Day 1 – St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please St Joseph guide my husband back into my arms that he may turn his heart to you. I’m in need of prayers. We are still married under the laws of our Catholic Church. My heart bleeds for your help to not only give him guidance but to give me guidance as well Amen

  2. Dear St. Joseph as I do this novena and pray, please accept my prayers for my husband. That he is able to grow in his new job and is able to earn sufficiently to his satisfaction and that he is able to provide and take care of all the expenses. Blessings of good health, safety, godliness and to be blessed with financial success with no more delays. Amen

  3. My nephew Joseph in the Army and is suffering with Depression. I ask for prayers that God n the Army will get him all the help he needs to lift n heal him of this n help him in all his resonsibilities and duties and to heal up n and be Happy…Also for all the intentions of the Kelly Family and Sweeney Family and McCarrey Family

  4. St. Joseph please hear my prayer, I pray that my Dad is at peace with Our heavenly Father since his passing. I miss him, and believe his passing was due to a broken heart of missing my Mom since she passed in June 2016. He wasn’t a very faithful Father, he did turn to me and saying you’re the religious one, “What’s the difference between X we’ll say and Y? I said, (this was about 2 weeks before he died Feb. 24th a day before his 78th Birthday) Daddy it doesn’t matter if you want to go into a Catholic Church, and your not Catholic, go…Pray, God will listen to the desires of your heart. I imagine he felt his life was ending now in hindsight, perhaps he was scared. I pray for his passing and crossing to join my Mother. I tried to get to him, before his last breath, that I would Pray to God whatever he so desired, if it were to live then that’s what I would pray for. If it were to die and be with his beloved wife then that’s what I would pray for. However, I didn’t get there in time, he had passed in the hospital having gone into A Fib. Rest in Peace Daddy, until we meet again! I’m still praying for you and will continue to do so with the help of these Novena’s & throughout the world! Have mercy on us all and forgive us of our sins…That Daddy you were their to be received in your Heavenly Father’s arms and our Loving Mother Mary’s arms. Amen

  5. I’ve never done a prayer group or go to church every Sunday, but for some reason I came a cross this. Please pray for my husband Jose, he is a hard working man he always thinks of us first and I feel like I don’t give him enough thanks yous, I am a hard attitude type of person that I feel like he should understand ME all the time BUT I need to understand HIM and all he goes thru. So please pray for us, I want my husband to know I love him and that all he does for us. Also please put in your prayers my dad, Luis Fernando, he and my mom separated over a year ago and he’s currently living with us. He’s become this person that stopped caring and thinks life has come down on him. Please pray for him, I would like for him to know everything will be ok and he can go about his life, things with my mom may have not worked out but that’s no reason to think that life has come down.
    Thank you

  6. Pray for our son Travis and all that he has within his heart. Be with him guide him in your way Lord. Love him unconditionally. I pray that he gets help with his addiction and that his relationship with Breanne with grow even stronger through all this
    Give her a heart of forgiveness. May their love grow. In Jesus name.

  7. Please pray for my husband he has to care for our family and be caregiver to me his wife, I am battling cancer.
    His burden is heavy.

  8. Hi! I would like to suggest and plea to all you brothers and sisters that we also keep in our intentions the poor families that are suffering from separation throughout our country by means of deportation. Let us pray that our government might reach an agreement to reform this broken immigration system and document the undocumented immigrants. Thank you my brothers and sisters, I pray for us all. Love YOU MY FATHER ALMIGHTY!

  9. Praying for Catholic husbands for my 2 daughters. I pray that they gain the strength to break with the men they are dating now, if they are not meant to be God’s choice for their husbands. Amen.

  10. I love this novena and Annie’s sweet voice. I am touched by these prayers to St Joseph. I need help in making a very important decision in our lives. My husband had a stroke and it is up to me now. How can I do this. What would God want me to do? I’m. Asking. Please intercede for me.

  11. Dear blessed St Joseph, praying for the soul of my sister in law, Anne who made her journey last night at 11pm. Rest in peace Anne. Please intercede St. Joseph for Anne and her family. Her husband Walter, his daughter Maureen and his son, Wally.
    Blessed St. Joseph please give my brother Walter a blessed healing of the memories today, for the loss of his wife & increase his children’s faith. Amen

    • Rest In Peace for she is in a way better place now, in the. Company of our DEAREST FATHER, Our LORD JESUS, The HOLY SPIRIT, MOTHER MARY and all Our Brothers and Sisters, Angels and Saints! GOD Bless you, your family and us all!

  12. St. Joseph please pray for all the men in my family but especially my husband who can’t be with us. Help him get better and pray that we can get through this most difficult time in our life. May we stick together and face the future knowing we have God with us. May it be God’s will not my own. Amen.

  13. Lifting up my cousin and her family. Praying that her husband’s heart will soften and he will see that moving is not the best thing for their family. St. Joseph, you are the patron saint for father’s, please help this man.

  14. Please intercede St. Joseph for my husband and children that they receive a conviction from our father in heaven to avoid all evil and break the chains of bondage from us all … Bless us with your wisdom and Understanding in all areas of our lives especially as a family… Help us to go through our many trials and tribulations and come out stronger and closer to you oh Lord..
    We adk that your will be done in your name Sweet Jesus…. Amen and Amen

  15. Dear St. Joseph, I beg your powerful intercession for my daughter and son in law. As patron of families and guardian of the Holy Family, I pray you intercede for their family. Please help them to reconcile with each other and protect them and their daughter as they begin the mediation process. Please remove all interference with their marriage so they can truly follow God’s will for them. In Jesus name, I pray.

  16. Our Heavenly Father:

    St. Joseph please pray with me to intercede in my finances so I can paid my bills. Also, thanks for everything you has done for me and my children, children, children, children and a hundredfold of my generation to come in Christ Jesus name Amen.

  17. I pray for my family my parents my brothers and sisters that they live holy everyday I also pray for their protection wisdom and understanding each and everyday.i mostly pray for my love life which has gone astray am so desperate please take away this feeling and please help me find the one please bring to me that person who will be there for me and love me for who I am please take away this loneliness.

  18. For the intentions of all those in my rosary prayer group. For my husband to have renewed faith. For my daughter and her husband to attend mass more regularly. That the right decision will be made about moving. And finally, for financial security. Thank you. Amen

  19. Most Blessed Saint Joseph, watch over me and Frank. Please intercede for us as we untangle the misunderstandings between us. Please heal our relationship, and my family members. My brother Grant a devout and loyal believer who’s suffering from ill health. May his upcoming surgery be successful. My sister in law, Anne’s increased her faith in her illness. May Anne’s husband Walter draws closer & closer to the wholeness of the Lord for answers. Bless my niece Maureen , & nephew Wally’s relationship with their family. Amen

  20. Please pray for a large amount of Father to attend their first Men’s Morning of Spirituality in Memphis TN on April 1st. And for a new group to help the marginalized to grow to 1000 and for a man in hospice named Daniel and for the successful merger of SEA and ESG.

  21. Please pray for the intersession on my behalf so that I may have the finances to secure a home for we have not had a place to live for a few months now. We need a place of our own. Please pray that we can have a place where can say this is ours and we can no longer say we are homeless. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  22. St. Joseph most pure, please pray for my father’s conversion and the conversions of all husbands of families. Help them grow under you guide and lead them closer to your son Jesus Christ. Amen


  24. I pray for the intercession for my husband and children to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to have a conversion of heart. I pray that I may be used as and example and instrument for them and for those I serve at my job as a Chaplain for pregnant young women and their babies. That they and my family may turn to the Lord and that their faith is restored and renewed. And for those who do not know Jesus that I can be used to help them see his Love, mercy and forgiveness.


  25. In the name of Jesus I thank God for all miracles and blessings. I ask God to remove forever everyone of our enemies.Return to me my family healed and back to the Catholic Church, return my income greatly, return my small size, and sent to each of us our Catholic soul mate and finally heaven for us all along without diseased.

  26. Lord jesus ,loving st joseph,st Andre I pray for your intercession. I pray for money to finance my son through medical school. I pray that my son would be successful with his exams and he would score high marks. I pray for my husband. I pray that you would bless him.

  27. For a good kind, loving man to be my husband, through the intercession of Saint Joseph, model of all husbands.

  28. Dear All

    Please pray for my future husband who is currently my baby father to see the way we have a great relationship but as soon as friends are present all problems start, pray for him to see for himself which friends are the wrong once so I don’t have to fight him because of friends.

    God bless you all

    Thank you

  29. please heal my son fritz ensleigh for his severe headache and stomachache…
    and please help me for the approval of my wkrking visa for canada.

  30. St. JOSEPH please guide, protect and keep my family healthy. Most especially please give me the Pru job I am seeking so I may care for my family. May each of my siblings get jobs as well so they may start to stand on their own. Please provide my husband with what he needs to return home to us. We thank you, the Virgin Mary and Jesus for your unconditional love! Amen.

  31. Hi this is Dj pleas I’m asking God to pry for my Husban he is a hard worker and he is struggling with financial ???????? May God bless you

  32. Please help my husband with his memory. That l can and that my mind will become strong again. In the name of the father.