Day 1 – St. Michael the Archangel Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful site. Today I will go to try and help my nephew. His father is not supportive of family members. spending time with my nephew. We love. my nephew and and I pray that the judge sees this today and helps us to resume our relationship with him. Please help us pray for a positive outcome.

  2. St.Michael the Archangel, fight for us and depend us from the powers of the devil.I thank you for your help you played for my daughter to get her job! We are happy for that.Protect us and be our depender Amen.

  3. St Michael please protect me against the evil enemy as I am wading thru the sale of my real property, packing my belongings, seeking a job, and seeking a new home and to be free of debt.

  4. Dear St Michael,
    Please pray for my son (23yrs), he passed away on 22nd Dec 2017 that he rest in eternal peace and for my family and I to find the comfort and strength to carry on. He had severe and complex special needs and was totally dependent on us for all his needs and he gave us purpose in life.

    I ask for you to pray for us as a family to grow in faith and be closer to God our Father. I would also like to ask for prayers of total healing for my husband’s spine problems and pain, that he will not have to undergo a 4th operation on his spine. Please pray for my daughter to be healed of her pains. I ask you to pray for me, that I find a purpose to serve the Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Check into CBD oil for your husbands spine. It has helped our paralyzed son tremendously with end to pain and has stopped his leg and muscle spasms and gotten him off most all of his Baclofen medication and pain medication. No side effects and much better quality of life. I pray for him in Jesus name?

  5. Dear Saint Michael, I pray for conversion of YC ,the healing from cancer for AL I pray for protection from the evil doers. And Special intentions ,thank you

  6. My prayer is one of thanksgiving for my three children who continued to practice/live their Catholic faith and raise their children (my grandchildren) in the same manner I raised them. We are very proud of them! They not only thrive in life but in faith as well. St Michael, through your intercession with our Lord Jesus, continue to guide them and their families. I also pray for my husband’s cancer to remain in remission.

  7. Please pray that I can be faithful to all that I feel the Lord leads me to do. I fall short in accomplishing it all daily. And that I can have clearer vision of how to weave it into the daily schedule and tweak the schedule to accomplish it, with the strength to accomplish as well.

  8. Please pray that God will heal the anger an confusion in my heart. From my abusive child hood. I pray God will protect all children an families. From Evil an find healing for those suffering with mental an physical illness.

  9. Please pray for my nephew and his wife..twins born at 23 weeks. Pray that God’s will be done with these precious babies and to give peace to their parents who love them so much. Blessed Mother please wrap your mantle around them and have their guardian angels protect and comfort them in the days to come when so many difficult decisions must be made.

  10. Please pray that God give me patience as I wait for admission committes to decide if they will accept me into dental school or not. I am hoping I get accepted soon, but may God’s will be done.

  11. For spiritual reversion. For especially. sara. Tony nick. Jessica…..and healing of hearts and relationships with each other…and protection and moral direction of their children…..for Tillie……for Kathy to persevere…in faith courage and strength……..for all priests seminarians and religious…..for caregivers everywhere…in Jesus name. I pray…

  12. Please protect and look after my baby grandson due March 28, 2018. That he be healthy and raised in a spiritual family with Jesus as the guiding force in all our lives. Please look after baby ruiz who is also due in June 2018 and parents are getting conflicting reports on the health of this baby.

    Please pray for these families.
    Thank you and Amen

  13. Please protect me, my parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, Maria and her family, Salah and all priests from evil. Protect us from any harm and intercede for the healing of our souls, bodies and minds. Protect the Church of Christ. Amen.

  14. Lord I place my financial needs into your hands. My son’s tuition fees is due. Lord I pray that you shower me with your financial blessings.

  15. St. Michael please put it in my fiancé’s heart, the desire to come to church w me and guide him to be strong in our catholic faith. In Jesus name. Amen.

  16. Pray that our son-in-law will accept the Grace of conversion to the Catholic faith and that he ,our daughter , and their young child will move to our daughter’s hometown. Above all pray for their santification.

  17. Thank you Jesus for sending all your guardian angels and saints to protect my husband and I. We are praying st Michael for you protection. Keep evil away from us do we do no harm to ourselves or others. St Michael pray with us that we would be blessed indeed Our territory would be enlarged. Our finances increased 100 fold so we may become the head and not the tail anymore. That we become the lenders and not the borrowers any more. We have been married 43 years. We do not have our own home and we are always under the rules of others. Pray for us we will be able to buy our own home in full and make Jesus Lord of our home and finances. Put your hedge of protection around us so we may do the will of our Heavenly Father. Guide us protect us st Michael. We ask ‘‘tis in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  18. Thank you for the gifts of family, faith, and friends, for the support system You have blessed me with, and the opportunities to do Your Will always. I pray especially for my son as he navigates these teenage years, that he will strengthen his relationship with You Lord so that healing in his other relationships will follow. I pray for his success in State and national athletic competition these coming weeks that he has the confidence in himself to be successful. I ask that You continue to guide and direct me as a parent and mother. I especially thank you for his healing as this weekend marks 12 years since his cancer diagnosis when he was just 4 years old. I am truly blessed. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  19. Praying always for my daughter to be cured of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and my son to be healed of depression, chronic sinus congestion and other afflictions. Heal my children Lord and help them find their way back to you. Heal all people who are afflicted and living in pain. I am sorry for my sins, please forgive me. Thank you Jesus for all your many Blessings! In Jesus name, I ask these petitions Heavenly Father. Amen

  20. St.Michael help me and guide me while I’m reviewing in preparation for my nursing board exam…Help me to have concentration and help me St.Michael to have 88 percent in my board exam to fullfilled my parents dream..Amen …

  21. St Micheal, please help my grandson Joshua turn from his desire to love another man. Please inter seed to show him the right path back to his faith honoring Jesus’s teaching. Sin blinds you. He was brought up a Catholic. I pray for your intercession. Thank you St Micheal

  22. Please pray that I’m making the right decision and selecting the right implant center to have work done on my teeth.
    Also a wonderful and safe trip to watch our granddaughter in a sporting event. Not to get clausopedia and stay clam at airport and on the plane.

  23. st Michael please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand – assure me that I am not alone -LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME – prayers for my brother nick – your child – diane/nj/usa

  24. Please pray my nephew and his future wife return to Church, our beautiful Catholic Church.

    Please pray we find a good and honest buyer for our house quickly and smoothly.

    Please pray that my nephew’s future wedding will be more perfect than they can imagine and their marriage will be a strong and holy partnership.

  25. Dear St.Michael
    I ask for your protection from all evilness that is in my life and that is around me I also pray and ask you to help me be a better person to have a wonderful life with Jesus I could pray for my coworkers please bless them according to God’s will in Jesus name amen

  26. Dear St. Micheal
    Please protect and guide me through this next chapter in my life. Help hear God and follow his words.

  27. I pray for all the evil in my work place that Is preventing me from doing well will be broken from now. Give me peace at work and peace around me. Keep my family safe, my husband and children and myself.

  28. God bless you John Paul and Annie for your amazing ministry!
    Thank you for your inspiration!
    Did you know that the St. Michael prayer you are recommending is only a small excerpt from the original prayer composed by Pope Leo XIII?

    If you didn’t know, I’m sure you will like it!

    Please pray for Steve, my husband, and I. He came back to the Church after over 30 years, thanks be to God! He’s catching on to novenas!

    God reward you, both! We are praying for you!

  29. Jesus thank you for everything. I pray to Micheal the Arcangel that my liver ailment due to my childhood blood disorder will be healed . Also I pray for my 21 year old son Kristoph to be guided by the lord Jesus and st Michael the Arcangel to find the right path and happiness in a field of his choice, protect and keep him. Amen

  30. Jesus I trust in you please take care of everything for my son Greg. St Michael guide and protect him on his path. Thank you Amen