Day 2 – Immaculate Conception Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 2 of the Immaculate Conception Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Lord,
    Please help me and my husband to better understand each other. We believe we are here together because you made us for each other and we do not want to be broken up but we have so many distractions that we are not being the best for each other. Help us show and express the love we have for each other and to be HUSBAND AND WIFE to each other.
    Mary Mother of my Lord, please intercede for us!!

  2. Mother Mary you are a mother I ask you to heal my daughter Amber ????.Take away all her unhealthy thoughts of wanting to die. Fill her once again with love ????. I pray by the mighty power of your holy Rosary I claim spiritual warfare over her cleanse her and make her whole again. Amen ????

  3. Please share the Prophecies and Revelations of Saint Bridget:

    “I am the Creator of the heavens and the earth, one in Divinity with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I am the one who spoke to the patriarchs and the prophets and the one whom they awaited. For the sake of their longing and in agreement with my promise, I assumed flesh without sin and concupiscence, by entering the womb of the Virgin like the sun shining through the clearest gem. For just as the sun does not damage the glass by entering it, likewise the virginity of the Virgin was not lost when I assumed Manhood. I assumed flesh in such a way that I did not have to forsake my Divinity, and I was no less God – with the Father and the Holy Spirit, governing and upholding all things – although I was in the womb of the Virgin in my human nature. Just as brightness is never separated from fire, so too, my Divinity was never separated from my Humanity, not even in death.

  4. I request Mother Mary to pray for me that my enemies at work may be stopped or moved out of my way, request to get a higher position and salary increment in my place of work, pray that my kids maybe protected from the demons and they may be humble and succeed in their life. I request to get money and get to the holy land and Roma.
    I pray

  5. Dear Mother of Immaculate Conception, Thank you very much for everyday blessings in our life. Despite we are on financial struggles. Thank you also that my husband will start on his fulltime position this coming December 5, from partime to fulltime job in the Nursing Home. This is the early Christmas gift given in our family. Pray my family love, unity, harmony, happiness, peace and respect. Always protect and guide my family from danger. Help us for financial struggles so that we can solve our problems yo pay our debts and etc. Heal my son to love and respect as parents especially his dad because they we’re not in good terms. Pray my case for victory regarding my medical condition as well my husband case for the victory of their unions. I’m suffering for cough please heal me. Thank you

  6. I am praying for my mother who has been struggling and suffering with so much illness this year I pray that her upcoming surgery is successful and she is finally healed from her pain and is able to live out her days healthy and happy. I also pray that Mother Mary intercede not only for my mother but also for me to alleviate the symptoms of my illness and to restore my body to full health. keep my children close to the lord and protect them from harm strengthen their faith.. to keep them kind lovin and forgiving people to keep them healthy and to help them to find their path

  7. I am praying for my mother who has been struggling and suffering with so much illness this year I pray that her upcoming surgery is successful and she is finally healed from her pain and is able to live out her days healthy and happy. I also pray that Mother Mary intercede not only for my mother but also for me to alleviate the symptoms of my illness and to restore my body to full health. keep my children close to the lord and protect them from harm strengthen their faith.. to keep them kind lovin and forgiving people to keep them healthy and to help them to find their path

  8. As we pray together for each other’s intention Peace to you all. May we also pray for the repose soul of my husband Don who die one month ago today. He is so missed.
    Also our son in law is struggling with his job. Has to manage a department where the employees have no respect or work ethics for their job. It’s just a paycheck and manager has to pull their weight to finish the job. Please pray for him Mary mother of Jesus n our mother. Give me strength to stay strong.

  9. I’m asking for the knowledge information and tools need the next 22 days to pass my SPI state board exam. I am also asking for the salvation of all sinners including myself as requested by the divine Mercy prayer requests, even those who’s sins affect me. Please bless and protect Anna at her work help her to conform remove negatively that plagues her. and bless Eddie with advancement.

  10. I pray for your intercession mother Mary to help us find a way to Get rid of all our debts. Guide us and protect our children. Keep us safe and in unity. Help us to overcome our difficulties in communications. Clarify our minds and bless us with good fortune. Save my son from all the negative influences around him. Lead him to a healthy and happy relationship. Protect him against all animosity. Clear him of all the bad allegations against him . I implore you dear queen of heaven.

  11. Praying for the Health of my wonderful family and help with financial issues to my small business… I pray The Lord will grant me the prosperity to improve my family situation and be able to do more in giving back to others.

  12. Please dear mother, I thank you for the many blessings in my life. Mother dear please pray for Joseph and I to let go of the anger, forgive each other, to save and restore our marriage. Amen

  13. Thank you Blessed Mother for taking the desires of my heart to your son Jesus. I pray & ask for a financial miracle & breakthrough to release the chains that are so binding – we need positive change in our life & within our families & the only way for that change is with a financial miracle-we ask this along with other desires of our hearts in Jesus almighty name – Amen.

  14. Thank mother Mary for giving us your only son Jesus please intercede for my son and 2 daughter so that they get jobs where they have applied to.Help us to have strong faith in Jesus and help us to love one another and be humble always. I pray for peace in my family and protect my family from any generational curses I pray in Jesus name Amen

  15. I pray for my immediate family that we each find financial stable ground, but more importantly for the community and relationships each one of us is seeking. For healing of relationships with other family and friends. And for an increase in joy.

  16. Thank you Lord Jesus for all your many Blessings. Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, for saying Yes to God and becoming the mother of our Saviour. O Blessed Jesus, I ask that you find my son a permanent, full-time job where he feels respected, included and can make a good living. Help him Lord to please find purpose and meaning in his life, a good wife and a family to call his own. I love you Lord Jesus and thank you for all your many Blessings. I ask you Blessed Mary ever virgin to take all our prayer petitions of the praymorenovena family to our Lord and Saviour and intercede to Him on our behalf. O Lord Jesus thank your for being born and dying on the cross and spilling your precious blood so that we could have eternal life with you forever. Amen

  17. I pray for my friend pat. He is having surgery tomorrow morning. And it goes well for him tomorrow morning. So I say that you pray for him too. Thank you.

  18. O Virgin conceived without sin, deliver my home and husband(EMMANUEL CHINOMSO) from adultery and evildoers encouraging him to break his home.

    Open the doors of finances, and restore your glory upon my home and husband and my daughter(DASIA)

    See me through this trying times and empower me not to fall but show to me that you truly are there, also bless my hands and bless me that even now that am rejected I WILL BE THE CORNER STONE OF THE BUILDING..

    Bless my aunt susan and all the mothers struggling in there home in silence because of marriage, give them the heart of peace and lighten their path with love……

  19. Praying this novena for the complete healing and restoration of a loved one from cancer, for financial debt to become manageable, for continued guidance and direction, and for a specially intentioned miracle.


  21. Dear sweet Blessed Mother I ask for you intercession for all those who pray this novena and for financial assistance for my family, and that all my children who have fallen away from the Catholic faith be brought back to their Catholic roots and become practicing Catholics once again. Amen

  22. I pray to have the patience and genuine love to mother in the image and likeness of Mary. The will to accept God’s divine will and plan for my family with Grace.

  23. My mother immaculate comception be with me my friend makes him call me everyday please I’m still waiting for is answer. Help me prayers open the door for me. Amen thank you

  24. Healing for my brother Greg and that he would end his years of alcohol abuse.

    Financial stability and full time job for my son Kyle.

    Healing for Tess and her mental illness.

    All praise and glory to our beautiful Blessed Mother Mary.

  25. Dear Mary, please bring peace to our family and please ask your Son to take this heavy burden from B and from our family so we can heal and forgive and love each other again.

  26. Please Mary. Pray that D’s heart will be softened so she doesn’t have an abortion and pray that she has courage and strength. Please pray that she has a true conversion of heart. Amen.

  27. Immaculate conception please assist on pleading with your son to grant me all my pray requests and more I lay before him during tbis Congress I am going for.
    Financial break through
    Permanent Job
    Good health
    Remi Education
    Remi profession & scholarship
    Gaudiness & protection for my brothers and sisters.

  28. Please help me pray to get a partner, a God-given husband whom we can share our lives together with our families and live like the house of Mary, Joseph and Jesus.
    I am also in need of a car and a house i can call my own (together it will be ours). That everything granted will be used as a blessing to God’s people and His creation.

  29. Please please help me pray for my daughter ,she ‘s due to have the baby next week for Mother Marie to be there with her in that paint full moment thank you.amen…..

  30. I am thanking God in advance and praying for God, s protection upon my family. I ask that there will be no premature deaths in my family. May God grant us long life 100years all of us. I will hear any bad news, will not buy my parents, brothers and sisters, my own children nephews, nieces in laws prematurely in Jesus mighty name. May you grant us journey mercies as we travel back and forth this Christmas period. Mother of mercy continue to intercede for me and obtain me favours in Jesus name Amen.

  31. Pray for my sister as she struggles with her anxiety, guilt and fear. I pray that she will leave her job that causes her pain and suffering mentally and physically. Please, Mother Mary, pray for my sister that she may submit to the love of the Lord in this situation, and trust in His guidance.

  32. Place my financial situation into your hands. I pray that my son would be successful with his exams and he would get high scores. I pray for my daughter.

  33. My holy Mother, I know that you were obedient to the will of God. In making this petition, I know that God’s will is more perfect than mine. So, grant that I may receive God’s grace with humility like you.
    I pray for you to fight for me

  34. Mama Mary, pls pray for me that i may pass all my exams successfully. Pls also pray for my clasmates who are also struggling like me.