Day 1 – St. Peregrine Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Peregrine Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St. Peregrine im humbly asking for your mercy thru God’s intercession, that my friend Butch be healed wth your miracles. He’s suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer for a year now and modern meds has not shown improvement. He doesnt want to undergo Radiotherapy and chemo as it would just worsen his condition and might shorten his life. He cannot work anymore. His severe headache had weaken him. He may not be losing hope as he would try another option but im afraid travelling afar might be too tiring for him. Lord our God, Jesus Christ, St Peregrine, may your healing hands and your miracles remove his cancer from his body, pls give him another chance to live a Godly life . His family still needs his love and guidance.. Amen

  2. St. Peregrine,
    Please bring comfort and healing to my dear Father-in-law. Please remove this cancer and restore his strength. He is so loved and cherished by all.

  3. For my cousin to heal completely from cancer, and to lose weight to finally be healthy, so her body can be transformed into healing. Please help her, and those around her, realize a healthy way of living, without fear and old bad habits.

  4. For all diseases having to do with disease affecting skin and teeth — and any malady keeping me and those I love from living the life they want to live.

  5. Please pray for my niece Michelle, who completed her chemotherapy treatment. Pray that she would be cured from this dreadful disease.

  6. My daughter Annie had ovarian cancer removed a few weeks ago .. They didn’t think it was cancer so they didn’t take any biopsies. They now need for the swelling to go down from that surgery before they can test for the spread of it .. (End of this month) .. She just had twins 5 months ago ..

  7. Dear St peregrine,

    I would like to pray for my dad who is currently hospitalized. Please heal him of his sickness. Thank you

  8. Please pray for three friends battling cancer/illness. CB who is a single mom with two small children. Her cancer has spread and she must undergo radiation treatments. LH who’s cancer has returned after more than 10 years. BH who is having surgery for suspicous cysts on her thyroid. Please Lord protect and guide them to you for comfort and healing of their souls and their bodies. Please keep their families close as they support these three courageous women.

    Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy…..

  9. Please pray for my mom who has pains on her knees that she would healed from all the pains. Praying also for my younger sister that she would be healed totally from SLE.

  10. I pray for dad that he will be healed once and for all from the cancer that is throughout his body. I also pray for strength for my mom as she walks beside him through this difficult time.

  11. Good morning, please pray for healing of my knees. That Gods healing mercy will touch every part of my bones, and body. Replace every single missing or sick part of my body. That the yoke of annual pain and suffering is destroyed by his power from my life and that of my children. That God healing mercy will rest on us physically and spiritually, and on all those who suffer from cancer. Amen. St Peregrine pray for us.

  12. Please pray for my husband Jr. He needs prayers for humility and to be humbled. I ask also that you pray that Pride be gone from him. I have suffered decades from his physical, mental and emotional abuse. He has beaten my children. He can be intimidating and terrorizing. Now, he continues to pick on and humiliate my adopted son and I as well. My prayer is that his heart will turn to flesh and that pride, arrogance and condemnation be removed and that it be replaced with humility, compassion and love. Please pray for him. Also for the protection of my son and I. Thank you.

  13. For my dear mother who has just been diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma – a terminal cancerous brain tumour – that the tumour would stop growing long enough for us to visit her as a family, and that she would recognize us and take great joy in meeting her grandson for the first time. That we would have a safe journey there and back, and that my mother would experience a great sense of peace and conversion of heart. That my back pain will not get worse during the trip, and that it would in fact be miraculously cured, so that I am completely pain free and am able to be the mother that my son deserves, running with him, playing with him, laughing with him. St. Peregrine, pray for us.

  14. Please pray for Mark Kreutzman who has been diagnosed with mestatic esophageal cancer stage 4…he has 3 boys ages 25,23,16 and myself ,his wife. We need a miracle for healing or remission. We love Abba and know that he hears all our prayers…so we wait like King David and we pray continuously until we get an answer. Thank you so much for this site and for your prayers. All your intentions are in our prayers as well. Love Angie

  15. Most blessed St Peregrine, please hear my prayers for family members and friends who suffer from Cancer. My sister in law, AM, is recuperating from bowel surgery, and my brother CM is suffering from non Higginson lymphoma. A dear friend PC is suffering in hospital with liver problems, and may your intercession be a true healing and blessing. My dear friends BR who struggles with skin cancer, KT also struggles with skin cancer. My brother in law J F with skin cancer on his head . I ask this and all the angles and saints to pray for these individual for a healing. Thank you in Jesus holy name. Amen

  16. Please pray that I will get treatment in time and be totally healed after my chemo and radiation. Also that they will be able to perform surgery first.
    In Jesus Name through the Imaculate Heart of Mary

  17. I pray that all who are going through sickness or illness of cancer or any form of cancer and diseases to turn to God in thoughts and prayer to help make them well. Together we pray with St. Peregrine, for your mercy and cure of the sick and ill of cancer. I’m thankful for the healing of my sickness of a form of cancer which almost took my life. I pray for continued good health. Please together with God, find a cure for this horrible disease that take so many lives to soon! I loss my Mom in June to lung cancer and that of skin cancer too. I pray she is in our loving arms of our God in heaven and all the angels and saints without anymore suffering. Amen

  18. For my friend Susan S. who is suffering with the nonoccurence of
    breast cancer that has spread to her skull, spine and lung. She has not been able to receive chemo treatments not for 8 weeks, because her platelets and white blood count are too low. She says that evil is often distracting her thoughts, and taking her focus off of Jesus and the cross. My prayer for her physical healing, and that she not allow her sickness to lead her to despair. She has always been a woman of strong faith, but I pray for her spiritual healing too!.

  19. Please pray for my husband who has been fighting bladder cancer for nearing 2 years. Please pray that this current round of treatments are successfully in arresting this awful disease. In Jesus’ name we pray. Thank you.

  20. Please pray for healing for me and for all women who suffer from infertility. Please heal our bodies so that we may have children.

  21. Please pray for Marie who has cancer. Please also pray for my uncle who needs to have both his legs amputated. St Peregrine pray for us.

  22. I pray for all who are sick. For all who care for the sick. In thanksgiving for my life, good health. I give my life to God’s plan for me to serve with a healthy body.
    Thank you for my life back to do your will.

  23. Please pray for my nephew, Andy!
    He is so in need of our Lord’s healing!
    He is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.
    He is 34 years old and he just became a father for the 1st time just a few months ago!
    My niece Meggan, Andy’s wife, needs your peace dear Lord! Please give her the strength and understanding of your devine grace!!
    In Jesus name, Amen

  24. For all the people WE know (friends family coworkers aquaintences, & maybe even ourselves) who do not know they have cancer growing inside of them.
    —That action will be taken to get the right diagnosis quickly.

  25. Asking for prayers for myself…3 1/2 years of battling Ovarian Cancer. I am In a clinical trial now and the battle is getting harder to fight. Praying for wisdom for myself and my doctors as we are searching for the best path of treatment.
    Also, My nephew, Ross, 17 yrs old, with Osteosarcoma. Doing treatment now, with a major surgery upcoming in the weeks ahead.

  26. Please pray for my son and daughter who both have auto-immune illnesses, suffer from chronic fatigue, inflamation, joint, muscle and nerve pain, prostatitis, myofacial pain dysfunction, chronic sinutitus, chronic yeast infections, as well as many other symptoms. Please Lord Jesus, hear the intercession of Saint Peregrine for my children and heal their illnesses, as a result they both have trouble finding and maintaining work. Please Lord heal them of these difficult, chronic conditions and have them turn their lives over to you . Help them find peace and relief from their pain and give them hope and Lord please help my son find work. O Lord, you are my God and my Saviour from whom all good things come. Please forgive me of my sins and fill me with your Holy Spirit.

  27. Please keep my son Kevin W in your prayers. He is fighting synovial cell sarcoma in his left leg. He is in the midst of his radiation treatment plan with surgery scheduled for next month. Please pray for God’s healing and strength

  28. Novena to St Jude
    St Jude we have problems in our relationship. Beg almighty God to give us the light to see ourselves and each other as we really are. Help us to grow daily in self-knowledge and mutual love white at the same time developing our potential to love and be loved.
    Help us St Jude to see and root out every manifestation of selfishness, vanity, and childish self seeking those hidden enemies of love and maturity.
    Show us that by learning to love and being filled with love we may compliment and nurture each other as we share our lives together.
    *Say this novena 9 times a day for 9 days and then publish. Novena has never been known to fail.

  29. Please prayer for healing for S M that her leukemia is and JC disease are cured and that she recovers completely. Also healing for V, no sickness, good psa results and heart tests. We ask this with Praise and Thanksgiving, in Jesus name, Amen.

  30. I pray for a gentleman Know, his name is Rudi, to be healed of his cancer. He is a very gentle soul and a husband and father. please pray for him

  31. Please pray for Dolly Wolan who has cancer, Olga T. Trevino, who has dementia (my mother). Please pray for Anna Wawryzniak who has mental illness, Gerard Elizondo who has various immune-related illnesses. Please pray for Jerome Spanier who has spinal problems. Please pray for Ernie and Lisa McKnight (my niece Lisa’s husband Ernie has one kidney functioning only 20 per cent. Also pray for Martha M. Garcia, Irma Avila, Frances Trevino, Mary Martinez, Patrick Wolan, Carolina and Gilbert Aldrete, John Trevino, Cindy Martinez, Oscar and Nora Trevino, and finally me that I might walk again so that I can have hip, knee replacement and spine surgery.

  32. Please pray for my mom who is having a hysterectomy. Pray that all goes well and that she recognized ers quickly after her operation.

  33. Lord thank you for answering my prayers, more please. Please help me pass all my subjects and graduate this april 2017. St Perigrine please pray for the healing of all cancer patients especially those who are losing hope.

  34. Please pray for Luz, for remission and for her
    continued good health.
    And also for me to receive good PSA results on my blood work ????
    Thank You with all of My Heart

  35. Please join me to pray for a quick recovery of my best friend Pat who is struggling to eat for the past month. She’s the best friend ever and difficult seeing her struggle.