Day 1 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank you fir the wonderful powerful prayers! The Sacred Heart of Jesus picture hangs on our bedroom wall. I burn sacred heart candles all the things me. They have helped in extremely trying stressful times with a family member! Now I pray that he is able t o catch up on his child support so he can be granted his drivers license. He was so blessed with a great job but because he is behind on child support,he is not able to get his license. We have great faith that one way or another he can get a loan to pay his child support and get his license and get this job. Thank youHeavenly Father and The Sacred Heart! We continue to give you thanks for your unending love and support.

  2. Good Morning! I am lost and sometimes i wonder if Novenas prayers get answered…I have prayed different novenas some even for the whole month but non of my requests gets answered. Recently was praying th memorare of blessed therese of calcuta (sp)… But alas i just got a big disappointmemt of the things i was praying for..This has made me to doubt if novenas really work.Mmmmm

  3. Praise the Lord.
    Oh ! Sacred Heart of Jesus, Keep my Mothers Health good.She should not face Breathing problem.She should be able to walk and sit and have food on her own.
    Bless my Daughter with good health and good job. She
    should be free from Anger.She should get good Alliance for marriage. Bless my Husband with Good Health.
    In JESUS name I pray AMEN.

  4. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, please Grant that Mike’s and my relationship continue to flurish, that we marry, and my children become his, that we may be a family. That we may grow together in faith and love of you oh Lord. Amen.

  5. Dear Jesus, I pray that we will all strive to be more of what you dream of us to be in family circles, with associates and living situations. For openness and acceptance of your Will, conversion to Holy Love.
    Blessings in the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Thanks, Janice

  6. Sacred heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you. Jesus put your arms around B and T. Take away all this hate and anger that is in their hearts. I pray their unforgiveness leave them now. Fill their hearts with so much love joy and peace. Thank you Jesus. Your will be done. Amen

  7. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, I love you and cannot live one minute without you. Please guide me to be a good mother like yours. Please guide my sons to God’s will for them. Please help them find good women of faith to love them and build their lives with. Please keep them healthy and safe and increase their faith and love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Please Lord help all those suffering from Cancer especially Christopher, Johnny and please help Amy and Maureen with their faith and forgiveness and love. Amen

  8. Mr

    I thank you for all the blessings received and for which I will receive. You who are or infinitely merciful, humbly ask you to help me find the employment that generates the financial proivision to fulfill my economic commitments and be able to meet my creditors. And have a living to establish my home with or family here. Give me the wisdom to be able to keep it and perform it as you should be.

  9. Sacred heart of Jesus I pray for continued unity in my nucleus and extended family that individuals may release the anger they possess and be thankful for each other.

    Sacred heart of Jesus, I pray you continue to give me graces blessings and wisdom so I continue to support my children and all the others who depend on me for guidance and support.

    Sacred heart of Jesus I pray that my sister Maureen may get a visa to allow her to visit England this year as well as travel to Medjugorje for that pilgrimage.

  10. For our marriage to be healthy again & that we may both unharden our hearts in our interactions with each other and renew our commitment to put each other first in our lives so that we may feel again the love, respect, & happiness we once had in our relationship. Also praying for our grown children that they reconnect with their Catholic faith & most importantly stay in relationship with God keeping Him first always in their and if it be Gods will that they may find a Godly person to share their lives with too. Prayers also for the daughter of friends as she battles breast cancer that she & her family will have the strength & courage to get through their journey knowing that God is with them.

  11. Sacred heart of Jesus please bring my son and daughter in law back to the Catholic faith and bless them with a child in their marriage. I also pray for the eternal souls of my Mother and Father.

  12. Dear Sacred heart of Jesus,
    Thank you for all that you have blessed me with. Right now I ask for your divine intervention to lead me to my husband this month. Please guide our steps to each other. More than anything, I want to be a wife and a mother, if it be thy will.

  13. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    Please let your compassion and mercy flow into the hearts of the district attorney, police and judge tomorrow, allowing them to reduce or dismiss my sons charges. I have been praying with confidence to you, and receiving comfort from mother Mary and the rosary. Thank you for your miraculous healing of my daughter. I am forever grateful to you and your army of angels. I hope everyone praying this novena finds comfort and the answers to their prayers.
    Thank you

  14. Praying for a good well paying job very soon. Unemployed and want to get back to work..

  15. SAcred Heart of Jesus,please bless my daughter Sarah with the gift of life. Help her to conceive and be blessed with a happy ,healthy holy child to raise up for Your glory here on earth and in heaven. Amen

  16. May 30, 2018
    Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    I pray that my son Anthony Peter be will cured of rectal Cancer,
    and that he will be clean of all Cancers.
    Thank you, Mom

  17. Most sacred heart of Jesus.
    Please perform the impossible miracle of bringing back all that was stolen from me and chekube.
    And give us your divine protection.

  18. Dear Lord, please perform the impossible miracle of bringing back all that was stolen from me and chekube.
    And give us your divine protection.

  19. Sacred heart of Jesus I come to you with humble trust asking that you touch my brother’s heart so that he changes his attitude towards our mother. Forgive him Father for the many times he has insulted her and even destroyed the peace of the family. Oh sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on my brother and change him in Jesus name. Amen.

  20. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray that you will give my daughter strength to move forward in her life after her boyfriend ended their relationship last night. Please pray that both my son and daughter find someone to love them and share their lives. Please pray that my cat Camy has negative cancer results from the biopsy of her leg tumor. Please pray for continued good health for my family especially my mother and father in law. Amen

  21. Tjank u jesus for opening my sons
    eyes. Helping my daufhter thru her troybles. Bless that nothing gets in my sons way of teaching his goals. Bless that my eye sigvt gets better. I ask this in jeaua nane.

  22. Sacred heart of Jesus I pray fir my children .Fir a job and home for Jamie and to restore relationship with her in laws. For her. husband to accept Jesus
    Brevyn s legalities to be finalized. My husbands health
    For all cancer sufferers

  23. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I TRUST IN YOU!
    Please help me to secure a job where I will find happiness, be a positive mentor to others and acquire financial security.
    Please keep my family healthy and safe!


  24. Sacred heart of Jesus please hear our prayers! Please bless us with a home. We need a home very soon. Please bless me with a good job. Praying that this contact will respond and guide me to the hiring manager who will consider my God given talents and hire me. Sacred heart of Jesus, I need you, please hear and answer our prayers . In Jesus Christ , I pray, Amen!

  25. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, please help me with my health problems. Help me also to restore the contact with my father, he disappeared from my life many years ago when he married a new woman who has been very hostile towards me. Help me to esstablish a contact with the children from my fathers second marriage (my halfsisters). Finally, please open up the heart of my husband, he is very closed and full of secrets. Please Sacred Heart of Jesus give me strength in these days to come. Amen.

  26. Jesus I ask you to bring my children back to the Faith and they are saved from this secular society of evil. I ask in Your Name Jesus Christ. AMEN

  27. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you! Please bring my children and daughters-in-law back to the Church. I pray that my four-year-old grandson will be baptized. Please help my husband and I to continue to teach him about You, and to be a good influence on him. Amen.

  28. My mother in law has terminal I leave it up to GOD to keep her hear as long as he can. my wife has seven Autoimmune diseases she trying to fight all of them we leave it in GOD hands but we still keep Hope because GOD is in change as we all I just ask for your prayer.we ask this in Jesus Christ we pray

  29. Most sacred Heart of Jesus I pray that my immigration work May pick up and also that my son gets his study visa for Canada.

  30. Sacred Heart of Jesus I lift up to you my husband, pls protect him from all evil, please allow him to complete his DC.program allow him to complete all his assignment using your words and thoughts also I pray that you guide and inspire J and is successful when completing his pastoral ministry heal Job anxieties and allow him to have restful sleeps. I pray he retains his accounts and is very successful at attaining new accounts. I pray I can find gainful employment with Benefits. I pray C can find a full-time teaching job heal her of her ways if it is not your will I pray keep D safe and allow him to find work that will keep him safe and happy and will allow him to be safe heal him of his cyst and the medication he is taking will not harm his body. Pray M keep her safe allow her to complete her
    school heal her of her endometriosis. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus heal my children and nieces and nephews of anxieties, depression I pray for their conversion, lead them to a state of life that will bring them closest to you and if they are called to marriage lead them to a person whom will be closest to you. I pray for my brother S finances persons to return his money and for S to have a successful deal to support his family and children. Heal D of his additions, anxieties and Depression. Pray for all my brothers, sisters, brother in laws and sister in laws protect them and keep them closest to you, I pray for all the Holy Souls in Pregatory, Sacred Heart of Jesus wherever their is a Holy Mass being said or offered to you all over the world, I place all I have requested on your alter Lord as the priest performs the consecration and lifts up the Bread and wine to become your Blood Lord.

  31. Oh sacred heart of Jesus I pray that I pass the exams I’m starting next week and I pray for my family especially my mother that you give me money so that I can take care of her until she joins you in the heaven Amen

  32. For the safe arrival of mommy, daddy, kuya, ate and dace in Manila and safety of nanay. Also, for our fruitful visit in the lung center to help heal mommy’s cancer. AMEN

  33. Please Sacred Heart of Jesus give me strength in the days to come. Make Steph well give Lisa strength and bless all my family and friends. In the name of the father. Amen.

  34. Healing for Lady Anne Belenchia Hudson, James Wilson, & those intentions listed in our charismatic prayer book. For the blessing & healing of my daughter”s marriage, that she & her husband will communicate & make decisions guided by Jesus & his mist sacred heart regarding her job. That my husband, daughter & son will return to the Catholic Church, conversion of my grandchildren, son in law & my sons future family. Forgiveness to holy soul in purgatory. Good health for my entire family, parish & community. God bless America.

  35. O Sacred Heart of Jesus I Place all my trust in you! Please Lord Jesus in your name I ask for peace and healing for my son and daughter. Please restore them to good health, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and cure my son of his addictions. Please Bless us Lord, protect us Lord and keep us safe from every evil! Amen

  36. Sacerd Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust I You , that you will take way the Lymphoma Cancer from my Husband David. I pray for my Daughter Erica, that you help her open up he eyes, to come home to her other two children, and fight for them in court. Heavily Father I ask that you be with Me, Amanda give me courage and heal my pain on my knee. I pray for my Son, David JR. to help him and his family, help him find a house. His wife Alyssa to help them love one
    Another, for the rest of there life together.
    Lord Jesus I Trust in You. I have Faith in you. I Believe in You. Amen

  37. O Sacred Heart of Jesus I place my trust in you. Help my family and myself with what ever we are going through in this trying times.

  38. Lord Jesus.sacred heart of Jesus I place my financial needs into your hands. I pray for money to finance my son tuition fees. My son’s tuition fees if due. I pray today for a financial breakthrough. Sacred heart I pray for your intercession.

  39. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me the gifts of anxiety and chronic depression. Although I may not understand why You gave me this gifts, I will use them to help others in my life.

  40. Heavenly Father please help this baby who may be filled with cancer. It is not our to question you but to accept your will for this poor baby. Lord help him to thrive so that he can do great things in your name.
    In Jesus name we pray.
    Amen. ♡

  41. Jesus, my Savoir, please intercede to our Magnificant God for me to have a permanent home after over 60 moves for I am tired but will keep going as you did. Please continue to help me learn to live in the Word and leave my other life behind. Please straighten my son’s path from addiction and thank you for His imprisonment for there he gets clean and clear. Please forgive me for my sins and help me to always keep my eyes on your Father, our Lord, God who is a God of Love. Thank you Jesus for hearing me and for all of my Lessons. Amen. I love you Mother Mary, most gracious Mother of Jesus. God Bless you God and our Holy Spirit.

  42. I pray to the Sacred Heatt of Jesus for the pardon of my daughter for her dui and drug case. May the prosecuters be lenient on her. Also for the successful graduation and future of my step daughter. And for my daughter’s promotion at work.

  43. My daughter needs a job that will help her feel successful and be more social since she has autism. Please pray that she finds one soon.

  44. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you that you will protect my baby and keep it from harms way. I pray that this miracle baby will be healthy and free from any mental or physical disease and all tests performed are clear from anything preventing it from having a healthy life. Please bless us both and that I have a healthy full term pregnancy fee from any complications. I pray for strengthening in my marriage and that all good things continue to surround and bless our family. Keep harm and all evil away from us. Bless my family and extended family and friends no pray in Jesus name -Amen

  45. Please dear Lord, that the house be sold quickly. That my daughters pregnancy and the baby be healthy. I’m so grateful dear Lord for all your blessings.

  46. lord Jesus you have left me here alone and barren in my old age – even JOB had restitution – your child

  47. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in you and make this request in your name. Please help me to be merciful, kind, patient and longsuffering, so I may love wife, no matter what arises, and help promote healing and reconciliation in our marriage

  48. Please pray for my dad. He has just been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for his healing, strength and faith; and for my mom as well so she can help him through this.

  49. Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    Through the intercession of Mamman Marie, I pray for my brother’s addiction… Help his see your glory and help him feel your healing power for his recovery. He needs you Lord. I also pray for my son… that he comes off his addiction to marijuana… and I pray for my financial recovery.

  50. Please guide me to parent my teenage son. His father has no interest in him, and it is all on my shoulders. I feel so inept and lost – I only want to be the best mother I can be for him. Please guide me. Amen.

  51. Dear sacred heart of Jesus, I pray for the intentions of physical, spiritual, and mental healing of all of our ACTS retreatants and their families!

  52. Sacred Heart of Jesus please help my nephew, W. P. Get his life back on track and reunite with his girlfriend, A. M., and do what’s best for his son, K. P.
    I trust in you. I have faith in you. I love you.

  53. O My LORD JESUS CHRIST… I pray that my children, their spouses and my grandchildren will come to know, LOVE and serve you in this life and be with you in the next. May they also gain the courage to bear witness to others in so doing and be the lights to the world as you desire them to be. … so too with all our associates and friends and family. I ask this in the Precious Name of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST and through the intercession of OUR HOLY MOTHER MARY…. and all the angels and saints to sustain them on Life’s journey with their loving guidance and prayers.

  54. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Please help me save my marriage. Bring my husband’s Love back for me.
    I trust in you. I have faith in you and I believe in you. Amen.

  55. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus in union with God the Father Almighty Pray for me & my children for a better life & our needs . Arise in our lives ,our hearts & our situations ! Sacred Heart of Jesus ,Pray for us !

  56. Lord thank you for protecting and guiding my only daughter throughout her education , she is now employed as a nurse, Thank you Jesus
    I need a healing hand for my grandson who has got a breathing problem especially when he is asleep, LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIM

  57. Please help my husband find meaningful and rewarding employment.
    Please keep my children safe and healthy.
    Please watch over and bring peace to my friends who are dealing with and healing from various ailments.
    Amen ~

  58. Dear Sacred heart of Jesus help me guide me in my incomings nursing board examination-..Give me retentive memory wisdom more knowledge I can recall and I can answer my board examination correctly and I can shade my scantron correctly..Sacred heart of Jesus help me to be the topnochers with the average of 88%.. 3days lift but still I didn’t finish read all my reviews materials I surrender them all with you Sacred heart of Jesus…I trust in you..I love you..Amen