Day 1 – St. Anne Novena 2020

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Here’s Day 1 of the St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please St Anne pray for my Anne. Ask your Divine Grandson to grant my request, that she come home to be near her brothers (and me.). Also, that she not travel alone and that she and her brothers are kept safe always…
    Thank you, Blessed Anne.

  2. I’m hoping to see a novena dedicated to St Anthony. Perhaps Saint Anthony can pray that we find a cure for this pandemic, and that we find a vaccine or treatment.

  3. St. Anne, I humbly pray for my grieving sister, who’s husband died suddenly, and her children. I also pray for my sons who struggle with mental illness and addiction, and also other family who struggle with the same issues. I also ask prayers that we remain safe from the covid virus.

  4. For my life and everything I do. My decisions and choices in life.Choosing a spouse and success in my academics and business.
    Also ask that, well pray for me on my weakened intentions to join the missionary work to be reenergized and also ask God to grant and reveal unto me His purpose for me on this Earth.

    For this I pray

  5. Thank you St Ann for always keeping a eye on my Daughter for many have help me and her Everytime I prayed to you.I always tell her to Thank you for always being there for for her and my Grandchildren

  6. I pray for my son and daughter-in-law as they prepare for their baby. I pray for My sister’s that we may strengthen our live and unity.

  7. Please St. Anne, keep my son, my daughter and I safe from this pandemic. Please also help my daughter who is going through a break up.

    I ask that you intercede for me to find a good Catholic husband so that I can have a family and be free of loneliness.

  8. Please
    Saint Anne, help my family find peace, that my sisters and I mend our issues and my sister find peace, love, security and happiness and health, I pray that my sister-in-law be healed from her illness, and my niece be healed from her illness as well. In St Anne’s name I pray.

  9. Dear St. Anne, Thank you for hearing our prayers and concerns tonight.
    St.Anne we need a vaccine ,
    can you help us PLEASE 🙏
    We pray for all whom lost their lives in this pandemic.
    Lord Jesus son of God have Mercy on me a sinner.

  10. Please help my additional testing show no cancer. Please guard us from getting Covid-19. Please help me in my job as a school RN as we return to school. Help me protect my 1500+ students and staff to the best of my ability. Please help improve our health, financial stability and spiritual health. Please bring my children back to God, to our family and back to church. Please help heal the hearts of some of the broken members of our family. Please pray for our country, for peace, for relief from the pandemic and please pray for all participating in the Novena. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. My Lord Jesus Christ, l pray that you hear & grant all my prayer intercession sent by your Dear Grandmother St. Anne – on my behalf:
    I pray in Thanksgiving for your continued protection & health you have blessed my brother & I as well as our extended family especially during this Pandemic crisis.
    My special request is for that man you made to be my husband enters my life very soon and that we will be blessed with your grace to become husband & wife for the remainder of our life. I pray for a Christ-centered man & husband so that our marriage will focus on doing Your Will in our blessed union.
    I also pray for the blessing of immediate financial relief and that I can clearly hear & obediently follow for Your divine direction in all my decision making today & always.

    I submit these petitions in Your Holy Name My Lord & God. Amen

  12. St. Anne, thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. We have gone through some rough patches but we managed to pull through with your assistance. During this novena, I pray that St. Anne will continue to advocate for me and my family to her loving Grandson, Jesus. I ask that me and my family are protected from all harm, illnesses, and evil. I pray that the man chosen for me will become my husband. I’ve been single for so long and I pray that my Lord will finally answer my prayers. I pray that my future husband sees me as his wife. I pray that your Grandson enables me to meet all meet my financial necessities. I pray that I’m able to be successful and feel valued at my job. I pray that this world will eventually find some relief from this pandemic. I pray for my cousin DC that she becomes pregnant and be blessed with a heathy child. In St. Anne’s name I pray, Amen.

  13. To be a more engaged grandparent. And my husband to be present in mind, body and spirit to the needs of our family as a grandparent, giving.

  14. Saint Anne,
    Please pray for healing for my husband.
    Please pray for my son to be guided to the right career choice and to find a job.
    Please pray for healing for Nicolas and Holly.

  15. Dearest Saint Anne! Thank you for John-Paul and Annie and the great work they do on behalf of our Lord and in service for all of us. I pray they and all they love stay well. We align with all praying this Novena and that their prayers be answered in Jesus’ Holy name. Thank you for interceding for us all and I personally ask that you bring to our Father our prayer for the continued remission of breast cancer for me and to send into remission the cancer my dearest friend, Carol has once again been diagnosed with for another 50 years (me too)! God and Jesus are our ultimate physicians and we trust that they will allow us to be examples of their healing power. In faith, I ask all the prayers posted her be answered favorably and that those that have not been posted are included also. Amen!

  16. I pray for the health of my family and healing within my extended family. I pray for my children to be with people who will bring them to heaven through your grandson, Jesus. I pray for healing of the divisiveness we now are experiencing in our families and country. I pray for myself, my husband, my children and their significant others for a healthy relationship with their bodies and souls. I pray for my mother’s health in her procedures she will endure this week.

    Thy will be done.


  17. I pray for the health of my family and healing within my extended family. I pray for my children to be with people who will bring them to heaven through your grandson, Jesus. I pray for healing of the divisiveness we now are experiencing in our families and country. I pray for myself, my husband, my children and their significant others for a healthy relationship with their bodies and souls.


  18. Loving St Anne, Please pray for my daughter Dawn who has been suffering for over 17 years with several illnesses and is in pain 24/7. I ask for your loving grandson Jesus place his healing hands on Dawn and take back all of her illnesses so that her body will once again function as he intended spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally in Jesus name I beg for this blessing St Anne. Praying for your intercession for all our needs Amen

  19. Blessed St Anne, you are my Confirmation Patron Saint. On July 10 I became a grandmother as you were grandmother to our Lord Jesus Christ. Please lead me to be the proper example to my grandson, to assist to show him the glorious path of our Lord. Help him to grow strong in body, mind and soul.

  20. St Anne , please intercede for me for guidance to a holy life. Praying for all persons in my life at this moment to have the ability to turn towards a loving heart and stop being hateful living a passive aggressive life.
    Praying especially my nieces and nephews to be married to a strong and holy, Godly person. Praying for my nephew, and grand nephew today on their birthday. Ages, 35 and 14 years old. Praying for your intercession for all my unmarried youth in my family for a guidance in their vocation. Jesus, Mary and Joseph save souls. Amen

  21. St. Anne, please pray:
    for my three sons to find good Catholic woman to date and eventually marry.
    that my husband I are good holy and fun grandparents to our 3 grandsons and 4th grandson on the way.
    that my cancer, stage 4, is completely killed from my body with treatment and prayers so I may help my children and grandchildren for many years more.
    in thanksgiving for everything, knowing everything is gift.

  22. We pray that our children may walk closely with our God.
    We pray for cancer victims: Kimberly, Lori, Mary, Gary, Mary Lou, Dale, Pat, Frank, Glenn, Janet, Kay, Mary Ann, Jane
    We pray for dear friends with memory loss: Kay and Jane
    We thank God for his abundant and unending love!

  23. Dear St. Anne, please ask Jesus and Mary to heal and protect my family and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, TMJ, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma, urological problems, neuropathy, arthritis and colon problems.

    Please help all affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Please heal those who are ill. Please grant eternal salvation to those who have passed away. Please help their grieving loved ones.

    Please help all first responders, medical personnel, grocers, pharmacists, truck drivers and all on the frontlines of this pandemic.

    Please help all police officers who are under attack by many politicians and socialists.

    Please protect the United States of America.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Anne.

  24. I ask St Ann to intercede so that my son may know the Lord and love serving him. To reform from drugs abuse and to work hard in college

  25. st ann i pray to you everyday – prayers for protection against the bullies even in my family – lord do not delay – prayers to control gluttony eating for the good of my health – thank you lord Jesus for these answered prayers – your child

  26. Good Saint Anne my grandmother, I ask you to continue to watch over me as I celebrate my birthday with your feast day, I ask for blessings in health and strength so I will continue to do the mission Jesus has chosen for me. Thank you Amen

  27. Dearest St Anne
    Our daughterinlaw has lupus and needs a kidney transplant. She has been on dialysis and on the waiting list for 2 years now. She and our son have a beautiful 3 yr old daughter. I know you understand pain and uncertainty. Please give them peace and hope but mostly hearts on fire for your Grandson Jesus and consolation in your daughter Mary’s Immaculate Heart.
    Thank you, dear St Anne.

  28. Please pray that my daughter finds peace and joy in her life. May the right people come into her life and those who are helping her have the wisdom and strength to continue to head her in the right direction. I pray that my family can become one again!

  29. Lost please keep us safe from the Coronavirus. I thank you for your protection so far. Please protect all your children lord from this terrible pandemic. In your name I pray lord. Amen