Day 1 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Sacred Heart of Jesue please pray for my intentions for my granddaughter Irione to be able to pass her classes
    For my grand daughter Radijah andJoe for their baby girl to be born healthy and for her kidney to be alright
    For my daughter Carlette to be able to do well on her job and for her health with dibities to get undercontrol
    FOR my daughter Michelle for the problems she is going through please let her be able to get Dana Social Sercuity check
    Sacred Heart of Jesus please interced my prayers for healingmy health with the problems with my feet and my back pain for the problems I am having finiacially to get better
    Sacred Heart of Jesus please let my brother Ricky be alrightwhile he serve his time in jail
    Sacred Heart of Jesus in the name of the Father please let my prayers be answered

  2. I pray for my son a recent graduate, that he will put his trust in Jesus as he searches for a job. That a door will open for him and he will put his trust in God as he waits to begin a new chapter in his life.

  3. For my husband to find a good job and that our financial obligations be met. For safety and protection of our children. For family and friends’ health and father’s healing from cancer. For detachment. For discerning God’s will in my life. For growth in holiness and to spend eternity with my family in Heaven. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee.

  4. Please pray for healing in the both of my eardrums, restore of my hearing and make ringing in my both ears to go away completely. Pray that god will comfort me in my suffering and peace of mind. Lord has mercy on me and forgive me all my sins and deliver me a miracle amen 🙏 💙

  5. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please hear our prayers, I pray for my family’s good health, for husband to open up his heart with loving care, all our safety, praying for my parents well being and myself to continue to grow in profession as a teacher. Please keep me in your prayers as I study and take another certification test. Please assist me to retain the knowledge and confidence to pass my test. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

  6. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please hear our prayer, I pray for my son RJ to pass on the 1 month training in July, for his journey to PMMA, please help him Lord, bless him with good health for the whole month of his training, bless him resilience, perseverance, patience, & strong determination not to surrender in order to pass and survive so that he can enroll to college after the training. Please Lord Bless him in Jesus name we pray. Thank you for answering our prayers.

  7. My Jesus please intercede for my son Alexander who is so stubborn and doesn’t take advices, help me Lord to give him humble behaviour and respect for other people
    My Jesus help him for his internship be renewed and for vanessa to get permanent employment.
    My Jesus protect my son Benedict who is in a foreign country where the issues of protection are minimal.
    My Jesus , I put my trust in you

  8. Thanking God for the successful delivery of my son and praying that he grows in the way of the lord and without any form of delay. Praying that his brother may start communicating very soon, for God’s protection, guidance. Wisdom and knowledge and also overwhelming favour in our lives and other intentions which do not remember now.

  9. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please cover my entire family with your Most Precious Blood and have Mercy on us all. I ask for spiritual healing in our family. I pray especially that my adult children grow in wisdom and love of God, and that they return to Church. I pray for our daughter-in-law as she will soon give birth to our first grandchild, and that the baby is healthy. I pray for my husband, mother, brother and children to go to confession. I pray for my unmarried children, that they make good decisions in their career paths, and in choosing a spouse one day. May the Holy Spirit always guide us, and may we hear his voice. I pray for my eldest son to find a good job closer to home now that he is about to become a father. Jesus, thank you for the gift of your Mother, and for all the graces you have bestowed on our family. Amen

  10. Dear Lord ,
    Grant me wisdom, revelation and knowledge of you. I give you my children, please heal them and use them for your glory. Help them dear Lord, order their steps, bless their efforts, let your Spirit be with them every second. Bless my Son’s job, bless my daughter’s school work. Bless their lives Lord, grant them Spirit led lives. Surround them with Godly people, Godly partners. Accept my offering of my son to serve you full time on the pulpit. Please grant them divine assistance, divine blessings, divine intervtions, divine deliverance, divine healing, Grace, Grace, peace, God’s peace. I give you my mom and dad, heal them dear Lord, grant them divine healing, divine revelation, divine understanding, give them enough understanding to restore peace in our family. Grant us forgiveness, deliverance, divine interventions. May the scales fall from our eyes. Break every chain, Lord, break every chain. Thy will be done in our lives. I thank you for answering my prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen Amen.

  11. Jesus I am asking you to open a new door for my son John with a new job no travel and a find his future wife soon that make happy Cure my grandson jack from leukemia the rest of his like and live a normal life Cure my liver and autoimmune disease and keep me Healthy happy no worries ,and keep my husband healthy and all my girls grandchildren and son in law we are in your hand

  12. For our son Dominic that he finds employment .
    For the healing of my knee replacement.
    For our government, that peace and civility emerge.

    Thank you,

  13. Lord Jesus, for me to be able to pass my state exams once and for all this summer and be able to get my professional license y the end of the summer. That if it’s your will I could get the job for HOH.
    Also, for my family, for those that I talk to and for the one’s unfortunately I don’t. For all their conversions especially for CG and EG. For one day my family can reunite.
    And, please show either me and LN if we’re wrong or show GS and MP if their wrong.
    In your most precious name with the intercession of your Holy Mother, and St Anthony and St Rita, I pray, Amen.

  14. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have Mercy on my son Sean. May You give him the grace of Perseverance in the recovery program that he is in now. May You also give Sean a lenient and compassionate judge on Monday; that this judge will be open to Sean staying in the program. I thank You my sweet Redeemer! Holy Spirit be with him every second of his life.
    Thank You Lord for my sons job security in these troubled times. May Your Holy Spirit guide and protect them in all of their endeavors. Help my other son qualify for a house loan and find the right house for him.
    Thank You Lord Jesus that You are slowing down Libby’s health problem. Continued healing for Libby.
    Thank you Lord for helping Marion, Rickie, Diana’s mom and all those in our Divine Mercy prayer line with health and family issues.
    Thank You Lord for protecting my finances and for looking after my needs. If it is Your Will, please send me a loving Catholic man, who will love and cherish me.
    Lord, I ask You to reunite our family. May You grant us Love, Peace and Unity. Please bring back my family back to You.
    Thank YOU, Blessed Mother for putting Your Mantle of Protection over all of us. Keep all members of my family in Your Loving Arms.
    Bless my loving sisters in Christ. Look after their needs and help them thru the trials in their lives.
    Praise You Lord Jesus! Put all of these intentions in Your Most Sacred Heart!
    Thank You Lord for being in my life, for all the countless miracles You send our way. We are nothing without You, Precious Jesus!

  15. Praying for healing for Richard C, Heidi A, Luke Arteloa, Frea O’Bryon-Herriot, Kristina, Linda, Jan G. and those in the hospital.
    Praying for Epefanio F and Lillian G Cortez, PS Gallegos, Rosie, Anthony, Herbert, Francisco, Orlando, Felipeta, Grandma and Grandpa Cortez, Beth L , and Francios (Frank) G. may they rest in peace.

  16. For those suffering Cancer.May they find the inner strength to fight and give themselves wholly to the will of GOD.

  17. That through the intercession of His son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother, St. Rita of Impossible Causes, and St. Padre Pio, God the Father will show compassion and have mercy on FB and JMB in their illness and sufferings. May He hear the prayers offered up for them for miracle healing for FB and a complete healing for JMB

  18. Husband Children Grandchildren Great Grandchildren Nieces and Nephews Good Health World Peace Successful surgery’s coming up, Poor Souls Of all my loved ones and all poor souls, Stop Abortions, Gay Marriage, Blasphemy against the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart Of Mary, vocations, Grandchildren not going to Mass and Sacraments Thanksgiving for All graces and blessings given to me and my Family, Granddaughter Healthy and Safe Delivery! Amen

  19. O’ Sacred heart of Jesus, hear our prayers. …
    Bless my beautiful Grandso ,
    Kagen Lalley
    Today is his 12th birthday. Watch over your children Lord.

  20. .Total restoration of a healthy body and mind

    . Financial stability and restoration: borrowers who don’t want to pay me back thousands of dollars

    . Marriage to a husband who is able to provide, honest, loving, caring and most of all who knows God.

    . Family cohesion and genuine love for each other.

    . For harvesting Angels to bring the much needed funding for my projects:- farming, the hospital and Arthritis Foundation for the benefit of the needy community.

    . For my strong faith and trust that the Lord will answer my requests in the fullness of time. Amen

  21. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray for my family to be United and loving to each other and for my children to return to Catholic faith. I ask for mercy and favour on me, Tonde, Mark to get good jobs or Business, for Gatian to stop alcohol abuse, to bless and guide Tina, Mike and Saidi in careers.

  22. Sacred Heart of Jesus please forgive me all sins.
    Heal all my pain in my baby and help me my financial need. Thank you

  23. For me To be healed / delivered from bondage from the addiction to smoking cigarettes…I am suffering emotionally Lord please heal me I am so highly addicted, I am vaping hopefully that will help Amen
    My son Ryan 19 yrs old he has mental illnesses he is in a lot of denial he says everyone else is sick and here is nothing wrong with him he is isolated has nobody to talk to we suspect he has Asbergers, along with other stuff, his father enables my son and he and his father have a toxic relationship My son told me he has trauma from his father, he was bullied in school, he sometimes tells me he wants to blow his head off, and punch his dad in the face, he then says he will never do that i still worry, I pray he will seek help, he lives with his father and his father is high on marijuana all the time so my son has been exposed to a father who is forever high since he was only 15 when I left we have been separated for 4 yrs, I know my son suffers now because he did not get nurturing from me for the past 4 yrs teens crutial yrs for support are during their teens I feel helpless we do talk on phone quite a bit
    My Family Division…my dad’s will was not prepared properly, disputes happened between the two oldest siblings who are executors agains the 4 other younger siblings, I have made amends with everyone, others haven’t, so my family is split Lord I pray that reconciliation will happen
    For my mental and physical health, I have lived a not so healthy life, I pray that I will be able to restore some physical stuff abuse I am doing I need to change and get rid of bad habits turn them into good habits
    I pray for my relationships with siblings and everyone, I want them to see you Lord and not me, may I decrease while you increase
    Fill me with your holy spirit so that I will be able to make the right choices in my life, help me stay on the straight and narrow path, stay away from sin, bring me to confession so I can receive the Manna asap
    World Peace, end to wars, poverty, gov’t leaders, Canadian Trudeau & Sheer leaders, may the right one win this election hoping it wil lbe Sheer Conservatives, I need to learn self-care moderate my self.

    I pray for the conversion of my 2 children they have rejected the faith
    My daughter is 21, she lives with her boyfriend she is fornicating, also she has anxiety and smokes marijuana daily, she refused meds. she smokes and self-medicates I presume this gets rid of her anxiety which we all know is temporary relief, I pray she will find the good Lord and my God guide her in all her future decisions, and keep her safe
    For my ex-husband who has rejected the catholic faith, well he still says he is catholic but now admits he struggles with some teachings, he does not attend mass anymore,

  24. On social security/ Medicare. Finances very slim. Had 3 surgeries 2018. Medical bills keep coming. Unable to give much in monthly payments. Collections started. I need time to pay & a lot of understanding & patients. Lord give me a hand with this situation. In Jesus name I pray.

  25. Sacred Hear of Jesus I pray that all souls of those who are sick are saved though their bodily suffering. Also those who worship false prophets realise their sins and repent and come back to your mercy.

  26. Praying to the Sacred Heart of Jesus . Pls watch and take care of my family .praying for my grandson FD to find a cure for his arthritis . And Paolina to be cured
    . Praying for my sons and family to find wealth, health and happiness together. For all who are strugling to make ends meet, pls help us financially.

  27. Thank you Lord for the purchase order for service to be rendered, please bring more and more and more…

    In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  28. O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please watch over my family…Remove and free us from all the darkness and evil…Please heal us physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially…Please grant us all our wishes…Please break my cycle of obesity, celibacy, infertility, lack of money and work…help me take care of my father JF and that we can safely go back to our country in a few months… help me manage our lives when home and take care of his businesses so he can see them flourish…Watch over all the people I love besides my family, even our enemies…Thank you for all your blessings

  29. Lord God, I pray to give us for rain to cool our days and nights and to fill our dams for our water supply in Metro Manila.

  30. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Thanking God for the journey so far and for preservation of life.
    I’m praying for healing for my mum (her heart and kidney) and reduction in pain so she can have a better quality of life.
    I’m praying for access to the best doctors for her condition.
    I’m praying for healing for me and the children.
    I’m praying for work for my sister.

  31. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
    I bring my entire family to you. Pray for us,help us to be united. I pray especially for my brother and his family.
    I pray for a loving and Christian husband
    I pray for my friendships with others.

    I put all my trust in you


  32. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray that the love passion between Edgar and myself to be strengthened,that the joy and comfort between us us also be strengthened. I beg for more time together without worrying about anyone else.Lord please help us to continue to love one another. Thank You.

  33. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray to you to please keep my Mom, Dad, Bob, sister, myself and Glen to be healthy and safe and to please protect us from all evil and danger. I pray to keep the arteries and veins in and around my Mom’s and all of our hearts okay. I pray that my Mom’s kidney is okay. I also pray to keep all of our minds/memory okay. I pray for Bob that he can change his frame of mind and have ease of heart. I pray that he can get his house sold on Valley Road. I pray for Father Antonio and Father Eder that they can continue to lead us at St. Joseph Church and that they will not be transferred out. I pray for President Trump, his Cabinet, his family and our Country. I pray for George Reynolds, Sharon Steidler, Mary Reily, Noreen O’Neill, Donna Cabry, Jen Carson, Fred Weller, Glen Barnard, Rose Terriman and everyone on my prayer list. Dear Jesus I thank you for everything you do for me and my family. I thank you for all the prayers and Divine Interventions you have answered and for the things you do for us that we do not even realize. Thank you.

  34. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus…

    Thank you for this opportunity to work abroad. I have the means to give my family an easy way of life. Thank you for all the blessings that you had given me . Now, I am here again, asking you to help me pass my NCLEX exam.

    In Jesus Name.


  35. Lord jesus am praying for my son joseph who i do not know is well about nor his friends.Help us to find him alive.Also praying for Benard who is sick and admitted in ICU.Lord grant him recovery.

  36. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus …

    Please help me and my son assist my husband with patience and hope, as we wait to hear if his cancer has returned and that a new growth on his lymph nodes vanishes. He’s also having an MRI on July 05 to see if he has ‘brain chemo’ (side effects of chemo). Please hold us in your Sacred Heart and take care of us as we journey in this cross. Please also take care of those who read this.

    Thank you for loving us and ‘THE WHOLE WOLRD’!

    your daughter,

  37. That in my life time I get to see the fruits of my prayers specially for my son to know you and continued healing of the cancer. O Sacred Heart of Jesus♥️, I call on you, pls hear my prayers, petitions, and intentions! Amen🙏

  38. Sacred heart of Jesus, I pray I pass my pre-entry examination that is due in August. I pray for wisdom so that I Excel in my post graduate diploma in law. I plead the blood of Jesus over my children and family. I pray for my mother, brothers and sister that you preserve and provide for them. I pray for the sick. I pray that I know u more and more

  39. Most sacred heart of Jesus I lift up my mother Jean who is depressed and worried since learning that her sister Barbara has Stage 2/3 stomach cancer. Please comfort my mom and heal and comfort my Aunty Barbara of her stomach cancer. Please also heal my mother of her cysts that continue to reoccur yearly. Please help to keep my mom strong and positive in her thoughts. Also, I lift up my sister Tammy who is always suffering with some kind of ailment. Please heal her of her feet issues at this present time. Please also keep my daughter and her unborn baby girl (Brookelyn) healthy and have no complications as she has 1 more month to go.
    Please be with my entire family. Keep us all safe and healthy. Thank you for always blessing me. I love you sweet Jesus!

  40. Please dear sacred heart help me with my problems . I am beginning a new job and im terrified its something ive never done before . I feel inadequate and stupid . . Also i have to move house with my kids . My landlord is selling up . I feel anxious and frightened all the time. . I wish i had security . I am a single parent . I wish i had someone in my life . . Please pray for me .

  41. I pray for my family to have peace& joy in our home.I also pray for a New job where I can grow professionally so i can be a blessing not only for my family but to the needy as well.I pray for everyone whose suffering and in difficult situation right now.MAY THE GOOD LORD ,The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary answer our prayers.GOD BLESS US.

  42. O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please watch over my daughters as they are both pregnant and having health issues.
    For my youngest daughter who is single and who’s cervix is compromised that she maybe be able to carry this baby to full term without having to be bed ridden so that she can stay employed.
    For my oldest daughter who is suffering from maternal depression. That she my seek the help she needs and to also accept her sister pregnancy and child. She is struggling with being joyful at a time that is so special to them both. Amen. Lord not my will but your will be done!!

  43. #Thanking God for His many blessings
    #For complete healing of my husband illness
    #For my children and loved ones
    #For forgiveness & self control

  44. Prayer petition for my husband, AOM. Please extend a short prayer for his US Visa Application to be approved by the US embassy on August 6, 2019. Thank you!

  45. Thanking God for answered prayers of success in my board exams , Praying for his favor & grace in CK exam and upcoming Residency application this year. Also praying for Good health and continuous peace in the family.

  46. As I reflect on day 1, I am at the National Shrine if St. Therese, Darien Illinois….sitting between St. Joseph and the Scapular sign of consecration to the Immaculate ❤️ Of Mary statue. (Pope Pius XIII)

  47. # To know God more
    # Marriage with a God chosen man
    # Financial Breakthrough
    # Better Job
    # Control my Anger
    # Thanking God for this far

  48. Please Scared Heart of Jesus, please intercede in the arrest of those that was involved in Keenan Shields murder. Please send my daughter employment immediately. Good health and weight gain for me. My son good health and weight lost along with his own building. Wayne employment, his own home and good health. Good health and success along with covering all my grandsons. Good health for Marvin and the world. Bless me on this job.

  49. Thank you Lord for all your many blessings. Continue to watch over me and my family and keeping us safe. I am asking for help with my kids, please lead and guide them through this life so they can make better decisions, bless us so we can provide and take care of one another and remove all that’s evil from our hearts and souls.

  50. Asking prays for my brother Reg who is in hospital with COMPLICATIONS due COPD that he will be restored to good health once again and return home.
    Thank you. ❤

  51. Please pray for my friend. Her son can’t seem to get off drugs. She had sent him into treatment several times. She got a call t his morning. He’s kicked out of another one.
    In Jesus name I ask to send comfort to her and Open the heart and mind of this young man. Open his eyes to the evil and darkness he is in. Remove the demons from his life. I ask this in Jesus name. AMEN 🙏🏼

  52. For my nephew Joseph and my sister in law Nancy who are sick with very rare sicknesses which doctors can not find a cure. May God heal them completely. 🙏🏽✝️

  53. Please help me. I suffered a aneurysm 1 year and 9 months ago. I’m 38 years old. It’s been a nightmare ever since. Please help me to heal so I can have a life again. Take away my pain on my right side. I have so many problems now. I can’t work or drive. I pray in Jesus name amen that I can live again!

  54. Please help my son inlaw Jason Moreno. He has a court hearing for modification in childsuport tomorrow Thursday. My son inlaw has always been there for his son J. J . he is good in giving him his childsuport & beyond more things he needs. But his exwife is the one giving Jason a hard time. She was the one unfaithful. Now she sees Jason has a good life with my daughter& she seems to want & make their life difficult. Please help my son inlaw in prayers that everything goes well in court for him. Please. Amen

  55. Asking for prayers for Rachel who has an aggressive form of MS. She is a young woman only 31 years old. Please pray that her.

  56. For the sale of my home in OB.
    For the sale of my husbands office in HE
    For the sale of my buildable lot in SC
    For KM that she wins her lawsuit and is able to get a new job soon.

  57. Please Lord God Bless my son Jason as he takes his certification tests for school and future jobs, Bless him God keep Jason safe I ask in you Lord God Amen

  58. For peace, my boys and ex-wife, for the pain in my chin, that we find honest, kind and hardworking staff for my business and the business thrives financially. To understand the meaning of love and to truly share that with another and my boys. For my son with DS, that he is healthy and his communication comes out verbally. Thank you as praise Lord for our home.

  59. Lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner (Jesus Prayer) prayers for my sister-in law PATTY a cancer patient having a tough time with chemo. – prayers for my brother NICK during this stressful time – lord you know all about this and what we have done for you – LORD HAVE MERCY

  60. Dear Lord, I pray for healing for: Marilyn, Calvin, Pat, Mary Ann, Kennon , Tray, Nancy, Deanne, Alex, Janelle, Wayne, Ray, Andrew, Christy, Clayton, Samantha, Isabelle, Hadley, Maddox, Buddy, Bette, Dane, Mrs Nancy’s husband, Jan, Ann, Casey, Connor, Margaret. Glenda, David, Carol M. , Kathryn Howard, Barbara, Elaine D., Kurt, Carol S. , Mary Ann, Abby, Denise, Anne, Christy, Daegan, Bridget, Ann Culver, Suzanne, Jaxson, Howard B, Hunner, Gracie, Maddy, Damien, Shannon (his Mom), Shirley R., Sherry H., Raella, Addi, Brayden (heart), Michael (sickle cell), Kenni (ovarian cancer), Evan Reed (car accident), Darlene (cancer),Sylvia P.(knee, bone on bone), Nancy K (knees), Kermit K (heart), Brad (addiction), Scott G. (Cancer), Brandi ( uterine cancer), Jacilyn (baby, cancer), Randy (Becky’s Bro, melanoma), Sylvia M., Lin ( heart valve surgery), J. D. , Bryan B. (Cancer), Landon (fall), Raella, Mrs. Rose, Harold Jr. (cancer), Kasen A ( baby, mersa), Alex T. (Cancer), Bubba, Donna D. (Cancer), Wayne E family, Georgia Ieyoub (RA), Aiden (baby), Aiden, Gary K., Christian S and son (septic), Brendan (accident), Laura L. (hematoma), Randall G ( prostate c), Sue Mc. (House burned,she is 88), Jake (tumor)

  61. I am praying for conversion and healing for my entire family and financial help to save 2 family homes from foreclosure.

  62. Please pray for complete healing of my daughter ‘s arm and for her to be able to take and pass her exams in time.

  63. On July 6th I will start my 90-day initial vocational discernment with a Trappist monastery. At age 54 I am a late vocation. I am extremely excited by this opportunity though feeling some angst about heading into the unknown. Walking by faith; not sight. I am sensing God’s grace and that His will be done in my life. “His will is our peace.”Asking for your prayers, please. Blessings and thanks.

  64. Please pray for my 91yr.old Mum.
    She lives in TX, I am in CT. She can no longer hear on the telehone and her memory is failing. It breaks my heart not being able to communicate
    She wants God to take her. I am praying for a peace filled death.
    Thank you and may God bless all
    my brothers and sisters praying this novena