST.Jude I been praying for a husband for a long time so I’m that Donald Bedford be my husband

    In Jesus name

  10. For Victoria, who is 13 yrs old, now in a facility for mental problems, for my 2 sons, depression, for Don, confusion., and for myself, confused.

  11. St Jude i am praying to find better work using my eligibility letter well compensated,good employer ,good employer, and good work. I am praying for my aunt that she will realize that what she’s doing now to our family is not good. I am praying that their misunderstanding between my mother will be fixed to have a peaceful mind for all of us

  12. St.Jude I pray again today for my sweet brother who has stage 4 colon cancer very bad. We are asking for a healing in the name of Jesus. Amen

  13. St. Jude, please pray for me to be off the diabetes register. Also pray for me to find a life partner and also financial assistance to be able to get my own house.

  14. Oh St Jude loving friend of Jesus Christ, I most fervently ask for your intersession for my sons to return to their Catholic faith with open arms, that they lead there families to Christ, thru there faith! I plead with you, for protection for my children and there families to never encounter any type of abuse. For their marriages and relationships to be blessed in the Catholic Church. I pray for healing of mind body and spirit for all my family and friends especially Jeannine, April, Debbie,Laurie,Mary and Jane . I pray for peace in our world, especially in my own country. For my SS dibocle to be taken from me. In the mercy and love of our Lord Jesus Christ I ask this for the Glory of God our Father. StJude pray for us

  15. Dear St. Jude, please intercede so that our sons and families will return to the faith. May they bring our grandchildren to be baptized, and raise them according to God’s plan. Please ask the Holy Spirit to help himpass his Boards and be able to support his family. Ask Jesus to keep our whole family close to Him, and be together with Him in heaven one day.
    One more thing I ask is that God help us to make the right choices this Election Day. Thank you, St Jude.

  16. Dear St. Jude,
    My daughter is a preteen who is just going through life. I pray for more guidance to help me in raising her to live in the grace of God. I pray for my temper, her temper, my patience and her patience & our relationship.

  17. Dearest St. Jude,
    Pray for all those who are suffering with mental illness, such as depression. Especially my friends nephew who tried to take his life and is on a ventilator this morning. God bless him with your holy hands to know he is your child and so loved.

    St. Jude with your help I pray that my relationships with my sons grow in love and peace with Gods will to deepen their faith, that he guides me with his words to communicate from a loving heart.

    My prayer today along with St. Jude that my relationship with my husband and his illness finds peace and sobriety. That God is their by his side to see him through. I pray that they find cures for all sickness, and save so many lives. He saved mine! Continue to bless me with good health so I can work to provide for my family while I’m on my own. God hear my prayers. Amen

  18. Dear St. Jude, Patron Saint of Impossible causes, please hear my prayer and intercede to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and ask that He heal my daughter of her auto-immune illness. This disease has kept her sick and exhausted and in pain for more than six years. Please heal her body, mind and spirit O Lord and give her peace and a strong mind and body. Heal her of her high anxiety, debilitating depression, chronic exhaustion, and give her peace, love, hope, joy and happiness. O Lord, God of all Power, I ask your forgiveness for my sins and my weak faith, but I believe in your mercy and love, and in the promise of your son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who said, ask my fahter for anything in my name and it will be granted. I ask then St. Jude, that you intercede for me, ask Jesus and our Heavenly Father to hear my prayer and heal my daughter. Thank you Lord, Thank you St. Jude, Thank you Heavenly Father.

  19. Blessed St Jude
    I pray for everyone who is praying this novena that they find love and harmony within their family unit. I pray for healing and comfort for the sick. St Jude for my own intentions I lift up my only child Isaiah. Let victory reign in his life. Remove all delays, blocks, financial issues and or negativity that is preventing him from seeking out his career path . I pray that your will be done.
    Our Father, who art in heaven hollowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done…

    To God be the glory great thing he has done!

  20. Dear Saint Jude, praying this novena to you gives me hope. There are four people in my family that need prayers for their health. Steve, Carol, Chris and myself.
    Please Saint Jude, if it is gods will, let us live healthy lives and please for all the intentions of everyone who praying this novena. May their prayers be answered!
    Love always, T.

  21. Peace be with you

    St Jude, please pray for all intentions of everyone who is praying this novena with me. May the Lord grant them what their hearts desires.
    I pray for my daughters healing in the mighty name of Jesus. May she be completely healed from chest pains, heart problems, angina. St Jude, pray for us.


  22. Dear St. Jude family please pray for Emilee a child as she goes through treatment for Crohn’s disease. She was recently diagnosed with asthma and is missing school as a result of her illness.

  23. ST Jude i continue praying for my loving family to change ,i pray too for my sons visa and jobs i trust God will open all the ways i pray for my health too Amen

  24. St. Jude ….
    Please hear My Prayers for good MRI test results
    I will have tomorrow for my prostate
    cancer follow up.
    Thank You with All Of My Heart ????

  25. Beloved st. Jude and friend of Jesus I continue to pray for Felix and Collins my nephews who are doing their form four leaving exams together with all those who are doing the same exam that you may grant them success. I also pray for my young brothers and sisters to be able to get the school fees they need to study well together with all those who are struggling with school fees issues and deeply desire to be educated that you may open for them the ways to meet their dreams. Finally I continue to pray for my sister Salome together with her husband Robert that you may bless their marriage with the gift of children. Thank you st. Jude and I truly trust in your prayers. Amen.

  26. Day 2 of the novena

    St Jude please help me to overcome my 33 year addiction to sugar and other cheap white carbs and to overcome by binge eating disorder that I have suffered from relentlessly since I was 19, and I am 55 now.

    Thank you.