Day 1 – St. Monica 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Monica Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I pray my children and my Father will turn back to the Catholic faith . I praying for them in this War where in with the sinful culture we are in 🌹🙏🏻💕

  2. Pray that our daughter, Sharlene, will return to mass and active participation in the liturgy. Pray that she will then influence her daughter and other family back to the faith. Pray that she finds work after losing her job if 20 years. In Christ’s name amen

  3. I pray for my husband and my son’s bad tempers. Please help them to have self control and educate them to remain calm and think and not to act with anger. Help my son to carry the responsibility that he has undertaken with patience and love. Give him peace and happiness in his heart so he can enjoy life . Keep him safe from the snares of the devil . Guide him on the right path to finally find freedom and happiness and a brighty future help him to make wise decisions always . Amen

  4. Pray for me St.Monica and pray for my abuser that her heart is filled with happiness. Heal me and shield my heart so the pain does not feel like a thousand arrows thrusting themselves into my soul amen

  5. YR I pray that St.Monica please intercede for me that my son has passed a very critical exam to complete his studies and allow him to begin his career.

  6. St Monica I ask for your intercession for my children to be close to God. My husband to be given the strength to support the family.

  7. praying for the conversion of my nephew’s wife from alcohol,thanking God that shevis back home.

    also praying for my family financial staters.

  8. Praying for my brother Tim to practice the Faith of our parents and for the owner of the house next to his to sell it or for the very bad hombres to leave. Also for Paul’s soul and “Celebration of Life” next Saturday. A.M.D.G.!

  9. I pray for the love of God to grow in our home and that the Almighty God will bless the work of our hands and grant all our heart desires.

  10. Saint Monica, I have felt a tie to you since childhood because of your devotion to your wayward son. I wanted children but feared I could not have them. God answered my prayers and now I have twelve of them, all grown. My Catholic husband abused most if not all of them, then left us. As is typical in such situations, they blame the nonoffending parent and excuse the offender even to the point of denying the abuse. The truth is too scary. I have been an activist against child sex trafficking but my newly consecrated bishop is afraid to support me. The traffickers have infiltrated my state government, who have labeled me a criminal to cut off my career. They have dispatched evil spirits to kill me, but they only managed to break my neck. I am now in a nursing home and quite helpless. Please, in the fashion of Mary Undoer of Knots, cut through this amazing mess and restore my health & income.

  11. Dear St. Monica,
    I pray for our son to be healed from drug addiction and alcoholism. That he will submit to treatment. That his health insurance will pay for it. I pray that he will get a better job with Christians. That he will see the nurse practioner and be faithful and humble about taking his medicine for mental health. I pray for his marriage. I pray for good counselors and that they will continue to go. I pray they continue to attend Mass and that my daughter in law will follow through with RCIA program and become baptized, receive her first communion, receive confirmation, and have their marriage blessed. I pray that they will attend Marriage Encounter and Natural Family Planning. I pray that our family will be healed and stronger because of this. In Jesus name Amen. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, save souls!

  12. My cousin was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma- a cancer of the blood- please be with her and her family including her two children.

  13. Blessed St Monica – help my son in his new job and make his partner have the grace to realise we need to see little Sophie. In the name of the father. Amen.

  14. Dear St. Monica,
    I pray and ask for your intercession for the conversion and healing of my two daughters and my family members that have distanced themselves from God.

  15. I pray that I will be able to find work in accordance with what our Lord wants. To find a home to live in for my daughter make good friends and adjust to a new school system. For mum to find strength and peace in her heart knowing dad will always be with us. Gods guidance for us. Amen

  16. When I sent in my prayers, I accidentally included the names of all the people for whom I am praying. Is there any way to change this?

  17. Dear St. Monica hear my petitions again I pray to the Lord
    I pray for all my 4 Children and their father to return to the Catholic Church as practising catholics.
    I pray that my three children with their father to be healed of their addictions. Alcoholism, smoking, and weak character in making sound correct decisions
    That my youngest child 22yr old mother of a baby girl will live a life of decency and integrity.
    That my firstborn daughter will have good health and peace as she persues her 2nd masters degree in law.

  18. St. Monica , Thank you for hearing our prayers and concerns.
    We pray for the Catholic church,.
    Our priests, whom are going through a horrible time .
    We continue to pray for our Beloved priests. But, I say….
    ” This too will pass ”
    And for our children whom are going back to school.
    Watch over the little ones.
    We also pray for the people affected with substance abuse.
    Heal them please…..

  19. Please pray for Gianna that she will leave her life of sin behind and return to the Sacraments. Please pray also for John that he will not go forward in his plan to “marry” another man. Please also pray for my entire family that they would return to the Faith. Thank You and God Bless!

  20. I pray and plead for your intercession St Monica to help my husband in his business. Help us in our financial crisis and clear our debts. Give us the wisdom to manage our finances and make way for us to a better path so he can retire with dignity . Bless our boys and their family. Please keep them safe and help them to always lead a christian life . Protect us all from the snares of the devils. Give us the strength and love to go on and carry us through this difficult time Amen

  21. I pray that my Husband, our 2 Daughter and Son will rediscover the Lord, Jesus and Mother Mary to be able to find peace and love again.

  22. I pray for St Monica to show me the strength and the ability to teach my daughters boyfriend the greatness of God our Father, of our Savior Jesus Christ, and of the glory that shines upon us from the Holy Spirit.
    If my prayers and actions could convert him, I know it will not only help him but will also help my daughter and those around them both. Just as the conversion of St Monica’s Son, St Augustine, not only saved him but saved countless others.
    I pra6 to the Lord wit( the glorious intercession of St Monica to me with my prayers and my strength of example and words.

  23. Dear St Monica, please intercede for me in the following requests;
    I pray that I get a job as a trainee train driver, I pray that my daughter enjoys her experience in her secondary school and that she makes good friends who will lead her in the right path, I pray that my youngest daughter will be articulate, with great communication skills, grant them both wisdom, knowledge and understanding and retentive memory, I pray that my husband will get the job of his dreams, with a good contract on his business so that he will become the bread winner of the family. I pray that we get a good accommodation in the area of our dreams close to my youngest daughter’s school. I pray that my older sister will marry the man of her heart’s desires, that my youngest sister will also find the spouse of her heart’s desires. I pray that I am able to help my parents financially with their eyes operations. Also that my friends will have all their hearts’ desires met, all I ask through you St Monica, Amen.