Day 1 – St. Jude Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for my beloved grandfather who raised me from a young age with my late grandmother. Please help him recover from his Stage 4 prostate cancer, which has spread to his liver, and it making living difficult for him due to feeling perpetually tired and having no appetite. I hope St. Jude will intercede on behalf of my beloved grandfather, Amen.

  2. Please pray for restoration of my daughter s relationship with Mason of 4 yrs. Please allow them to meet to talk face to face and resolve whatever is keeping them a part. I thank God in advance for hearing and answering my PrAyers

  3. Prayers for peace and healing for my Dad and family as he recovers from his massive stroke. Prayers that he can make progress over time. But most of all prayers we can find a nursing home placement for him, we have had two strong candidates however for one reason or another they have not worked out. God bless you and may God and St. Jude help us all with making what seems impossible become possible. I know God has a plan to make Good from this, it will just take time for us to see what he has planned.

  4. Prayers for peace and healing for my Dad and family as he recovers from his massive stroke. Prayers that he can make progress over time. But most of all prayers we can find a nursing home placement for him, we have had two strong candidates however for one reason or another they have not worked out. God bless you and may God and St. Jude help us all with making what seems impossible become possible. I know God has a plan to make Good from this, it will just take time for us to see what he has planned.

  5. Dear St Jude, I pray for my 11 year old Grandson just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. That he can accept and deal with this diagnosis be strong but most of that he might be healed.

  6. Dear St Jude, interceded on my behalf. My children are all in need of your eldest refuses to take for children to church. My son is underemployed.One has been try to conceive and the last one needs to hear from her school about a scholarship. I ask you to pray for me.

  7. St Jude I ask you to intercede for me to Our Lord Jesus Christ so that my son Tsungai and his wife Kudzai can have children. They have been married for four and half years without children. Please Lord have mercy on my family. I thank you for the blessings of the house you have given them the work you have given them.
    Thank you.

  8. Dear St Jude please intercede in behalf of my daughters current situation. Hope & pray that she can be relocated soon & her job situation be fruitful in Jesus name I pray! Amen

  9. I’ve been asking St. Jude for a long time to pray for healing, and forgiveness, understanding and compassion, mercy, reconciliation and peace in all the relationships in my family!!
    I also give him a list of those ensnared in alcoholism and/or addictions, praying for his intercession for each of them!

  10. Dear St Jude. I ask you to pray for two of my sisters who are away from the church. They are in great need of being freed from evil influences. Neither one of them want to speak to me. We haven’t spoken in years, and I miss them. I ask that you pray that God can bring our family back together again. Also I ask for needed healing for my mother-in-law, and two of my nieces. Thank you St Jude for your intercession.

  11. O good Saint Jude, please pray that my marriage will be restored, and soon, if it is God’s will. Please ask Jesus and his Blessed Mother to heal my wife who is not well. Please ask that the Holy Spirit fill our hearts, and make us an example of God’s perfect love. I ask this in Jesus’s name. Amen.

  12. Please St Jude Pray for my self and my husband good health,protect and guide us. Healing from all diseases.Pray for my son good health,protect and guide him,bring peace joy and happiness to his life.Pray for my Grand son,protect him.Pray for my daughter good health,protect and guide her,help her with her studies,Find her a good boyfriend a future husband.Pray for my Mom and my sisters good health,Pray for all my friends and family battling cancer,Find a cure for cancer.Amen

  13. I pray to you St.Jude. to make the impossible happen. You know my heart and my desires. Please let it happen. With all humility and love amen

  14. Thank you St.Jude, Friend of Jesus.
    Help this country from the cruelness we are enduring in our every day life .
    Help the poor, sick and the dying.
    Help our children to come home too the church.
    Thank you for hearing our concerns. Amen

  15. Please help me with finding a good salary job and right best place to live to share my Catholic Faith..for all siblings, their health as well as mine and their families that they will Return to the Church..For friends that are in need of healing and their family members to return to the Church.
    Thank you St. Jude for your intercession. Amen..

  16. OCT 19, 2018


    Please hear my humble prayer bless my Azaria,Jurgen, Allan Michael and myself. Bless our finance and as God the hear all our intentions .

    I ask you to come into my daughter and baptize her son and follow the Catholic faith and not to leave our church.

    Bless my Jurgen so that he studies very hard and passes in honours
    And is blessed with a nice girl and comes out of his eggshell and not to waste his youth

    Bless allan to get his promotion in this conmpany or find another job

    Thank you St Jude J

    Thank you

  17. I pray to you most holy St. Jude for better health for my mind and body. Please free from depression and anxiety and the pain in my body. Please bless my marriage with love and peace, it is very challenged right now,and a united family. Amen.

  18. Keep Evil from America and Protect Her!
    Hope for Courtney, Suzanne and Kristi
    Keep Ryan & Brett safe
    Keep the soul and heart free from sin and loved.

  19. Dear St. Jude,
    I pray for your intercession on behalf of my mother’s health and healing. She has been battling cancer for almost a year. I pray to you to help her and my family (especially my father) in this journey .

  20. Dear St Jude. I have always prayed to you and once again ask your intercession. Please give my daughter her mental health once and for all since she has been battling depression for so many years and bring her back to the church. May she and my other daughter find caring and loving Christian men to spend their lives with. Please let Dan get the help he desperately needs for his drinking problem. Please watch over and guide my 3 grandchildren through school. Lastly, please help our marriage that has been lacking for so many years. In Jesus and Mary’s name. Amen

  21. St, Jude please pray for my son to heal and recover from his addiction. May he please accept recovery and start his own family before I die.

  22. Pray to St. Jude that my business will make sells of more than USD 50,000 per month, so that l will be able to pay debts that amount to almost USD 10000,and l will also be able to support my Family’s financial issues.

  23. Please pray that God will grant the impossible by helping me with interviews so I can speak well, and granting me an excellent job so I can support myself. I really need your help St. Jude!!!

  24. Dear lord please hear my prayer because I beleive in the power of prayer, please remove the negative thoughts from my loved one. Give him courage and strength to follow his heart during the bad times and not be tempted to chase the wrong things and be grateful for all the blessings he had. Please lord hear my prayer for him to realize the amazing things he has and will have with belief and honesty. I pray for a miracle of communication amen

  25. Please pray for Khloe a 17 year old girl who is very sick and the doctors have not determined what is causing her infection. She is sedated and on a breathing tube. Prayers for answers and healing please.

  26. I pray for my son’s return to his Catholic faith and for him to enroll his 3 children in religious education classes.

    I pray that all prayers and petitions to St. Jude be answered for all.

  27. For my son that he gets the job he needs.
    For his depression, anxiety, and anger to be managed through prayer and this Novena.
    St. Jude, Please intercede for us🙏

  28. St. Jude, I ask for your intercession for my grand daughter’s healing and all the children who are termed to be autistic, that God may restore their memories and all the sensory organs to complete His creation plan.

    Intercede in my child’s marriage life, that her husband may become a responsible head of the family, know that without God’s mercies there will not be any successes, its because he has a praying wife, therefore he should also turn around his life attitude and be a praying husband.

    I ask for your intercession on my work, what is going around be of Blessings to me, be a winner in the new system.

    Help me to thank God for all His mercies granted to me and my family.

  29. Blessed st Jude I know your power and heard your love for Jesus they my mother .
    I ask your intercession for my daughters health healing and freedom from affliction and bad memories of unexpected events have happen .
    St Jude I ask for their normal life and be able to free from bondage of evil so can resume regular routine and drive , continue school and jobs .
    Please help them to make right decision for holy marriage and not give in to any toxication due to frustration but trust in god in Jesus I pray and ask

  30. Dear St. Jude, I have faith that you will intercede for me to our Lord, to give me the strength to curb my drinking. Thank you in the name of Jesus.

  31. Please pray for my son, Thomas, who is no longer in medical school because of an unfortunate medical condition as a result of a car accident, several years ago. Fortunately, surgery has cured him physically, but he has huge medical school debt, now does not know what career path to pursue with his life. Even with both psychiatric and career counseling, he cannot accept the fact that he will not be a doctor. He continues to be very close minded and will not move on with his life, after struggling for over two years. He can make a good life for himself but does not perceive it that way. He has a big loving family but now has distanced himself from most all of them. Please St. Jude, we need a miracle for him to: improve his attitude, his motivation, enlighten him to pursue a new career, get a sustainable job, and make a good life for himself! Please draw him closer to our Lord! I plea for your help St. Jude and thank you for giving me strength to endure this very difficult family situation. I love you!

  32. Dear St. Jude, Patron Saint of the Impossible, I pray for your most blessed intercession for the miraculous healing of my wife Suzy through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and for the grace of God’s provision to see us through this time of financial hardship; and for the power of the most Holy Spirit to fill the hearts of the faithful who come in Prayer through this Novena. Come Holy Spirit, Come.
    I pray these intentions in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  33. Pray for my sons Ben and John to go back to Church.
    Pray for Bens confused life for him to return to his form way of life.
    Pray for John to get a job
    Pray for the family to be together than ever

  34. Pray my nephew and his new wife return to the Catholic Church/Faith. Pray they have a long, happy, healthy strong marriage seeking guidance and wisdom from our Lord everyday.. Pray they will have beautiful, healthy strong children with easy pregnancies and uncomplicated births..

    Pray for my friend Gee for peace and protection from the evils that may come her way. Pray for peace for Leann and me.

  35. lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner – st Jude I prayed to you since in was 18 now 70 – Gods LOVE for me has left me alone and barren in my old age – even JOB had restitution – your child

  36. Please pray for my husband and I good relationship, health, prosperity. Please pray for my daughter for peace, growth, good health, good relationship with friends&boyfriend and for success at college and for her to have the courage to follow her Heart. Please pray for my son for motivation, good friends and getting into good college, health. Thank you St Jude for your intercession.

  37. Good St. Jude,
    Unite your prayers with mine and go before Jesus for the sake of my sister Judy who has had a nervous breakdown and is not coming back from it. If it is Gods will please that she be healed and live her life out fully please intercede for Judy.
    Good Saint Jude pray for us. Amen. ♡

  38. Praying that my sons depression will be cured , that he seeks and secures good counsel to heal from this illness. May my son heal from the traumas of the last year. May he find peace. Bless him with secure long lasting employment. Amen

  39. I will like my husband to turn to the Lord and stop is fornicating and drinking habit. To be truthful, loving and caring to his wife and child. To let God reigns in our home where peace, understanding and love will be present

  40. Please pray for peace in my home and in our hearts. For my husband to be more accepting and understanding of my many tribulations and suffering, not to add on to it by attacking and judging me. For him to give up drinking and become more real and truthful. For better understanding patience and friendship, less fighting a holyer home where God reign, and love, understanding patience is a normal occurance! Amen

  41. Blessed St Jude give David a good outcome on Monday and bless Geraldine and children to cope well. Bless all my family and friends. In the name of the Fi8ather.Amen.xx.

  42. Dear St Jude of the Impossible, please intercede for my children that they may find and marry devoted, life-long spouses who will share the Catholic faith with them, and please secure fulfilling jobs for them,
    St Jude, pray for us!

  43. Please saint Jude
    I just need strength within me
    financial help, to be dept free and get my respect back I miss my sons but don’t feel appreciated or loved. In my heart i know i have done everything i can just never seems to be enough. pray for me saint Jude and guide me every moment of every day in the right direction. Love you lots. Pray for me Please.I will be forever grateful. Amen

  44. St Jude I pray for a financial help for my foundation Happy News Foundation please intercede for me in the name of Jesus I pray.
    Thank for answering for my prayer.

  45. That my husband and I are able to get financing for a home that we can easily afford and that we can start our own business. If God wills it.

  46. St Jude Thaddeus please pray for my husband and I to reconnect deeper after many years of stress raising our family. Please pray for our sons and daughters that the will of God comes to pass in each of their lives and the grace for my husband and I to always trust Him completely in all things.
    For all of the sorrow we, all of humanity carry in our hearts please pray for the balm of the Holy Spirit that we may all grow in love and compassion for one another.

  47. Dear Saint Jude Patron of Impossible situations I pray that you help me to be financially stable and grow my business

    I pray that I may be able to sustain my family and my relatives.Open doors for financial opportunities either through jobs and career development

    Saint Jude Pray for my intention{s} and thank you for answering my prayers


  48. St. Jude, please help me pray for the following special intentions:
    1. that my second son pass his licensure exam this October 2018
    2. that my cousin Mary Jean Santos be healed and recover fast from her illness
    3. that I may be granted the Schengen Visa for my trip this November or December

    I humbly ask for your intervention, together with the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, and her son Jesus Christ. Amen