Day 2 – St. Anne Novena 2020

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Here’s Day 2 of the St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St. Ann pray for an end to this pandemic to where we will be dancing and rejoicing with each other again.
    St. Ann pray for my nephew and niece to return to the Catholic Church.
    St. Ann pray for the doctor’s to find out what my great-nephew’s allergic to and help him to gain back his weight.

  2. I join you in your prayers.
    Please pray for my son, B, who recently graduated from college.
    My prayer request is threefold:
    1) for him to get a job in his profession, electrical engineering (in northern Ohio area)
    2) For B to have the qualities to end his relationship with C, who is a beautiful soul, but does not attend weekly Mass with him. Additionally, C was diagnosed with a serious mental illness, but does not seek treatment.
    3) Pray for the repose of the soul of my husband, B’s Dad who died 22 years ago.
    Thank you, In Christ’s Love, SMB

  3. Holy Saint Anne, I plead with you to consider my prayers and beg you to take it to God Father and Jesus Christ. You are mother so you know my heart and pain that I am undergoing, please come to my rescue and deliver me from my husband. Give me deliverance from him soon.
    Bless my son to date a Christian girl who knows Jesus and prays and has been attending church . Bless soon so he may find this christian girl soon.

  4. Dear St Anne, you are my spiritual grandmother.
    I pray to you tonight for a cure and a vaccine to end this pandemic.
    St.Anne, we’ve lost alot of people from this virus.
    People are hurting.
    They can’t see their love ones whom are in the hospitals or in a nursing home facility, dying and can’t be there for them to say goodbye because of this virus. Elective surgery’s are being put off because so many people who are effected in the hospital.
    Please St.Anne, please.
    We need help !
    Lord Jesus son of God have Mercy on me a sinner.
    God bless AMERICA
    God Bless the world…
    God Bless each and everyone of you.
    Please everyone please pray your ROSARY. 📿
    Ask God and the Blessed Mother Mary for a cure.
    Operators are standing by for your call. ( Hahahahahaha 🤣😅😂)
    We need alitte humor during this period.
    Pray for the poor,sick and the dying and the homeless, during this time of the pandemic.
    Pray for your children, your love ones.
    And please everyone pray for the poor souls in purgatory.
    They too need our help.
    When you pray for the poor souls in purgatory to be released into heaven, in return,
    They will return the favor .
    I promise !!

  5. Dear St. Anne,
    Please pray for my sons, that if God is calling them to marriage, that the wives they choose will be women seeking Jesus in His Catholic Church.
    Please intercede especially for one of them. He yearns for a good woman but so far, he is still alone. St. Anne, help him take his loneliness to God.
    Finally, help me accept that for now, God is saying no or not yet to my prayer of reunification with my immediate family. St. Anne, pray that I desire only God’s will in my life. Amen.

  6. St. Anne,,my namesake,guide me to fulfill Gods plan.
    My daughter Mary and my grandson need your love and Grace of your child Mary.

  7. Please pray for my Daughter who is expecting our first grand baby, that she go into labor soon on her own and that she and baby are safe and healthy! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!!

  8. prayers for my mother Ann and father Michael – Rest In Peace –
    miss you – protect me lord Jesus against the bullies even in my family – help me control gluttony eating for the sake of good health – thank you for these answered prayers – your child

  9. Please pray for an end to my loneliness. May God bring a Good Catholic man into my life so that I may experience the joy of having a family.

  10. Dear St Ann
    I pray for job opportunities for me and my in-law, for marital breakthrough for me,fruit of the womb, residency approved, financial breakthrough,health recovery for my mother, brother ,nephew, academic success.