Day 1 – The Divine Mercy Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The Divine Mercy Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Jesus, thank you for everything for the gift of life for the gift of my family,relatives,friends also for the healing of my multiple myoma i dont want a surgery lord God heal me and brothers my family i also lift up to you my application to Canada, the visa officer who review my papers my upcoming medical make it clear in Jesus name i pray amen thank you Jesus :)

  2. Father Lord, please show me the way, show me my mission in life as I go through this horrible divorce…Lord grant me patience and wisdom and help me not to break down mentally and physically as I go through this abuse. Lord please show my two,children that I have to save myself and not to judge me. Lord please help me make wise decisions as I am alone in this. Teach me to love you more and to know that you are with me …show me how to pray and put my faith in you.

  3. For passing the 2017 November Bar Exams and for the healing of my family especially the relationship of mommy, daddy and nanay as well as the protection and safety of all my family members.

  4. I am in gratitude for all that God bestows upon us and enjoy all our gifts. God and all prayer warriors my ask is a simple one, to pray for my husband who retired from the Military. He needs God in him and his health.

    We pray for all those in need of love, home, family- to be found in abundance. In Jesus name.

  5. Asking Jesus to provide a new career for myself (also asking for my friend). Also hoping in His promises and asking for healing and guidance in finally getting married to the right man. So much discernment, strength, and hope needed right now. Feeling so lost and abandoned. Jesus, I Trust in You. +

  6. Please pray for my husband Roger, who has been out of work since January. He has gone on many interviews but nothing yet. He is starting to get discouraged. Please pray he finds a job soon. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  7. For the healing of all those suffering from anxiety, depression ,addiction , negativity, fear. For people to come closer to God, & go for Mass regularly
    & know the importance of having God in their life.

  8. I pray for daughter healing -lung cancer IV, for the approval of my unemployment benefits, for my job case with attorney goes smooth, my husband to get closer to God and all my family members, in Jesus name amen!

  9. I pray for conversion of my family, to walk closer with God. Good health, guidance and protection. Improvements in my spiritual life to discern the voice of God. Project success and cooperation of required parties.

    Provision of the needs of the world, my church and work communities, the less and differently abled.

  10. Devine Mercy of God be upon my family and I. For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on me , my family and on the whole world.
    Show me mercy in my exams, in my husdand’s job search and in my children’s classes. Amen.

  11. Please pray for my son. Help him to turn away from the sin of ssa and the immoral lifestyle that it promotes. Lead him to follow the path that You have chosen for him, not the path of his own making. We know that You will never leave him or forsake him.
    Thank you!

  12. I pray for a good stable job where i won’t be fired nor laid off nor let go, and that Jesus breaks the chain of firings/lay-offs that have plagued me for almost 5 years now. Praying too that God sends me this job before my unemployment benefits runs out next month. Also praying that God gives me a chance at a happy marriage and sends me the spouse He has in mind for me, and he blesses my marriage with our biological children. Dear Jesus, Praying that YOU release my mom from anxieties and fears and give her inner peace and joy, and also accompany my oldest brother Pablo as he goes through this period of his life with dementia. Praying also that forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and peace take place within my siblings, in-laws and our family in general, for my mom’s sake. Thank you, God bless you all.

  13. I ask prayer for my daughter. May she hear the holy spirit and ask for guidance as she closes one chapter and prepares for another. May she do the Lord’s will not anyone else’s. May peace be granted in all of our hearts and may we trust in the Lord, through him everything is possible. I ask prayer for my child for discernment, safety, wisdom, and guidance. Amen!

  14. With the intercession of St Faustina, please heal myself, my husband and my sisters from cancer, my Mom’s broken hip and assist in a healthy delivery of my granddaughter. With you all things are possible. Jesus, I trust in you!

  15. Dear God: through the intercession of Sr Faustina, I say you to have mercy on my husband’s soul (Al) who died last year and also on the soul of my deceased father, John, and grant them eternity with you in Heaven. I ask you to have mercy on my nephew’s soul (Taylor). He is lost from you, searching for a job to start his career, very angry, rude and disrespectful. He needs your help and I am asking you to direct his steps to the job you have planned for him and grant him the grace of finding You. Dear God- I ask for your mercy for my soul and ask for the grace of increasing and indelible trust and faith in your plans for my life. God, last but not least, have mercy on the souls of my mother, sisters and all my family and bless my departed and living pets (your gifts). Grant us the grace of acceptance, love and support of each other based in love of You.

    You died for us-help us live for You.

    Love, Sandra

  16. For the intentions of the mother Mary, the church, and our Lenten intentions.
    For healing and help for all marriages and families.
    For a home.
    For Anna R. And her family. Please heal them and restore them and unite them.
    For conversion, salvation, and help for all souls.
    For protection, provision and assistance in all things.
    To be in Gods will.

  17. Merciful Jesus please hear my prayer!
    That a wall of angels will always protect my family from being hurt mental and physical!
    For Sarah and Brock and Polly Pillen will return to the church and have a relationship with Jesus!
    For Malaki,Zoii,Carolyn and Ana that there will be peace and love and security!
    For Izic Pillen that the testing that will done will give help to Izic in school and everything he does!Wisdom and knowledge will be given to Dr Hannappel!
    That he will not be so tired!
    That he will believe in himself!
    He will have many friends!
    That any girl considering an abortion that the Holy Spirit will give her to help to find someone to raise her child or child Will be adopted!
    For all those that I hold in my heart that are sick or dying especially Jo Sokoland her family!
    I lift these prayers up to you with Thanksgiving!
    In Jesus’s name amen!

  18. I pray for my husband and son. That they may grow closer to the Lord and learn to love Him unconditionally just as He loves us.
    I pray for God’s will I’m my marriage and family.
    I pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby for my daughter.
    Jesus I trust in You.

  19. Please pray for my friends mom (MJ) who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Pray for healing and guidance for her and her family.
    Thank you!

  20. I pray for moms’s health to improve.
    I pray for my insecurities and jealousies to go away.
    I pray for my daughter’s anxiety to stop.
    I pray for my son to choose the right college to go to.
    I pray to make the right decisions regarding my marriage and my relationship choices for the future.
    I pray for God’s will to be done for my family and me, and that we will know what that is and have the strength to accept it.
    Thank You. Amen.

  21. I pray for moms’s health to improve.
    I pray for my insecurities and jealousies to go away.
    I pray for my daughter’s anxiety to stop.
    I pray for my son to choose the right college to go to.
    I pray to make the right decisions regarding my marriage and my relationship choices for the future.
    I pray for God’s will to be done for my family and me, and that we will know what that is and have the strength to accept it.
    Thank You. Amen. ?❤️

  22. 1)that my brother and I may be lovingly reconciled to one another and that he be fully healed of his stroke
    2)that my sister N. be healed of her deafness completely and that her husband be healed completely of his prostate cancer
    3)that my sister JS and I be lovingly reconciled to one another
    4)that my brother and sisters come back to their Catholic faith
    5)that my beloved E. be healed of his many health problems

  23. That married couples devote themselves to God and each other. May R and K be strengthened in their love for one another and trust each other again.

  24. Today I pray for my doughter in law that suffered from an autoimmune deciese and is having a lot of pain and frustration due to a diet she has to follow at this time. I also pray for Larry that his heart surgery will go well.

  25. Dear Divine Mercy please have mercy on us specially for my family and for peace in the world i pray for Venezuela and Colombia may your Mercy help those countries. And for me I ask that my eye sight stays the same or get better.
    I love you Jesus

  26. I thought the same thing. I have always said chaplet along with the prayers.
    I pray to the Divine Mercy for financial security to enable my husband & I to retire and lead a fulfilling life. I also ask for continued prayers for my daughter & her family. Bless those who are suffering from cancer, illness, loneliness and lack of love for God. Amen

  27. For the souls of all who have died esp. for my mother & mother in law.
    For all who have drifted away from the faith esp. family and friends
    For guidance with an Alzheimer relation
    For those in need of employment
    For my children and God Children/confirmation children
    For LB & JB and their kids
    For all the intentions of this community

  28. I pray: for the repose of the soul of my beloved husband, JB, who died August 22, 2018 and for all the souls in Purgatory. I pray for God’s grace to accept His will. For Pope Francis, all the clergy (including the retired) & for all our seminarians & for an increase in vocations. For all the sick, lonely, homeless, imprisoned, & those who feel unloved and unwanted – May they feel God’s love and mercy! ? ✝️ ? ❤

  29. Praying for my granddaughter and her mother- Divine intervention on custody case that mother and daughter remain together. That mom maintains full legal custody of her daughter, as it is now. God’s will be done. Give us strength during this time, Jesus! Thank you!

  30. Please pray for my daughter who has chosen to be estranged from our family for no known reason. This year is especially difficult as she has plans to be married without her parents and brothers and the love we have always given to her. Grant us Serenity and her a path back to her Faith and family.

  31. For my husband, daughter and son’s faith to be restored. They have stopped attending Mass and my son says he no longer believes in God. I pray for strength to be a good role model and to not get discouraged.

  32. Please pray for all those suffering from anxiety & depression. For people to come closer to God & put him first in their lives, & to go regularly for Mass

  33. Healing for the hearts and minds of my children, who have been through a lot. Steadfastness of heart for their parents. Thank you.

  34. Prayers for a dear friends daughter who in her last days of her life. Prayers for her husband and her family. May God give her peace.

  35. Please pray for my children ; Jeffrey, Felicia, and Justin O’Brien whom have fallen away from the Catholic faith. Jeffrey and Justin completely from all faith. My grandchildren Elijah and Ophelia to be baptized. For our family to always be close and loving and forgiving.

  36. I pray that my son Robert girlfriend will stay away from this house she doesn’t live here anymore and I don’t think it’s a good ideal from the beginning for her to move in here. Pray that Shareace stay where she’s at and leave us alone. I pray for live peace and happiness in our home now. For blessing that we won’t have room to receive. Thank you Jesus!! Amen

  37. Please pray for my 17 year old son, E, who is incarcerated and doubting God’s existence, and for my 9 year old son, J, who is devastated and missing his brother, and for my husband and I and our two younger sons, a 2 yr old and a 2 month old, as well). Please pray for peace and swift resolution according to God’s will in a current very difficult custody case and for the conversion of my older sons’ father and stepmother.

  38. Requesting all to pray for my children and grandchildren who have fallen away from their faith. Please pray that Jesus will have Mercy on them and bring them back to the sacraments and save their souls. I also request prayers for my husband who is deceased. Please Jesus, have mercy on him.

    Thank you.

  39. Please pray that I can stick to a weight loss plan and lose the amount of weight this year that I need to lose in order to be healthy. Please pray that my husband is safe in his job, both financially and physically, and that he is loyal to me, and me to him. Please pray that God continues to bless our marriage. Please pray that God protects our finances. Please pray that my husband and I conceive a healthy baby this year if it is God’s will. Please pray for continued good health of body, mind, and spirit for my father. Please pray that my father gets good news concerning his investments. And please pray that God brings good people into my life. Thank you. Amen.

  40. Pray for the good health of each member of my family especially for my brother who had gone for an MRI scan and they found a cyst in his back. For his son who has just recovered from pneumonia to restore him to good health. For my neice who is studying abroad to succeed in her studies and keep her in good health For my son who also had a prob in his health he recovers completely. For my husband who suffers from migraine headache. Other members of my family in their financial issues. Pls. Hear us Jesus!

  41. Requesting all to pray for my husband, Manny, that he gets relief from his shoulder pain, and avoid surgery. Also praying for my children.
    Thank you.

  42. I wish to thank you for bringing these Novenas to us on a regular basis. I especially love this one where we will pray for different groups each day. All of us are sinners and I pray that each and everyone comes to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior! I especially pray for our you people, my grandchildren will know him early in their lives! Happy Easter!

  43. Dear divine mercy,
    Pray for my troubled self that the lord may have mercy on me and allow me settle issues with my partner so we can enjoy good family life

  44. I would like to pray for my brother-in-law, he has cancer. I would also pray for my sons, that they would start going to Mass on Sundays again. I would also like to pray for any friends or family that are I’ll or don’t go to church like they should.

    • Yes. We pray the entire chaplet & closing prayers. I have googled it but got nevena brochures for the Devine Mercy week

    • A little over a year ago I read “Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul.”
      The Divine Mercy Novena was given to St. Faustina by our Lord Jesus Christ with intentions for each day of the Novena, for each of the nine days of the Novena.
      Although it was intended for each of nine days you can, of course, say the entire Novena in one day or maybe one day an hour.
      The Diary is beautiful and if you get the chance you should read it.
      God bless

  45. Lord have Mercy on us! As I start this novena, I ask for the grace I need to live out my vocation fully with love, trust & humility. I pray for the conversion of my husband & childrens hearts. I ask this in Jesus name AMEN!!!

  46. Lord Jesus have mercy on me. I ask you to bless my finances..i pray that you bless ny children and guide them with their studies. I pray that they would be successful with their studies. Lord I pray for my son that you would guide him as he make his choices in life. Protect my children. I pray for my husband that he would return to the church. Bless him dear LORD. Bless my family Lord snd and keep tben

  47. I ask that you pray for all drug and alcohol addicts, especially my boyfriend who is very religious goes to church daily but has an addiction to alcohol. May the Lord get him to realize the harm he is doing to more then just himself and cause him to quit drinking. I pray in Jesus’ name . Amen

  48. Please pray for my husband as he is battling depression. Also help him find a job soon. He’s in urgent need of a new job. I beg you, Jesus, to not let him be without a job. I also ask you to pray for his conversion.

  49. We ask for your prayers for our mission to serve the poor in a bigger and better location so that we can fulfill what has been asked of us. We pray for our own finances and for Gods will in all matters in our lives. Finally for my little daughter as she prepares to make her first Holy Communion we pray that Gods grace is with her always and that she remains a pure and beautiful light that follows Jesus as she will soon host Him in her own home and love Him with a more pure heart.Amen

  50. Please pray for my husband that he finds the strength and the conviction to humbel himself before the cross and accept Jesus into his life. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Praying for the same thing. Praying for my daughter’s addictions on many levels ( drugs, alcohol, phone, stealing, lying etc.) and that insurance will cover more days ( since they have denied and won’t approve the appeal, we need a miracle on this front and they are only allowed 17 days ! she is not ready to come out she needs at least 90 days and I pray that she sees and acknowledges that. She is 24 and obviously has a mind of her own. Thank you for all your prayers on her behalf and know I pray for all intentions for those saying this Novena!

  51. Please pray for all people praying this novena and give them peace. Please hear my prayers for my family, especially for my daughter and her pregnancy and for my son. Bring someone special to him. Bless my other daughter with a new baby for her.
    Please bless KS and heal her.
    Praise to God!

  52. Please, pray for me as I continue my PhD studies. With a lot of work to do and a year left. I pray that God gives me the strength push harder and achieve my desired outcome. Also, praying for family and friend that may the good Lord guide and protect them. Amen.

  53. We need prayers for our marriage and family. Please pray for a very sick member of our family to finally get help with mental illness.

  54. Dear Divine Mercy please help me for my incoming nursing board exam on June 3and4 with the average of 88%..Help me to give more knowledge and concentration in my study ..Amen

  55. Please pray with me that The Monastery of Our Lady of Mt. Caritas can pay its bills and get a mortgage that will return the property of the Monastery to us.
    Also, that I remain a faithful hermit.

  56. I pray for the souls in purgatory and graces my family need for their conversion and for their salvation .,for peace and unity with in my family. amen

  57. For inner healing I pray to you St Faustina.
    For the selling of my house.
    For the conversion of Davids heart and for his inner healing.
    And lastly for my son Joseph that is having a difficult time. I’m Jesus name I pray to you. Please hear my prayers and answer them. Thank you because without you I’m absolutely nothing!

  58. Praying for all souls in purgatory.praying for Ireland to protect the 8th amendment.praying for my own situation.for family and friends.jesus have mercy on me a sinner