Day 1 – St. Therese Novena 2015

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Pray More Novenas PodcastHere’s Day 1 of the St. Therese Novena!

It’s also our very first novena that we’re podcasting in audio and video!

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  1. Iprayer that you deliver us from the debt burden and lack of school fees.We pray for good health in the family and unity/

  2. Good morning!
    I just listened to your podcast for today. It was beautiful! I felt more connected with you. through the Holy Spirit and the intercession of St. Therese, I thank you for this wonderful blessing in my life. I love praymorenovenas and look forward to each and every novena. May God bless you now and always.

  3. i pray for a successful wedding on the 2nd and 3rd of oct. and for a blessed, favoured and peaceful marriage, lovely kids and a wonderful husband. Amen!!!

  4. St. Therese, please intercede for our good friend, Leon, as he goes through experimental cancer treatment. We also ask you intercede for his beautiful family as they watch him go through this trying time. Thank you, St. Therese.

  5. Please pray for Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School in Greenville, SC. Please pray for an increase in enrollment, so we may assist more students to develop their abilities, learn their Catholic faith, and be surrounded by the love of their Catholic family.

  6. I pray for the healing of those suffering from cancer, especially Larry, Kelly, Debbie & Leon. That they be fully healed and are able to live a long life doing God’s will here on earth.

  7. Please pray for my husband’s job and my job, for fulfillment and satisfaction. Please pray for our two children that they continue to grow and are healthy. Please pray for the building of our house. Please pray for those who have fallen away from the church. Please pray for all those who struggle and are less fortunate.

  8. Please pray for my brother who is awaiting a double transplant. Ask the Lord to take care of him. Ask God to give his family the grace to love and support him and to be open to his will. Let’s hope for a miracle!

  9. Please pray for our conversion for our grown son who has been away from the Church for over a decade. Please pray for our granddaughter who is into Wicca and our grandson who does to believe in God. St. Therese please pray for all our intentions. Amen


  11. Pray for my youngest son’s faith that he believe in God and seek Him through Jesus. I pray for his future wife that she also have string faith and love, be a faithful Catholic who can help to keep my son in the church. Thank God we discovered my husband’s cancer early, ask that he remain in remission. Also praying that he can keep his job through his company’s downsizing ancient that he find his work fulfilling. May my oldest son find fulfilling employment in his field of study and be surrounded by Godly men who walk in faith daily. May my nephew find peace in following church teachings on living a gay life and courage to follow those teachings while knowing God loves him dearly.

  12. Please pray for my husband to get a blessing to forgive my brother and also for him to find a suitable job for himself.
    Thank you. Good God bless you all.

  13. I ask for the forgiveness of my sins. I pray that Emmanuel will get the admission he is seeking for and the job application he has summited. I pray for a successful semester that I will do well in all my courses. St therese please pray for me. For I make this prayer through Christ our Lord amen

  14. I lift up my sister Therese, that she may be filled with peace, love and joy. And, if it be your will, that she finds a man to love and to show her more of God’s love.

  15. St. THERESE, kindly intercede for these my intentions:
    – for a positive decision from the Norwegian immigrations appeals board.
    – for a positive response from the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.
    – for us to be able to finish our housing project.
    – for more understanding between my husband and I.
    – for my husband to be more loving and compassionate and for him to realize the importance of imploring God in everything he does in words and action.
    – for patience and peace of heart as we wait for God’s answer to our prayers.
    – I also thank God for health for the entire members of my family and equally pray for more of God’s protection from all our enemies and evil doers.
    – I also beg for my children to continue to do well in school and to continue to be respectful and grow up to be respectable. Thank you St. Therese for your kind intercession and I know that my roses will be flowing before the end of this novena in Jesus’ mighty name, Amennnn!!!

  16. For this semester that is full of stress and multiple assignments and exams.
    I am coming before you on this very first day, pleading with you dear St Theresa to intercede and obtain for me the grace to overcome any challenges and failures in the mighty name of Jesus Christ…. That who ever and have so ever have made me fall my exams will not have no more effect on me in Jesus name I pray. Amen… thank you St Theresa for obtaining my Request.

  17. I pray for my son gabriel that he will steered away from drugs, alcohol, bad company and trouble with the law. That he may walk in the path of righteousness and humility. I pray for my mother josephine that she may be restored to good health and be free of illness. Lastly for myself i pray that i may obtain employment as soon as possible. Thank you St Therese. Amen Amem

  18. I pray to be able to give our first born a brother or sister and that it happens soon. I also pray that things at work go smoothly and it’s a happy environment.

  19. My husband has been suffering from anxiety and depression for quite some time, but he is in denial and does not think he has a problem. Please pray along with me that he has the courage to admit he has a problem and to get help. Please pray for wisdom for me and that God would give me the right words to say to confront my husband with my concerns, that I may do so with love and compassion. Please pray for our children as well. Thank you, I am keeping all your intentions in my prayers as well. St Therese, pray for us.

  20. Dearest St Theresa,
    I humble ask that you intercede onbehalf of my life and that of my families. I pray that our trust in God will continue to increase,I pray for his Grace,his unconditional love and Divine Favour dwell on my family and friends. I pray that God Almighty continue to strengthen our Faith in Him,irrespective of whatever we are going through. I pray for a breakthrough in my family again. Bless us again.. Bless my Dad Anthony, my mum Theresa, my brothers ,grandmum and all my friends. Grant the request of everyone praying this novena and the people in the whole who urgently need your help. Amen

  21. Please pray for growth in my character, a new job, healing in our marriage, and for our children to come to faith in Christ and come back to church.

  22. St. Therese please provide safety and support for the Pope as he makes a historical trip to the US. I pray this day for the deliverance of his intentions and the christian intentions of our elected leaders.

  23. I pray this novena for guidance and hope for the prosperous relationship I have with Corey. Let us continue to grow and create a loving and caring relationship and for this around us.


  24. Dear St Therese
    During this novena I am praying for all of my kononian family who have sent in special prayer requests. I am also praying for my daughters and the family’s to return home to the church and and the blessed sacrament.

    Thank you St Therese

  25. I’ve had several eye surgeries this year & am praying for healing of my eyes. Reading is tough right now so your new audio option is terrific. I’m a recent regular supporter & appreciate your faithfulness. Thank you both, John-Paul & Annie!

  26. St. Therese as I pray this novena we ask thee of your intercession. Please ask Jesus to bless my children to be taken in their job application. For a positive result of the data flow of my daughter and that may she pass her exam in the future. Please pray for my son to receive a good news tomorrow as he will follow up his application tomorrow. I beg of you Lord to please answer out plea. Thank you.

  27. Santa Teresita please pray that my husband Scott converts to the Catholic religion so that our marriage goes in the direction of Jesus Christ. We need a miracle. Please St Therese help me with this huge huge task. I beg you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you

  28. St. Therese has answered many prayers for me during my life. I’m asking her this time, through this novena, to please intercede for my daughter. I pray that my daughter will match for a fellowship in her medical specialty, and that it will be the right match for her so she can be happy and finally begin to raise a family.
    I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of the Little Flower. Amen!

  29. Dearest St. Therese,
    During this novena I am asking for your intersession in the healing of my sons from addictions to alcohol and drugs, for their return to the sacrements. For the conversion of all my family members to following Jesus. St Therese we also need aide financially in the selling of the house we co own with our son . He is estranged from us the house has been for sale for a year, he no longer pays and the bank is taking the mortgage out of our account, it is so so hard, financially but emotionally too I am worried about my husbands health we have such trouble sleeping because of the house not selling. Please plead with our dear Lord for a buyer to come quickly and for our son to be healed from whatever is going on with him. Thankyou St Therese

  30. St. Therese thank you for your prayers–
    I pray–For my son struggling with health issues, for my husband that he may have less stress from his job, for my mother-in-law, & for fallen away Catholics that they may feel Jesus’ love and return to their faith.

  31. For our family’s intentions. Especially for my child in the college applications. May God’s will be done. I pray for peace, calmness, passion, excitement as the application process begins and continues. Be with us Lord, you know our needs and wants. For everyone who are in need of prayers and for the holy souls.



  33. St. Therese, thank you for your prayers.
    I pray The Lord may lead us to a means to increase our income to cover our bills. I trust in The Lord and pray each set I take He is guiding me and my husband. I pray for continued healing of my husband’s health of body, mind and spirit.


  34. Please please St. Therese, intercede on behalf of my husband and myself for financial help for so many bills. Please make it so we can retire without financial worry. Thank you St. THERESE.

  35. Dear St. Theresa, please pray for me, my husband and son. Thank God for saving me from the ghastly motor accident. I pray for open doors of favor and opportunities for my family. Financial and business breakthroughs for my husband. Pray that I will be made permanent at my temp job by the end of this novena. Change in behavior for my son and great success. Above all we pray for a great yearning for Christ and His word. In Jesus name. Amen.

  36. My daughter went for an ultrasound yesterday and they found out that our little girl has a clef palet, please pray with me as we see a specialist tomorrow that it is not severe and she will b normal an that this can be fixed.

  37. Please pray for health, faith, peace in my family, Elliott’s eyesight and development and financial security. Tim’s return to faith and my job , I ask this in through St. Therese, in Jesus’ name. Amen

  38. For my dear husband to receive clarity as to what our dear Lord wants him to do. That we may begin being paid again for our labor. And for our project to be successful so we may follow the Holy Spirit through our daughters prompting to travel to her home and do a project there.
    Thank you St Therese , I know you will bring these intentions to Jesus and implore on our behalf. I love you!

  39. We pray Sainte Therese to intercede for us so that we may act like children who are so innocent and true in whatever we do. Our Lord Jesus says ‘let the children come to me’…we pray that through your intercession we will receive the grace of behaving like children and that we may easily be drawn to our Saviour. Amen
    Thank you Our Little Roses who have become so great.

  40. Please St. Therese keep Kris, Ken , Dennis, Susan, Stella and Kenny close to your heart and heal them as they all are struggling with illness. Many miracles are needed from you. Pray too for my son that he returns to his Faith. I thank you and I know you are listening to these prayers and will be sending many roses as y ou have before to me.

  41. Please St Therese pray with me to God for my partner, we are expecting a child in a few weeks and I think that and amongst other things have made him overwhelmed and a little withdrawn. I know he is worried about our finances but please help him remember that God’s time is the best and he will always make a way when there seems to me none.

  42. St. Therese..please ask God for help for my son in his studies at school and his happiness. Please send a suitable husband to my daughter for her happiness .. thank you

  43. Please pray that God will bring me and my beloved together in holy matrimony soon and that our relationship and friendship will continue to be blessed with God’s love, peace and joy, and respect for one another.

    I pray that every one in our families will have good health aa well as safety and protection.

    I pray for good performance in my job.

  44. My dear St Teresa you know what’s in our hearts,please help us. We are in a desperate situation and need prayers. Please go to our lord Jesus Christ and his mother Mary and St Joseph and all the saints and angels in heaven and ask them for help.We beg of you at the start of this novena to listen to our pleas. Please look after my dear mom and 2 sister in laws and my dear auntie and all belonging to us. Thank you so much for listening to my plea. God Bless you all.

  45. I ask for healing of my eyes that I may may be able to see clearly and the headache stops the healing of the circulation legs.

  46. – for a brother who has fallen away from the family, is acoholoc, and refuses to take responsibility for the failures in his life, that he may agree to accept the help that has been suggested to him
    – for my 93y/o mother who struggles with mild dementia and limited mobility, Dear St Therese, plead to Our Lord with me, that she may be comforted and given contentment throughout the rest of her life. She has been a steadfast & wonderful example of faith.

  47. Dear St. Theresa please beg God to grant me all my heart desires and make them begin to manifest. I ask that you unite me and Arthur as husband and Wife. For my financial and job breakthrough, divine healing, good health and long life of each and every member of my family. For forgiveness of sins, to live a holy life worthy of emulation, to control my tongue and temper. For healing on my friend’s parents and grant me wisdom, knowledge, patience and understanding. Finally i ask to see God face to face when my heart ceases to beat. Amen.

  48. Pray for my brother to stop drinking and return to the church. Alexis return to church. Theresa will past here test Nasiya will do good in school and study hard. That this back shot will help my pain. Financial help for me and family. For Eugene healing or peaceful transition to heaven. Wendell healing.

  49. I pray that I may once again be close to my daughters & that they will see how much I truly love them. I also pray for my oldest daughters new husband. May his faith in Jesus Christ grow strong each day & may my daughter & her new husband realize that God must be the center of their new lives together. I also pray for my own marriage. My God be the center. I pray for all who are hurting & those who need my prayers the most. All glory & praise to Jesue Christ our Lord. Amen!

  50. Pray for me St. Therese for a happy and fulfilled marriage. Also for help in our financial difficulties and for favours in our private intentions.

  51. For clarity on my vocation. That my family and friends will be reconciled to each other and that with their support I might obey God’s call in my life.

  52. Dear st.THERESA MAY U PRAY FOR MY SON’BEHAVIOUR IS CHANGING.AND MY 2girls who are not doing well in school.pray for my wife she sick and lastly my boss to improve salaries amen

  53. St. Teresa, please pray for me and my family for financial breakthrough to pay for our house rent, finish our building, restore my husband Job, academic success and fruit of the womb. Thank you as I place my petitions in your hands through your powerful intercession. Amen.

  54. Saint therese please help me to be at peace in mind and body for it is a struggle every day I have been taking sleeping tablets for years please help me to do with out them..for peace in my families homes also for reconciliation between them. I am going for mamagram soon please st Therese that everything will be fine thankyou

  55. I offer this novena to St. Theresa for her heavenly intercession to our Lord and Father that we as a family will be blessed with the finances we need to buy our own home and settle down near our children and extended family.

    I pray for the healing in my wife from what ever is causing her to distance herself and create a void that is tearing us apart. St. Theresa please bless us with health, peace and unity in our family.

    I pray that my son will soon return to Church and my daughter succeeds in securing employment.

  56. oh! st. therese im here with you and begging to help me and take away and cure me from any illness, and i wish someday ill be with the man i love more… living as husband and wife as happy family with kids….in God grace. AMEN

  57. For ms dillion jo-anne to accept my proposal fully and be a registered supervisor for me, for my husband to be successful in all his endeavours and for my marriage to grow stronger n stronger in Christ Jesus.

  58. Power to overcome strongholds trying to hinder me
    Victory in my political career /job today
    Grace to look after my children on my own
    Marriage partner, no more dissapointments
    Breakthroughs in business.

  59. St. Theresa please protect my family mind, body and spirit. For My sister to find a job, protect me at work and help me to be successful in my endeavors and bless Ili marriage.

  60. Dear saint Teresa please pray to Jesus for me for these intentions. My son is having a job interview today. I beg your powerful intercession to god to help my son be successful in the interview and be offered the job.
    I I also wish to pray for my other son that he may find a durable partner in life to be his wife and that he may get married. Thank you dear St Teresa and I place these petitions in your hands. Praise be God!!

  61. I pray that my daughter will come to her sences n reslize what shes doing is wrong and i pray that my financial proplem will be solve and for my husband to get some kind of income soon

  62. For my family to return to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
    For the safety of Pope Francis and for God’s wisdom and understanding to answer the attacks he will encounter from those allienated from the true Church. Also for outpouring of the Holy Spirit as he visits America.

  63. St therese please send my prayers like a scent of your roses to the lord. Presently working in a new job with a very difficult boss, give me the patient to excel and tolerate her as well as change her to be a better person.
    Also send my prayers to the lord in choosing a life partner that is pleasing to GOD. Also asking for good health for my family and a safe delivery for my brother’s wife

  64. I would like to beg St. Theresa to intercede for the founding and success of my project Village Future Foundation whose purpose is to help less privileged families living in rural communities in third world countries. Amen,
    Thank you

  65. I dedicate this Novena for my husband who will talk to his Boss tomorrow to be given a permanent Job, and also for my family for God to give us peace and bring back our daughters who ran away from Home, I also pray for those who are fighting to ruin our family, intercede for us st. Theresa

  66. I pray to St. Therese that my friend Cyrus to be enlighted and guided by the Holy Spirit for him to realize that it is okay to always be truthful in everything he does. I also pray for me to be forgiving for every bad thing that he did to me.

  67. St. Theresa i dedicate this Novena prayer to the souls in purgatory that their souls may be converted to Heaven and to all the women who are looking for the fruit of the womb may through this prayer God Almighty listen to there cry most especially my lovely sister.

  68. St Therese,i dedicate this Novena to my mum for a complete strength in body and spirit,bless her with the grace to see her children’s happy future. Also pray for a job,calm in this time of frustration I am in.

  69. St. Therese, I’m dedicating this novena for our daughters and their families, my wife fot good health and happiness and specially for myself for healing the leaky valve in my heart, thank you sweet St. Therese, Allelujia Amen.

  70. St Theresa, please pray for us to be as simple and pure as you are to draw closer to God rather than this material life. Please keep my sister, Theresa in your constant prayer for her health and well being and to seek God more than anything. Thank you dear St Theresa. ❤

  71. st Theresa of child Jesus , please through this novena, intercede for me, beg God to grant Forgiveness of all my sins and grant me husband and good job. Dear st. Theresa please send me flower in Jesus name, Amen.

  72. I pray to st Therese for intercession for my family that we may all be united with love for each other respects understanding st Therese intercede for us that we can sell our property for a good price so that we can purchase a home for the family ask for forgiveness of our wrongdoing and help us to get a home kindly talk to the Almighty on our behalf that he sends Favour towards us and protection from Satan and all demonic forces who are trying to hinder and destroy our lives I untrust to you this our greatest wish for our wellbeing and happiness.

  73. St Therese, pse intercede towards Jesus for my son K and daughter L .
    You know all the desires of their heart. N wants a transfer and C is not very happy in her work and send her a good husband. I also pray for KK and my eye problem and myself. Ste Therese I trust in you and Jesus Christ. Send roses on my family and friends during this novena.
    Thanks in advance.

  74. St Theresa, I am praying through your intercession for my husband, Patrick, who is being persecuted in his office that God will vindicate him and restore his lost glory.

  75. St Theresa I dedicate this novena to success in the interview for the new job and healing for my son who is ever sick. I also pray for academic excellence for my children

  76. Oh Holy Saint Therese, please pray to the Lord that I may be successful in my studie;, pass all my tests, assignments, examinations, practicals, tasks, tutorials and all my work which I do, excellently. Pray that I may achieve excellent results in all of the work I do, results which I will be extrememly happy with. Pray also that I may receive inspiration and motivation to work extremely hard. That I may have a sense of success in my life and truly be successful. That I may also attain a sense of worth in my life, a sense of purpose as I do have a purpose. That I may grow to be a positive, outgoing person, with a positive mindset. Pray for me and all of us Dear Saint Therese. We thank God for your life in which we have a helpful and powerful intercessor. Amen.

  77. St Therese, i dedicate this novena to my husband. I pray that you may intervene and mend the differences between us that’s making our once very happy marriage fall apart. I pray that you may sober up and bless my husband with the spirit of humility and politeness. I have faith that you’ll see me through these very tough times. I pray this novena trusting and believing that all shall be well with us. Amen.