Day 1 – St. Jude Novena 2015

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear St.Jude, please intercede for my daughter, Adrianna and other children struggling with authority, obedience, love, forgiveness and discipline.

  2. Dear St Jude.This is my first time I am asking for your intercession.I am hopeless.I have a fiancee by name Glory who has refused to marry me but has not given any tangible reason .I am 37.My family equally face hard luck when it comes to marriages.Break the jinx that is hexing my family.I love the girl Glory.Help me in this trial moments.I believe and confide in you.I pray that she should accept me as her husband.
    I pray for a good wife;
    I pray for happiness in marriage.

  3. Dear St Jude, thank you for always helping this widow, I now again beg for your intercession and help, I am in desperate need of the refund of monies due to me by Liberty Health Medical Aid, please guide Fuad Sedick & Adeline Apolles to reply to my e-mail and to process the urgent refund that I require for my current financial challenges. Thank you thank you thank you St Jude, amen

  4. Dear St Jude

    With you everything is possible

    Here are my intentions

    I pray that Andrew and M will get back together.
    I pray that Andrew will love her always.
    I pray that love will prevail with them.

    I pray that Joseph will get his internship.

    I pray for financial stability.

    I pray for health.

    Thank you St. Jude.

  5. father for I pray that u take away all my problems I pray that u heal my sickness away I pray that u take away my anger I pray that u take away evil Satan n bad spirits around me n my son my house I pray for a housing in Boston I pray for my son Eli that’s not himself must if the time I pray that u give us peace to sleep at night I pray that the people that’s hurting my son to stop I pray for a better future for my son I pray for a better future for me I pray for a better life for my son when he grows up I pray for the devil n the evil to leave my mind I pray for my family that hate me n my son I pray for Stephanie bastien that’s in drugs to stop I pray for kadafi bastien that’s been on drugs for a along time now to quit I pray for a better life for them I pray for Stephanie to find a better husband I pray for me to have a better relationship I pray for a husband in the future I pray for my enemies I pray for the haters I pray for a better life I pray for my struggles I pray for my tribulations I pray for my darkness I pray for wisdom I pray for faith I pray for patient I pray for courage I pray for knowledge I pray for my new neighbor to mind her business I pray for my son that’s going through a rough time I pray for a rough time myself I’m going through at home with him I pray for light I pray for any sickness my son might have to go away I pray for pain in my body I pray for clear vision I pray for the strangers that’s in my life n that’s coming in my life I pray for a financial that I can take care of my debts I pray for people that’s coming to my home I pray for my landlord bridges Sullivan to leave me alone I pray for my problems that I’m having every day I pray for a peace of mind I pray for a peace of mind for my son I pray to move out where I’m staying now I pray for a better financial from the state I pray for a raised from my paycheck or cash benefits n foodstamps also I pray to have money to send in churches I pray to change my life I pray that to become a better n a new person I pray for a life changing I pray to take away all the bad people n the bad friends in my life n the fake people in my life I pray for my sons safe type no matter where he is n go I pray in the future to have my own house n my own car n a a good career I pray to have my own husband in the future a husband that don’t share with others only me I pray for a godly husband in the future n a godly boyfriend I pray for for the bad evil n bad spirits inside my home n around me n my child to stay away I pray for Camille Jean Pierre to move on with his life n leave me alone I pray for Nelson to to leave me along I pray for a better world I pray for peace in my life with people that don’t like me I pray for peace wherever I’m n go I pray for difficulty in my life I pray for my son to rest at night peacefully I pray for peace at night time for myself I pray for my stress I pray for my bad thoughts I pray for a miracle to be happens in my life I pray for guidance for my son n I I pray for protection for my son n I I pray for the heartless people that’s in my life to go away n stay away I pray for godly friendship I pray for Lindsay that hate me now n talking bad behind my back I pray for Sheryl cosil that betrayed me wanna to have her friends to beat me up I pray for Gail that’s talking behind my back I pray for jessania to have her home n change her way I pray for Jessica that hurt my child I pray for her to stay away from me n my child I pray for Ashley that don’t like me I pray for Randy to get housing n to change her way to stop drinking n smoking I pray for Devon to change her ways I pray for all the bad people to change their ways I pray for people that’s doing voodoo on my kid n me to stop in the name of Jesus amen

  6. Dearest St. Jude, I am praying today for a miracle in trying my best to get a baby . Please St. Jude help me have patience with my inlaws I don’t know what I did wrong to them. Help me and my husband to sort things out and for him to get closer to me and my daughter. Thank you so much St. Jude. I believe in you

  7. Dearest St Jude, I am praying today for a financial blessing. My husband and I are drowning in debt. The bills get larger and larger. My husband suffered a stroke 8 years ago and has been on disability. We are getting closer to retirement years and the worrying is always with us. Please St Jude, grant my intention so we may be able to receive a financial blessing and meet the bills we have and be able to breathe easy. Thank you St Jude for hearing my prayer. Please answer me if it be God’s will.

  8. Dearest St. Jude, you have never failed me this far. Pls pray for my son Christian who will be sitting for a very important examination starting 2/11. May the good lord give him good health, wisdom, peace of mind, inspiration and the ability to remember all that he has studied hard for, so that he can do very well for his exams. May Jesus help him realize how much he is loved by his parents and family members.

    My eternal gratitude St Jude for all the help you have give me and mine all these years.

    In your mercy lord, hear our prayers..amen

  9. St. Jude, I humbly pray for your holy intercession that my husband will be healed and turn from his unhealthy relationship with alcohol. That he will open his heart to advice and guidance and that his heart will soften towards me and grow in his relationship with our Lord. Give him the strength and will to make positive consistent changes for our marriage. May peace enter our marriage and home and our relationship be healed so that together we can raise our beautiful daughter in a healthy environment. Thank ST. Jude, for all you’ve done for me. Please Lord, hear my prayer.
    In Jesus’ name!

  10. Dear St. Jude,

    Please pray that I hit the Lottery for enough money to pay off the debt that I’m buried in and help out my family too.

    I ask this in Jesus name!
    Thanks so much St. Jude!
    Love Always,
    Brenda F.

  11. Shalom,
    Am praying for a new job. The interview is scheduled for 22nd October. I pray that God will accompany me and help me answer each and every question asked. Am also yearning to purchase a family home. Seems impossible but I trust in the intercession of st jude.

  12. Dear St. Jude,

    Please pray for all of my health issues to clear up at this very moment and that I go into remission forever so I can raise my 9 year old twin nephews and have children of my own. I want to be there for my family because we have lost enough loved ones and the boys’ dad and grand-dad died in December 2014 and their mother is schizophrenic and bio-polar so I have sole custody of the boys until they are 18 years old. Please pray for all of us the stay healthy, together and at peace.

    I ask this in Jesus name!
    Thanks so much St. Jude!
    Love Always,
    Brenda F.

  13. Saint Jude,
    please hear my heart and prayers that Eric R blood disorder be miraculously normal so we can live a long, happy and healthy life together.
    In Jesus name, amen.

  14. I pray for the intersection of St.Jude that I will get my future career and that I will be more dedicated to my books and prayer,for a retentive memories and knowledge.for me to be humble at all times and respectful
    St.Jude,pray for us

  15. Dear St. Jude,

    Please pray for me and my future husband Brian H. get out of the financial crisis that we’ve been in for years and that has gotten worse in the last few months. It is getting even worse because I got laid off from my job on 9/30/15. I’ve been granted permanent custody of my deceased brother’s 9 year old twin boys so I need your immediate help to keep us together, healthy, safe and for me to get a job that will fit perfectly with my current situation and where I can excel.

    Thank you so much St. Jude
    In Jesus name! Amen!
    Love Always,
    Brenda F.

  16. Dear St. Jude

    Please help my mother overcome this battle with cancer. She was diagnosed in February of this year with cervical cancer.
    She was given a “clean” bill of health this past August. On thanksgiving weekend she was very ill and after a trip to the emergency room and extensive tests, the camber has spread to her liver and lung.
    Please give my family the strength to overcome one of life’s hardest obstacles. Please give her health. Give her time on this earth with the people who love her. I have never asked for anything, this is my first prayer to you. Thank you.

  17. Dear St. Jude,

    I have been praying to you for years because I want to get remarried and have children with the man I love with all my heart. His name is Brian H. and he is having serious financial and business problems and doesn’t want to drag me into it so he has pushed me away. I know he loves and he is my soulmate so I’m fighting for us and our future children. He is a good man with a big loving heart and I know he will be a great role model for my deceased brother’s 9 year old twin boys that I have full custody of and I’m raising by myself.

    St. Jude please pray that Brian H. expresses his feelings of love to me and we enter into a committed relationship right now and never to separate again no matter what people or things try to come between us. Also, pray that we get married next, start working on our family right away and have healthy children because we will be having children at an older age. I ask this in Jesus name! Amen!

    Thanks you so much St. Jude!
    Love Always,
    Brenda F.

  18. Dear St.Jude, I pray that you guide Kyle and Val at this difficult time in there life. You know what’s best for them and let them trust in you. St.Jude I also ask that you guide my family show us the right way, let us do God’s will. I pray that my husband finds his direction with his job or a change of job if that’s God’s will. Thank you St.Jude thank you Jesus. Hear my prayers. Amen

  19. Please pray that my adult son will learn to make wise financial decisions and that both him and his wife will put their childrens’ needs before their wants.

  20. St.Jude-
    Hear our prayers for C. That he will find his voice and the people who can help us, will. We pray that the impossible situation will cease to exist and that C is allowed to freely love all, so that he can grow up in the best possible situation. Resolve all conflict and restore c’s relationships and strengthen his spirit. We love him so much and pray that he will be stress free & able to love freely. We also pray that the dignity of work & understanding of those there will see us through this situation. We pray for all who are in a position to help, will be there when we need them.

  21. St Jude,
    I pray that my son will give himself totally and completely to our Lord Jesus Christ. That he will lead a sober and prosperous life after prison. I pray also for my daughter and her family that they may always stay together as a loving family. And for my husband and I to renew our love for each other both physically and emotionally. I pray that our country will turn back to Jesus and beg forgiveness.

  22. For my husband and I’s marriage that we can rebuild and make our marriage strong and unbreakable. For My husband and I to always be married to each other till the day we die, in love with each other always and forever and always spend as much time as we can together.

    For my husband to not be tempted by any temptations from other woman! To always and only be honest, loyal and respectable to me his wife!!


  23. For my husband and I’s marriage that we can rebuild and make our marriage strong and unbreakable. For My husband and I to always be married to each other till the day we die, in love with each other always and forever and always spend as much time as we can together.

  24. My st. Jude please help me I like one guy but for one mistake I make he’s not answers no phone call two weeks now please help me.

  25. St Jude I want to please pray for my son! Keep him safe, protect him, and help him get thru a difficult time
    Thank You St. Jude

  26. Dear St Jude,

    I pray that you intercede for me and my family. I pray that my family be united and love should reign among us. I also pray that you help me to be able to love and forgive those that offend me and try not to judge very quickly when people hurt me. I pray you help me regain my normal christian life and move forward with more positive thoughts without holding old grudges. I pray to always find love and peace among those that surround me.

  27. Dear st dude,hear my prayer request, is to get a private job as a home health aid,i am working for a company and just working from pay check to paycheck, to help my daughter quessa buy a car to travel to work,for my husband claud to get work building home nonstop, for great health for my for family,to have no credit cards bill,i no you will hear my prayers ,and intervene in my prayers thanking you in advance in jesus name.

  28. Please pray that our Lord helps me to sell my acreage immediately,as I am a widow & need the money desperately. Please ask our Lord to send serious buyers only,not just people who are noisy. Thank-you,Amen!

  29. Dear St. Jude,
    Please keep my brothers close to your heart. The oldest has isolated himself from our family. Please pray for forgiveness on both sides.
    The next oldest is struggling to hear God’s voice amongst all the voices of the world. Please pray that he has the openness to hear God’s call, and the courage to embrace it.
    The middle is too stubborn to accept God’s presence. Please pray that he has a change of heart towards God.
    The youngest is going through Confirmation and seems to be on the right path. Please pray that he stays true to himself and to God and doesn’t get lost.
    Thank you so much.

  30. Saint Jude,
    For peace in family’s with domestic violence and abuse. May the Lord protect them and heal with the Love of Jesus. Saint Jude intercede to assist in protecting children and women from abuse teach them to love themselves as Jesus loves us all. Please aid in peaceful house hunting and healing that this transition will be peaceful.

    God bless for nothing is impossible with the Love of Jesus

  31. Holy St Jude, I seek your help in my family. That all my siblings who are presently jobless will get wonderful jobs. Leg my parents continue to live healthy and give them long life!

    Grant me a good job, success in my bar exam, a God fearing husband and success in my plans for the future, Amen!

  32. Praying for the last 3 years to become a mom. Will never give up hope. St. Jude please bless my husband and I with a child.

  33. Dear Saint Jude. I come to ask you for help in my work place. Where most of the time staff are younger than me and as l am in my sixty they don’t have much time for me .or any respect and I find there conversations really bad and rude.there she one girl who is popular and everybody wants to be her friend.i am finding the job very stressful and I think if this girl was to go someone where else it would help every much. Saint Jude you are the Saint of the impossible and i trust you to intercede and remove the people that are causing me stress. For I don’t know how long I can take it ..I am leaving this petition in your care for you can do all things thank you

  34. That Andrew find a girlfriend and a wife that loves him and he loves her and that paul and Phillip may find godly women who want to be wise and will join our family happily

  35. For my husband to be accepted to the PhD program he is applying for at Notre Dame University, and for him to get a fellowship so that our financial needs may be met. Lord, in your mercy, grant this request. Amen.

  36. Dear St. Jude,

    Please whisper these intentions to Jesus: that our home will sell soon, that my husband will find work in the Raleigh (Research Triangle Park) area and that we will be able to move my mother up from FL and get her the medical attention she needs to relieve her from chronic back pain and COPD symptoms. All through the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

  37. Dear St. Jude

    Please hear my prayer and ensure that I am offered the position that I interviewed for, It means everything to me to obtain this position and further myself within my career. I really need this job and I am perfect for the company and the position. Please bless and motivate the hiring manager to hire me as soon as possible. Please help me with this intention, rent is coming up, bills need to be paid and I am practically broke. Thank you St. Jude, thank you Jesus and My Lord God. Through all this I must say my heart is full of love and gratefulness for God, my angels, my Saints, my spirit guides and my family and friends. Helping me along the way and guiding me on this path of mine.

  38. i pray for healing of disease in my body. for healing of hurt and for forgiveness for disobeying Gods Holy Will in my life. i pray for complete healing of my body inside and out. Oh St Jude intercede for me that God may have mercy on me.Heal me in Jesus name.

  39. Dear St Jude,
    Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness in listening to our prayers. My children for their salvation; and also for the many children and adults who are not baptized that a “Ambrose” may come into their life and draw them to Jesus, and the desire to be baptized and to know Christ will grow in their hearts.

  40. For my teenage daughter:
    feels like does not fit in her family
    attitude/behavior issues
    All of which affect her relationship with every member of this family.
    That God will grant her healing and show her the path He wants her on and in turn, for peace in our family.

  41. My husband and I’s marriage that we can rebuild and make our marriage stronger and unbreakable. For my husband and I to always be married to each other till the day we die, in love with each other always and forever and always spend as much time as we can together.


  42. Dear St. Jude,
    Please hear my prayers that my body will heal that I don’t have anymore heart and stomach problems that I also loose 35lbs in weight to help my health. My daughter will also be healthy her gallbladder is very badly inflamed and her new job she doesn’t stress and that her co- workers will all get along and bless her marriage and my son he is not well health wise please take care him too my husband health is not good at all please bless him with good health and bless my marriage. Job wise for me may I get many more hours of work to help with the debts I have which is effecting my health please hear my prayers St.Jude.????

  43. Oh most holy saint jude, powerful patron and friend of jesus please interceed for me , here are my intention….I need to further my studies in order for that to happen i must find a job….please help me find it most powerful patron…lately i have had bad lucks am always broke and it seems i can’t find anyone to help me financially , iam still young but my soul is filled with so much sorrow… being denied by the world…help me find a devotful man in my life, the love of my life….i need happiness ..and what i also need is for you to help me grow my growth have lately been inhibited by certain factors in my life like dippression, stress and lack of finances…….Please help me oh most powerful patron!

  44. O dear St. Jude please pray that by God’s grace I will be cured from my chronic illness- Kidney failure. Please bless all the nurses and doctors and all who care for me, support me and pray for me.
    Most of all dear saint please help me to lead a life pleasing to God and to always renounce sin.
    I also pray that my son Antony will find a better job, his health will improve and meet a good wife, but most of all that he too get closer to God.
    Please St. Jude help my husband to give up smoking and drinking soon and for us all to come together daily to pray as a family.
    Please help all my brothers and sisters and families to love each other and to Love Jesus more and more each day. Amen.

  45. Dear St.Jude i pray that C and i would be close again ,My he open his heart to welcome me back into his life if its your will ,if its not the will of my Lord please help me to find a God fairing husband.
    I also pray for my sister’s supervisor on her job to become humble and for my sister to be given a promotion at her job.

  46. St. Jude sana po maka uwi na po ako para makapiling ko na po ang aking anak sa pinas at makapag simula na ng bagong buhay. Nang mabigyan ko po sya ng magandang kinabukasan. Sana matapos na po ang kaso ko at maka uwi na po ako ng maayos..


  47. Dear St Jude,
    Please intercede for my friend Sharon who is seriously ill. May God have mercy on her and help her return to good health again. Grant her and her family the peace of God’s presence at this time.
    Thank you for all my blessings and for all those who join us in prayer.
    St Jude, Pray for us!

  48. Dearest St jude , Please pray that my brother Barry will get the all clear from cancer after his treatments. That all his scans will be positive. For all others suffering from cancer for their healing , for Deborah Cullen , Nora Gallagher , John Doherty.
    For my family and extended family to receive openness to real true love and conversion in their hearts. St Jude for all my nieces and nephews to get the gift of faith to carry on the faith in the next generation. For all my family to know the real love of God , to seek him and find him. For blessings in marriages , for Gods will to be done in my life and that I will know it and have courage to carry it out. For my parish and God love to reign there. Amen

  49. Please pray for my brother-in-law who is suffering from his post-cancer treatment. He was diagnosed with mouth cancer and he is going to have a few oral surgeries to restore is mouth and gums so he can eat solid foods. He is on a feeding tube and his weight has dropped dramatically. He is 6ft and weighs only 106 pounds.
    his family, sister and niece are also in a financially bad way. please pray for them

  50. I pray that my soul and karma will be cleansed permanently ,a financial breakthrough and removal of any family or generational bondage in my life and for revival,renewal and restoration of my relationship.Amen
    St Jude pray for Us

  51. Dear St. Jude, please ask Our Lord to guide the hands of the surgeon & all my medical team in my surgery next week. I also ask that He guides & cares for my daughter, who will have surgery next month. I pray that I will be strong enough to watch her children while she has surgery. My prayers also are for their marriage, that her husband will see how much he is needed by their special needs children; that he will see how drinking & spending money are a huge problem in their lives. Thank you, St. Jude and Our Lord.

  52. St Jude pray for us. We pray for the safety and security of our foster son and daughter. We pray that God’s intention is for them to stay with us in our home, as ultimately that is best for them. And that’s truly what it’s all about… what’s best for the children.

  53. Pray for my sons (and their wives and children) to fully embrace the Catholic faith.

    Pray for reconciliation with my siblings.

    Pray that I might one day be able to walk the Camino de Santiago.

    Thank you St. Jude for your prayers, thank all of you who join in praying.


  54. Pray that my husband finds employment using his special skills and gifts that he may finally do the work he is meant to do and provide for his family that our needs are met. Pray as well that our daughter who is still at home finds her way, finishes her education and is able to provide for herself. Pray that we find a nice and affordable place to live much closer to work and on the bus line. Pray God willing all intentions are met. With gratitude I send up my prayers through St. Jude that he may intercede on our behalf.

  55. I pray that my beautiful friend finds her soulmate and that she be blessed with the sacrament of marriage and a child of her own.

  56. St Jude intercede for me for my children, Lesley for protection and mercy, Clayton in order for him to or him to get or be able to communicate with people and find a college to study as he want to do some printing, for Charles to excel in his matric exams as he wants to become a doctor or a lawyer and needs a good mark. Then for myself for good health, that what ever they find on Thursday the 29th it will all be well, by the grace of God. Also for peace in South Africa with all the crime happening all around us, for our government that they make some proper rules for the people to follow.
    St. Jude pray for us

  57. Please pray that I receive what I need to meet my everyday needs (mentally, physically, and economicly). Especially to maintain my house and meet my retirement needs. That my family become very strong in the Catholuc faith. That all that I meet love God and strive to do his will. Thank you

  58. For my family- my husband that he may be directed into a healthy and prosperous position of what is God’s will as we have been greatly affected by the layoffs in the oilfield since early July; my daughter that she does well this first college semester and her eyes are opened to holy experiences, friends that lead her in the right direction,; my son who is struggling in school and possibly experiencing some bullying issues that I need the strength and guidance as well on how to handle; me as I continue working extra with my job to support our family that I make the correct choices in all I do and am successful; my mom and the grieving and depression she is experiencing since my daddy passed away and guidance of her finding something that fulfills her heart. Of course for our country to open its eyes again to God.

  59. My husband & I are praying for everyone’s prayer intensions & also for the souls in purgatory. We are also praying for conversions, especially in our families. St. Jude pray for us. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. Amen.

  60. St Jude,
    I pray that my parents, brothers and my daughters come to the Catholic Church, and serve God. I pray for the oilfield work to come back to West Texas, and all my friends get jobs, some only know oilfield work for its our bread and butter in this area, I pray for complete healing for my immune system, chronic heart failure, and all ailments that prevent me to function normal,

  61. For my marriage rites that has been kept on hold for no reason known to me, that St. Jude will ask our Lord to perfect everything that concerns me in that aspect soon in Jesus name, Amen. For my family and friends who I am inviting for my graduation, that St. Jude will make it possible that the embassy will grant all of them visa for the trip. For the impossible cause of getting a job without a proof of national insurance, that I may have the divine favour of being called to work without that as I have mistakenly misplaced mine. That St. Jude will help me in earning a distinction in the programme I have just finished because I really worked hard for it. All these I ask and I believe that with the help of St. Jude, saint of impossible causes, all my intentions will be granted through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. I pray for other people’s intentions too.

  62. Oh Holy and Merciful St. Jude,
    I ask for your intercessory prayer for the reconciliation of my marriage, and the emotional healing of my family.
    I pray also for all the intentions of the Holy Father.

  63. Dear St Jude please pray for my Intention I ask for financial breakthrough to pay all my Debts (Rent) urgently please help me . Amen.

  64. Please pray for my daughter Diane that she will sell her condo, and my son to sell his house,since he is now working out of town. Urgent to sell before the winter, for both of them . Thank for your prayers.

  65. Please pray for my son that this new chemo drug will work for him and his brain tumor will shrink and he will be well again. St. Jude please hear my prayers.

  66. Lord I pray that I may find a wife that is worthy of Christ’s blessings. I long to provide and protect a gentile heart.

  67. Please pray for me that I will have a successful cornea surgery. The left eye will be done first and then the right eye. Also, please pray for me as I go through the grieving process of losing my husband several months ago. I am still going through a very difficult time and I will not have him here during my cornea surgeries. Please pray for me. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  68. I pray this novena for myself and others that are praying.
    I pray for my relationship with C let us become closer and enjoy each other and what we bring to the relationship. For him it’s about trusting again, guide him to see that he can trust and rely on me.


  69. St. Jude please help me to find a good, kind and loving husband. If T is the one please help me to know. If he is the one please help me so that I can go and live in Ireland. If I am not to be married please remove the desire from my heart. Thank you Saint Jude. Amen.

  70. Oh Holy St. Jude, be merciful and I pray that God will find me worthy of a good and loving husband and foster fathter/step-father for my daughter. Please show me if this is not your will and remove the thought and desire then to have such in our lives. In your Holy Name I pray. Thank you.

  71. St. Jude patron saint of the impossible, please pray and grant all those praying this novena their special intentions. Please grant me my heart desires and know that I thank you and am grateful in advance. I love you and thank you.

  72. Saint Jude

    Intercede for me with Jesus that John loves me with a love strong , faithful , sincere, fusion . He respects everything he said and marriage proposal to me .
    Pray also for me for my protection, my professional success and my health. Amen

  73. Holy St. Jude,

    Please help me get a financial break through as i ask for your intervention in my online trading so that i can be successful to be in position to raise enough money to pay off all my debts. Always be with me and given enough wisdom to identify winning trades.

    I ask all this through St. Jude


  74. St Jude I ask that you pray for my daughter that she may be united with the right man in Marriage and that God will unite them in the sacrament of marriage.

  75. Dear St. Jude. Please intercede for my and grant my petitions. Please always protect and watch over my family. For my husband to be faithful and truthful to me. Help me with all my work difficulties

  76. St Jude heal me of my tooth infection.heal me of my diseases I am suffering.protect my son and husband from all diseases. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen

  77. For my paperwork that we get a positive response
    For our children, that the continue to grow in their faith
    For our marriage, that we continue to support each other and continue to pray
    For our moms, that they stay healthy and continue to look up to their maker
    For a strong family of believers

  78. I pray to st jude to interceed for me to be blessed with children in my marriage. I have been childless for 2 yrs in marriage bt no child yet. Please st jude interceed for me

  79. Pray for my father to accept that there is life after retirement and accept Jesus as his personal guardian. Secondly pray for my niece who have lost her way ad she has become an addict to alchohol ad she has failed her responsibility as mother.

  80. St. Jude
    Pray with me that i may get a job in the country that I’m in at the moment, i have been struggling financially and i have a child that needs to start school in January, Pray with me that i may be able to support him in this difficult time.
    I thank God for this in advance.
    Thank you.

  81. Dear St Jude

    I ask for your miraculous intervention in my finances and that you remove any impediments to control and cleanup the messy situation I face. I pray that opening the blockages in my life and for new opportunities according the the will of God and that I find a solution and ever again face such helplessness again.
    I thank you for all answered prayers.

  82. Thankyouso so much for the novena . You sent the perfect one . I will offer the novena and my prayers to all the parents of young men who have drug problems and are making silly decisions . My 22yr old son was caught driving on a suspended licence by the police yesterday . He lost his car , has to go to court and may lose his new job if his boss does not look kindly on him . He struggles with addictions and has been getting better these last few months and just got a job on trial
    I pray for all young ones who learn the hard way in life . Saint Jude is the perfect saint . Please give us the strength to never give up on our list causes . Amen

  83. St. Jude,
    Humby and urgently praying for my complete healing inside and out. Cancer Free, Cancer cured, no metastasis, no spread, no recurrence, no chemo, no complication, your intercession, so I can take care of the little Angel Papa Jesus gifted me… And be with me as I raise the little angel to be God fearing, happy, contented, sharing, and respectful.
    All this I ask in Jesus’ name.
    Thank you.