Day 1 – St. Therese Novena 2015

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Pray More Novenas PodcastHere’s Day 1 of the St. Therese Novena!

It’s also our very first novena that we’re podcasting in audio and video!

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  1. It is a miracle, praise the lord, praise the lord, praise the lord. My name is Carolina Alegre from London UK. Seven year ago I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Idiopathic Hypoglycemia, life was frustrated with that condition. I could not do anything thing on my own, I could not move, I was just on one place. I was on medication for straight seven years but the condition was still the same. I gave up hope I was preparing myself to die until a friend of mine in USA called me and introduced me to synagogue church of all nation[scoan]. He told me that I don’t have to travel to the church to see prophet TB JOSHUA, he gave me the ministry email that I should request for anointed water which can cure the disease. I contacted them and the anointed water was sent to me through ups courier service nearest to my location. Lol and behold immediately I took the drop of anointed water I was made whole, my life was restored back and I was healed after seven years of idiopathic hypoglycemia. To crown it all a friend of mine that have suffered for hivaids for nine years was healed immediately she took the water. HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH, my friends why not visit the email; and request for your own water and be healed and secondly the water can protect you from every evil and also make your business to increase.

  2. Thank you Blessed St. Therese for your support and intervention in my family’s struggle. Continue, I beg, to praY FOR MY jASON THAT HE MIGHT MAKE THE CHANGES HE NEEDS TO MAKE AND BE THE PERSON HE WAS CREATD TO BE.

  3. Please pray for me. I’m in desperate need. I’m in debt, lonely, seeking a husband, friends, a better quality of life. Please pray my dreams become reality. That I’m married, financially sound, own a aerial arts studio, am a talented aerialist. That I’m able to give back to others in need.

  4. Dear St Therese

    Please pray that I find strength to go through this challenge
    Please pray that my husband and I may find time to talk this over.
    Please pray for the renewal of our marriage.
    Please pray that my mother in law finds peace in her heart and advise her son to forget about everything and everyone and fix his marriage
    Please pray that I get the job that I’ve applied for.
    Please pray for good health in my family especially my husband.
    Please pray for peace in my marriage and in my family.

  5. I think when you’re doing the podcast for novenas that you need to start the prayers with the sign of the cross … Just a suggestion for audio and video podcast.

  6. Lord, I ask through your servant Therese the following petitions:

    The spiritual rebirth of the church parish of St Therese of the Child Jesus in Abbeville, Louisiana. I ask that you touch the hearts, minds, and souls of every person young and old. I ask that you call for people to serve in the variety of needs that are needed by all. May you pour a spirit of volunteerism so that the needs of the parish are met. I ask a return of those who have left the faith and those no longer practice the faith. Raise up those with an evangelical spirit to bring the good news to all. Bless, and strengthen the staff and those who serve the community. In great need is the financial and material welfare. There has much need to repair, restore, and upgrade much. The funds needed are also to supply support to those who are in ministry. We need dedicated and anointed music. Continue to bless the adoration chapel with many adorers. Empower a youth ministry that meets the needs of our youth!
    I ask that you ask God to provide for me healing, renewal, deliverance (especially procrastination, bandages, memories, woundedness, etc), health (healing of physical, mental, and spiritual), openness to grace, openness to the ministerial gifts, and whatever in my life to be the best possible servant pastor for the community. I ask to bathe in God’s mercy. Anointed my preaching, teaching, and ability to called to holiness. Give me a desire to learn. Help me to lead others from the truth. Whatever I don’t know that I need I ask for especially those I mention in my heart.
    I ask for the needs and salvation of those I love. I ask God’s blessings for those who are good to me. I ask God to provide forgiveness to all in my life and I ask God to be able to forgive and be forgiven. If I have hurt anyone or caused anyone to sin in any way may there be healing and forgiveness.
    For those who have asked for my prayers, those that I have promised to pray for, and those who are in need of prayer who have no one to pray for them For those dying without benefit of prayer or sacrament. For the poor souls in Purgatory especially the neglected and forgotten.
    For a safe and holy trip! For God’s grace and healing to flow.

  7. Dear Saint Theresa.
    Please pray for my sister Lauren. She has many medical issues that need your divine help with. Please help her to heal and get rid of the infection she has and also to keep the cancer at bay. She needs your love to get thru each and every day. Your support is very important in helping her get thru each day.

  8. Dear St. Theresè; I pray to you for your prayers; for your intersection. I pray t0 Our Lord Jesus Christ that in union with The Holy Spirit, my intentions be heard.

    I pray for peace within my family and for my friends and their families.
    I pray for my family, to be more caring, to have more respect, acceptance and tolerance among each other.
    I pray for the health and well being of myself, my husband, my children, my grandson and all my friends and their families.

    I pray for my husband, for his healing from the grief of his mother’s passing. That he be free of pain, become more happy, loving, patient, understanding, more tolerant and acceptable of others.
    I pray that this claim/attack from his ex wife will have no merit, be dismissed and over and done with as soon and as quickly as possible.

    I pray for the conversion of my children…J., T., E., K., B…that they will open their hearts and let Our Lord in. That they might want and come to understand that they need Our Lord in their lives.

    I pray for the homeless, the poor and all those in need..please help them St. Theresè.

    I pray for the sick and those with mental illness, and all who are suffering that they will be healed especially; Frank D., Frank T., Tiziana, Ron, Amy, Bruno, Kaaren, Gaetano, Connie, Ching, Franca, Giuseppe, Maria B., Luca, Athyn, Preston, Helen’s husband, and all the others on my list. Also for myself, that my bodily aches and pains will heal and that I can get back to a more normal day to day. Please help me to take better care of myself so that I will be able to take care of those dear to me.
    For Ricky, that has been going through chemo, I pray for his healing.

    I pray for all the young children especially my grandson H., and for my friends’ children and my friends’ grandchildren.

    I pray for Our Lord’s love and peace within our hearts especially for my family and friends.

    I pray for Vince, that all the problems that he is dealing with will be resolved very soon.

    I pray for C. & A., and for S. & M., that there families will have a more healthy and financially stable life. I pray that C.’s new business venture will take off and be a lucrative business.

    I pray for those looking for work and for those who have jobs that they will be secure in there positions. For those who are on strike and those about to strike, that they will resolve their differences and come to an understanding ASAP. I pray that my childrens’ jobs be secure and they will be finacially stable.

    I pray for my Country and all Countries that they will financially stable.

    I pray for those who are traveling, that they arrive at their destinations and back home safe and sound and upon returning home, find their loved ones, family and friends safe and sound.

    I pray for all those who are praying this Novena..that their prayers and intentions be answered.

    Thank you St. Theresè. I thank You Lord Jesus, for all we have, all you give us and all you continue to give us. I thank You Lord Jesus for having lived and died for us!

  9. Thank you for expanding your service to those who believe and follow Our Lord . This audio was so sweet and comforting to listen to , THANK YOU again for your continued service to Christ .

  10. For the Family I volunteer for that God will help them with their children especially the one with autism.stop the people who take advantageOus their finances

  11. I would love. Not to be able to work out our differences I know he will put love. Not to be able to work out our differences I know he loves me please put us together.

  12. Dearest St Therese

    Please pray for my intentions

    These intentions are out of my hands and i ask that you hand them to the Father; son and holy spirit; so that God’s glory will be seen in my life; please pray to God to help me through all the storms of my life; and in your mercy and grace i pray that you send me a rose this period Amen

    Please pray for all the refugees and immigrants like me to succeed and be established happily in our various countries of migration Amen

    Please pray for the souls of all aborted babies and that abortion will be put to an end Amen

    Thank you St Therese

  13. St. Therese,
    I pray for world peace, the poor souls in purgatory, conversion of sinners and for my nephew Bryan to be accepted into the Catholic based program where he is being interviewed for admission today. He needs direction to put his life back in order. I also ask for my husband and 3 sons to grow in holiness. I offer my gratitude for your intercession in Jesus’ name. Amen

  14. Dear St. Theresa, I pray success for my daughter completing her education this fall and help so that she may graduate this December. I pray for protection for my family and for God’s continued grace in our lives. I pray for ease to my financial hardship. Peace for my life, and for harmony to be restored with my family. Thank you!

  15. For my young adult children- that they will more fervently embrace the Church and her teachings and return faithfully to Mass. Amen.

  16. Dearest St Therese,
    I pray that you will help my family make the right decision about relocating. Please give us the confidence to choose what is right for our family and whatever it may be help us to be strong in that decision as we move forward.

  17. I pray for healing of body ,mind soul and spirit. Protection and guidance for me and my family. Success in all our undertakings. Peace and love in my home. Amen

  18. St. Therese pray for me and for my family. I pray for continued good heath, unity and safety of my family. I pray for all my nephew and nieces for a successful future may they be able to find good jobs so they can support themselves. I pray for my daughter success in her academics study and in her game of golf so she could received a college scholarship. I pray for my nephew Alex to continue his success in lacrosse and may he be able to find the coaching job that he desires. I pray all the children, please keep them under the mantle of your protection. Protect them from all harm, keep them safe from all dangers. I pray for my sister and niece and all that have asked me for prayers for good health. I pray these in Jesus name. Amen.

  19. God bless my Dad, and his work. For God to give him the patience, and whatever he needs to prosper, and find true, and never ending happiness in this life.

  20. Dear St. Therese, please pray for my two sons, that they be soon turned to Christ and converted to His way, through whichever means are His will. I pray, also, that I receive the courage and wisdom to discern my vocataion in order to better use the gifts that God has granted me. Thank you, dear Therese for your prayers of intercession.

  21. Praying for those who have gone before me to be with you. I especially would like to remember my friend, Marguerite. I hope those who have gone before me can intercede on my behalf to become closer to being more Christ like. Amen

    • Dear Blessed St. Theresa : Please guide me to a more peaceful state of depression. Also for my children & grandchildren, especially my grandson in grade 12.
      Also please take my Father’s hand and guide him if needed. I miss Mother very much, but no doubt you know her.

      Mainly St. Theresa PLEASE help my husband who needs a kidney transplant. He never complains but it has to be on his mind

      Thank-you so much.

  22. St. Therese pray that Abba continues to hear my daily prayers for his total control at work. His will is my way and without him I cannot meet expectations, only he knows why I deserve such a blessing. May the Love of the Father and my Lord Jesus Christ continue to fill my being every day. Holy Spirit guard my mind, words and actions all the seconds of my life. AMEN

  23. Please pray for my son Ben, who lost a second job within a year. We pray that The Lord would place him where He wants him. Pray for a job to open up for Dominic. Pray for the countries to find solutions and care for all the refugees and for all our persecuted brothers and sisters in the world. We pray that their trials will bring them closer to Christ.
    I pray that all my sons will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I pray for COTL, and all those I know who are sick.

  24. I pray for J that he may find his way down the path best for him that his calf heals well and he can continue on with his training.
    For my mom who has sat with me through these dark nights as I fight my battles of healing physically and emotionally, she has been diagnosed with many illnesses over the past 3 years I want her to find peace for she has suffered so much throughout her life; for my niece as she starts this school year may she continue in the path of success. For my brother and his girlfriend Lord give them both the strength to overcome their differences and strive for better with their son A may his illness go away. I pray for my friends S and C who live through your words and are struggling everyday with depression. For baby Savannah so tiny at 3 weeks old and so new to this world I just ask that you protect her and give her a bountiful life Lord. For my father Dear Lord please help him take some of this weight off his shoulders and allow him to breathe. Lastly Lord I pray for me Lord I need you so much as I am struggling to find peace but as I have asked you for so much just now I would like to also thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many blessing you have given me starting with the second chance at life when I was so ill thank you Lord for my family threw the good and the bad they have been in my corner thank you thank you and thank you if I ever in the past seemed ungrateful for all that you have bestowed upon me I apologize please Lord forgive me.


  25. I offer this novena for my three sons’ return to God and the faith, so that my oldest son will be open to having children in his upcoming marriage, my middle son’s success in when he starts his school, and for my youngest son to be able to admit his alcohol addiction and seek help. St. Theresa, plus help my sons. Thank you! Jesus, I trust in you!!

  26. Please pray for my marriage. Please pray for my son who has epilepsy, that his seizures stop. And for my family, that we may have peace in our home.

  27. I would like to dedicate this novena to one of my best friends who is dealing with a lot of health ans psychological problems, that she may find strength and comfort in God, and that I may have the patience and love to stick with her through it all. I would also like to pray this novena for clarity in choosing a career for my future.

  28. I heard of a co-worker today who has been in coma for two years. The family has lost all hopes and now preparing for his departure. However, the Almighty God is able to cure and change any situation. So I am praying this novena for him that God will step in his case and perform a miracle.

  29. I pray that K and I can grow spiritually, and emotionally in our relationship. That our communication becomes stronger and that through the holt spirit our love can flourish.

  30. I pray in thanksgiving for all the help my family and I have received through St. Theresa’s intercession. We love her so much. I pray for all the holy souls in purgatory that God will deliver them from their suffering and bring them to Heaven quickly and that he takes from me anything that will help them get to Heaven. I pray for my friends and family who have passed that they are with Jesus and I pray for all my family that God will have mercy on our souls and bring us all to Heaven when our time comes. I also pray for all the wonderful priests and religious that God has sent us as well as all the suffering souls on earth. I pray that we can all handle what comes to us in life and that we keep Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and all the saints close to us. Finally, I pray for John-Paul and Annie for this beautiful service of providing these novenas….much love.

  31. Dear St. Therese,

    I pray for continued good health for myself and family. St. Therese I pray that my daughter may find happiness and joy with someone who will love her and make her happy, that they have a strong bond and that they will make Our Lord the center of their lives. Thank you St. Therese????????????

  32. St. Therese, please intercede & teach me to “love in your little ways”, my husband. Show me how to love as you love Christ, completely and wholly; with child like wonder and joy.

    Intercede for the requests for healing E’s wounds and for for E & S infertility, but as He wills.

  33. Dear St. Therese,
    I pray that me and P. will draw closer emotionally, mentally, spiritually and may this relationship will blossom just like a Rose that will gives meaning and happiness to our individual life. I also pray St. Therese that he may learn to show his innermost care towards me by showing it to his actions. In jesus name.

  34. I pray that the spirit of the lord will rest on me: a spirit of wisdom & understanding, a spirit of knowledge & counsel, a spirit of strength & fear of the lord, & my delight shall be in fear of the lord. May justice be the band around my waist & faithfulness a belt around my hips. For the return to the church of my husband, children, stepchildren, my God- grandchildren & my en-laws! For a complete & premenent healing of our finiances. We need a miracle in this area. In Jesus mighty name. I believe!!

  35. I pray for my friend’s dad who is battling stage 4 colon cancer and other complications.
    I pray also for my sister who is currently underemployed that she finds a better higher paying job.
    I pray for my sister’s health as she is currently on dialysis. I pray for her strength and the perservarence to go on with her life normally.
    I pray for my nephews that as they grow older that they will be guided by God’s grace and make wise decisions.

  36. Dear St.Therese,

    Please intercede for Viveka Rachel Antoni that she will get the part time work and be able to go to college soon. We need help in our finances also to help pay for college. We also are praying for Christine Chen who has stage four pancreas cancer which has spread to her bones.We also pray for all her family members. Dear Saint send your roses to us.

  37. Dear St. Theresa, please intercede for our friend, Cindy, who has been battling cancer for over 20 years. Give her the strength to continue her fight. Ask our Lord to heal her and restore her to full health. Amen.

  38. I pray for my health so I can be here on this earth with my children, I also pray for my children’s wellbeing to follow jesus path and not the “world’s” path, am also praying for my court-case to be finalised quick @ a substantial amount for the children and I to live comfortably, not lavishly most of all Jesus and St Therese i pray for me, myself and I to be healthy and wealthy in healthy. Amen