Day 1 – The St. Peregrine Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The St. Peregrine Novena for Cancer Patients!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear St. Peregrine,

    Please intercede and pray for my husband Carlos, Priscilla and All those of my parish that are fighting cancer. Please grant them spiritual and physical healing. Help and walk with them on this journey in their lives.
    I trust and thank you.

  2. Pray for my son who has a melanoma tumor in his right eye, he has surgery on April 17 to remove the eye, please give him strength thru this devastating time.

  3. Dear St Peregrine,

    I ask you to pray with me for the complete recovery of my dad who is suffering terribly from leukaemia. Please intercede on our behalf and along with all the saints, cure my dad by the power of Jesus.


  4. Dear St.Peregrine-
    We humbly ask that you join us in prayer that God will grant total physical and spiritual healing and recovery from cancer to Eugenia, Karen, Linda, Jane, Judy and all persons with a cancer diagnosis. Please intercede on our behalf and ask God to provide the world with the cure to this dreaded disease which affects the lives of so many, and that all praise and glory be given only to Him for his divine mercy and goodness. In Jesus’ Name we pray

  5. St Peregrine, pray for me for healing of my kneels and financial breakthrough favor, so that I can have money to take my children on a holiday in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

  6. Please pray for all suffering from any illness,
    Please heal our body mind heart and spirit ????
    Ease all those dealing with the flu crossing our country.

    Please pray for direction for me, my home and for a job. Pray for Gods will for me to be revealed ❤️????????????

    I pray the Lord to heal my family and bring us back together ????

    In our Lords name AMEN AMEN AMEN

  7. St Pergrine, please pray for my success and all of my classmates and batchmates in passing the 2017 Philippine Bar Exam. Please pray for our examiners who are cheking our notebooks that they will take into consideration even our wrong answers. Please pray also for the healing of the relationship of mommy, daddy and nanay. Lastly, please pray for the safety of my whole family. AMEN

  8. For the sake of Ng Yuk Kam who is suffering from pancreas cancer, Norman and his family, he is suffering from the same disease. Also Debbie, suffering from breast cancer. May Peregrine intercede to God for those are suffering, grant them peace.


  9. St. Peregrine,
    Please pray for me to stay strong through my upcoming chemo treatments. Please keep side effects to a minimum and guide the doctors and nurses who care for me. Also, please pray for me, Sarah, Scott & Joan that we will fight this battle with all our might and in your mercy heal us, Amen

  10. Saint Peregrine please intercede for us! We pray for a complete healing from cancer for Mike and Linda. Grant them great faith and peace of mind. Dear Jesus hear our prayers! Amen

  11. Dear Saint Peregrine! please help my little Dahlia just with 6 years old suffering with a terrible illness, in her head that is no cure, and her mom suffering from drug addictions. Interced for all desperate sick people who are in pain and in need, for their families who suffers too. I ask you all these in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. A m e n
    Saint Peregrine… Pray for us!

  12. St.Peregrine hear the prayers for those suffering from cancer……Pray for my family’s intentions…..Pray for my constipation problem……Praying for world peace & climate change…

  13. Father God we lift up go you all those who are suffering with cancer that there decease live them permanently especially my daughter Maricar my wife Milagros our cousins Edwin Caluag, Eddie Malilay, Nido Manzanero New aĺl people who need healing Father we prayer in Jesus name. with With the intention of our Mother Mary, AMEN

  14. St. Peregrine,

    Please for me as I been diagnosed with a brain tumor. My tumor is not cancerous, but join me in prayer to our divine savior that it does not turn cancerous as I am a single mom, and my children need me.

    In the name of our Lord Jesús Christmas.

  15. I ask for hope and healing for my aunt Darcilia that is suffering so much with cancer on her trout.May our dear Lord touch her gently giving her all that she needs.
    Also for Mauro, that is suffering with many needs.May God help them.

  16. Please pray for me that I soon receive a call that invites me for an interview of a Manager position that I have applied for in November and have a successful interview. Through the miraculous intercession of the holy angels,saint Joseph and Expedite and the blessed souls may I please be offered the Manager position job.I have been a tail for too long in my employment and I am ready to be a head and request to be blessed with a Manager position that matches my 14 years experience,skills and commerce qualification.May I be blessed with a high paying job that will enable me to take my daughters to a catholic school and remove my little sister from a joint bond, as she wants to buy her own property.

  17. praying for all cancer patients , all those children and so many who are so vulnerable @ the moment – for Joyce and anyone else we don’t know. pls help them to be cured of this disease.

  18. St. Peregrine please pray for a healing for everyone suffering with an illness /disease, especially my daughter Dawn who has RSDS for over 15 year. RDSD is an extremely painful disease and currently there is no cure. My daughter Dawn is in a high level of pain 24/7 she and anyone who suffers from the disease deserves to have their life back. This disease has taken so much from her life it saddens me.
    Please send both my daughter and a a financial blessing now as I will so be out of money, money we need to live and pay our expenses.
    Please bless our business and make 2018 a very fruitful and financially blessed year – thank you Amen

  19. St. Peregrine I pray to you for Phyllis, Pat, Kayla, Marilyn, Barb, Beth, Mary Anne, Deb, Ron , Valdis, Dave, Mr. Skeen, stan and myself. Please cast out all cancer cells and help us all continue to heal from this illness. Thank you and Amen!

  20. Please help all cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers. Please help find cures for cancer. Thank you for healing my husband from his cancer.
    Please bring a new pregnancy for my daughter and her husband this year. Please bless my other daughter’s pregnancy and bring to her a healthy baby in June.
    Please bring my son closer to you, dear Lord, and take the fear away from him about relationships. Please bring someone to him to take care of his heart.
    Thank you for my blessings.
    Praise to God!

  21. For the blessings of health and strength to continue on God’s mission. and to become gainfully employed to care for myself and family. Also specially for anyone suffering with any illness including cancer and any other serious illness… may they be blessed with comfort and healing at the lord’s hands.

  22. I pray that the changes that they found on my last mammogram will not be cancerous and will go away also my throat will heal.
    St . Peregrine pray for me.

  23. I pray that whatever cancers that my husband, daughters, the rest of my family and myself are suffering from, we will be able to get healing .

  24. I pray to St. Perigrine for Karen who has had a recent double mastectomy. Please help her have the strnegth and faith to continue her healing.

  25. Pray for my cousin Ricky Dillon battling cancer and suffer through the treatments. St. Peregrine pray for Ricky and all those around the world with this disease. Comfort and heal them Lord Our Savior. Have mercy on them sweet Jesus.

  26. St. Peregrine, most blessed man have mercy on Judy, who was a very kind and devoted nurse for many years. Judy was always there for her patients and is now suffering with Cancer. Please intercede for her so that she will be free from Cancer and made whole again. I pray for her family and all her friends who are suffering along with Judy. I pray that it is God’s will that Judy is made whole again. Amen

  27. We offer up Cheryl, Karin, Michele. Michelle, B and T who in our community have lost recently been diagnosed with Cancer.
    Peace and Praise to God!

  28. I pray for the repose of the soul of my past Student 16year old Nicholas Charles who recently died from cancer and for those families and friends that have a loved one battling with cancer. God’s grace fall upon then and give them consolation and comfort

  29. St. Peregrine
    Please hear My Prayers for me to receive good PSA
    test results on my cancer follow up exam that I recently
    I Thank You, with all of My Heart ????

  30. Please intercede for us to Our Lord & Savior for healing and peace for the Warner family. There is a sweet little 12 year old young man whose grandfather has cancer in his lymph nodes and blood and it’s basically throughout his body. The grandmother fell and has a slow bleed on the brain. The father has the flu and has been hospitalized due to high fever even after taking Tamiflu. The Step-mother has also been diagnosed with cancer. And now his mother is having surgery on Thursday to remove a cancerous tumor. She also has a rare blood disease that could cause her to have a stroke. This young man and his entire family need your prayers on their behalf to our Lord. St. Peregrine – pray for us!

  31. Dear Jesus and Mary,
    I pray for the healing of Amelia L. From cancer and all those people who are suffering right now of cancer, especially those that have nobody to pray for them. Thank you, praise you Jesus and you’re Blessed Mother????????????