Day 1 – St. Anne Novena 2023

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Here’s Day 1 of the St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Praying for my mother Julia who is bedridden unable to speak and unable to walk that she may be healed of her ailment.

  2. I am being accused falsely of a sexual misconduct, but I am innocent of the lies and accusation.
    I pray God to vindicate me through the intercession of St Anne
    Through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen 🙏🙌🙏

  3. Dear St. Anne,

    I’m praying for my brother Jerry, who moved to a different state and is having difficulty meeting people and getting settled. I’m praying for a co-worker Tammy who will have surgery this week as well as my niece and nephew who struggle with mental illness. I ask for your prayers to our Lord Jesus, who if it be his divine will, heal my family and friends.
    Thank you St. Anne!



  4. St Anne, please help my son and his wife. They are now separated. Please help them to get back together, forgive each other and start a family together.

  5. Mom says, 7/17/32 9:50p

    Dear St Anne,
    I am praying for my son Anthony Peter who had major surgery last Friday July 14th. He had two surgeons one was to remove the Cancer on his
    liver, now it is gone. The other a colon surgeon. The second Dr removed three spots, then remover two more spots. The total time in
    the operation room was twelve hours. Then a plastic surgeon had to close up. All in all the doctors felt they removed all the cancer they saw.

    Anthony Peter is in the ICU unit in NYU Hospital in NY City. Each day Anthony Peter
    is doing a little better. I am praying he will
    have a good recovery.

    Thank you GOD, Amen Amen

  6. Dear St. Anne,
    Please wrap your gracious loving arms around my teenage son. Fill his heart and mind with your love, hope, confidence & compassion. Keep him away from danger and harm. Please protect him and lead his path to God’s Will. In your name, St Anne, we Pray. Amen

  7. Please pray that I can accept God’s plan for my life. I am having a difficult time doing this because He has a plan for me and I want something else. Thank you for doing these novena’s. I really enjoy hearing from you. 🙏🙏❤️

  8. I pray for my children’s health and for my grandchildren, especially the ones that have mental issues and addictions. Lord I beg for mercy for them. Give them the grace they need and key them find their way to you. In Jesus precious name I pray.

  9. Holy Saint Anne, please accept my prayers for my son. You know that his grandmother taught him to be in the path of Jesus. Right now, he is very successful in his physician career but has deviated from the path of Christ. If his grandma was alive today, she would be heart broken. So, I come to you today asking you to intervene and consider his situation. Break away all the ties with I,H, idol worshippers especially P and her parents who are teaching him that it’s okay to be in relationship and marriage with non-follower of Jesus. Break all ties and chains of my son with these idol worshippers. Bring my son back to Jesus. Jesus bless him with a Christian girl from a Christian praying family to be his GF and spouse soon. Amen.

  10. I pray that my children and granddaughter comes back to the Catholic Church. It saddens my husband and I to see them not believe any more.

  11. Pray for my nephew and his family to return to the Catholic Church with full participation, baptizing their children, raising them to know God, Love God, and Serve God.
    Pray for the visit with my nephew this coming week will be peaceful, safe travels, without incident, without drama.
    Pray Shannon does not bring her newborn with them on the visit.
    Pray all who are praying this Novena.
    St. Anne Pray for us.

  12. Please pray for emotional spiritual physical healing of my children for my son and wife marriage to weather their storms and my son to not loose his job. Thank you

  13. I pray for the cure for my nephew’s sight and the continued health and happiness of my family. I pray for the souls of my father and uncle. Finally, I humbly ask if it is God’s will, for the release from all the pain and sufferings that I endure due to my disabilities and that I may find a better job as well as my future wife and soulmate. I pray for Peace in the Ukraine, the end to gun violence and abortion. I ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏 ✝️

  14. Dear St Anne please pray for my family and friendship group as we are experiencing serious difficulties. My friend Moon is seriously injured in hospital after a lorry crash with multiple fractures. Her 16 year old son is my son’s best friend and both boys year olds are struggling badly. She is a single mum and won’t be able work or pay her bills. Another friend Stacey has just lost her teenage son to suicide a few weeks ago. My husband and I are both having serious problems at work and with our marriage and I am now off work with stress. May the Lord come to all of us in this Novena group and help us with all our difficulties. Amen.